Wearables, disrupting an industry and helping you to “feel sound like never before”

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In a world where we thrive off of live experiences, it’s a wonder that most of us are still living in stereo. Sure, we attend live events. We might even know the soft spot at the movie theatre. But, on a daily basis, we are literally just getting by on “right, left, center” technologies, and so far — no one has done anything about it!

In a world where we thrive off of live experiences, it’s a wonder that most of us are still living in stereo. Sure, we attend live events. We might even know the soft spot at the movie theatre. But, on a daily basis, we are literally just getting by on “right, left, center” technologies, and so far — no one has done anything about it!

Today, we watch movies in surround sound. We play games using our headsets. We live the virtual experience, but our audio keeps us grounded. The good news is… that’s all about to change — and, it’s thanks to Kickstarter, wearable technologies and a team of lifelong audiophiles.

Meet Woojer.

Woojer, Born to Feel. Courtesy of Woojer on YouTube, 2019.

Woojer, a company based in Tel Aviv, has been dedicated to bringing biotechnologies to the world of consumer audio design. Their mission is to introduce consumers to immersive experiences and allow them to feel the sound just as they would in real-time. They do this by tapping into the acoustics and frequencies that we feel, but naturally, we cannot hear.

Founded in 2008, Woojer has been working diligently to study, design and perfect those technologies in which are soon to become acknowledged as a standard for the “new norm.”

With three separate Kickstarter campaigns, starting in 2013, the company has been introducing their product in phases, aimed at perfecting their line, their designs and in creating a more 360 experience. Introducing and reintroducing each product, based on the feedback of research and development and the patents they received, they are now ready to launch their new high-fidelity products into global markets, worldwide.

An introduction to innovation.

In the Streets. Courtesy of Woojer on YouTube, 2019.

Since the beginning of the year, Woojer began teasing their products at festivals and conferences all over the world, including E3 and the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2019. Disruptive to an entire industry, thousands have lined up to experience the power of stimulating gameplay, haptic transducers and polyphonic experiences first-hand. They now await mass production, which should wrap up by the end of November and deliver to more than 900 early adopters by the end of December.

With 55 days still left to their campaign, Woojer has already surpassed its initial goal of $20K by more than 904%!

Reproducing dynamic sound systems on a more personal level, the new Woojer products allow consumers to feel the “oomph of bass and the pulse of energy” with frictionless motion and dynamics falling outside of the standard 20Hz to 20kHz range. Soon, they will be able to experience frequencies as low as a 1Hz tone with adjustable sensations and volume control.

Strap Edge Vs. Vest Edge Technologies.

Strap vs. Vest Edge Technologies. Courtesy of Woojer on YouTube, 2019.

Strap Edge and Vest Edge technologies include patented OSCI transducers, haptic feedback and sensors that guarantee full immersion, precise harmonic reproduction and durability for everyday use. Consumers will be able to feel the sound through waves of pressure and the caustic movement of air. With the patented oscillating frame, movements are accurately reproduced, as frequencies are played at up to 500Hz, including the subsonic frequencies, undetectable by the human ear.

Both devices are ultra-silent, have low-latency and can get up to eight hours of battery power per charge. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 and analog headphone amplification, The Vest Edge targets sensory points in key areas of the human body that allows the wearer to “feel sound like never before.” The Vest Edge was created for use with virtual reality, gaming and music production. In fact, Woojer’s Kickstarter pagegoes on to state:

“The Vest Edge gives you 360 degrees of immersion, delivering accurate and detailed sensations that’ll raise your pulse. It’s got out-of-the-box stereo haptics and is the perfect companion for at-home gaming and VR. If you’re a music pro- this’ll pump the low-frequencies through your body as it engages you in a unique and mesmerizing audio experience.”

The Strap Edge, on the other hand, was created to be worn on the hip, chest or across one’s body, providing a polyphonic, stereo experience. It was created for everyday gamers and music enthusiasts, on-the-go. Basically, no matter which device you choose, you will be able to feel the music as if it was flowing through your veins, giving every performance an additional boost of reality.

Both devices can be paired with the Woojer Haptic Metronome App, helping you to live life to a new beat. When synched, the metronome works with the rhythm and tempo of the music, providing additional training and sophistication to the audio pro or music producer.

The rapid growth of wearable technologies.

Lee Shupp — “The Future of Wearables.” Courtesy of TEDx on YouTube, 2015.

In 2014, CCS Insight predicted that within five years, the Wearables Industry would only be worth $25B by 2019. Instead, it hit $21.7B in 2016 and according to MarketsandMarkets™, the Wearables Market is set to grow at a rapid CAGR of 15.5% and expected to reach $51.6B by 2022 — more than double what we had expected to see in previous years. Whether you’re a music producer, avid gamer or simply an investor, Woojer is definitely worth checking out.

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Augmented Reality | Bringing interactive reading & learning tools to young explorers in real-time

Augmented Reality | Bringing interactive reading & learning tools to young explorers in real-time Early-Learning Development. Interactive Lesson Plans. Augmented Reality. Teaching young explorers to read, handle social situations and embrace the world around them. Wonderscope | Within #technology #news #Wonderscope #Clio #Reading #Children #kids #earlylearningdevelopment #education #app #ios #experience #AR #XR #VR #SpaceX #EdTech

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If you grew up watching Nick Jr., you already know how much of an impact interactive television shows, such as Blue’s Clues, can have on a young mind. Our children feel as if the characters on the show are actually their friends, and they quickly embrace the second-person experience, as a means for early-learning education. They become like sponges — easily engaged and encouraged by conversation. Intrigued by curiosity, they thirst for exploration. And while they quickly absorb the material and storylines presented before them, there is a huge divide between reality and storytelling that continues to leave a void out in the open.

Augmented reality is changing all of that, allowing our children to thrive at levels we have never seen before.Our children learn in different ways, and yet reading is a major part of who we become as students, educators, and professionals in our fields. We learn visually, we learn through auditorial experiences and we learn through pure immersion, completely saturated in the overall experience.

One company making a difference.

Within, a Los Angeles-based tech company, has been taking advantage of this ideal, creating exciting new platforms and highly interactive experiences in augmented, mixed and virtual reality since about 2014. Last year, they introduced a wide spectrum of learning tools that would bring interactive reading experiences into the forefront of early childhood development.

Yesterday, they announced an “Intergalactic, AR Reading Adventure Sends Kids into Space.

As it releases its fourth augmented reality storybook, Clio’s Cosmic Quest, Within continues to embrace augmented reality when telling “extraordinary stories” to an audience of young readers. In fact, the launch of the early-learning reading app, Wonderscope, has been nothing short of a welcoming experience, as these young readers are met with a lovable character, who stops at nothing to engage their young minds while leaving a lasting impression sure to last a lifetime.

Meet Clio.

Meet Clio — a tiny particle of purple stardust — as she literally enters into our world and immediately greets your child with meaningful dialogue and an overall sense of inclusion. She includes them into the narrative and invites them to join her on a mission through our solar system. They are, then, presented with a combination of “read-out-loud” experiences, that include interactive diagrams, maps and fun facts to help them through their journey.

Students can choose to interact one-on-one or they can bring their classmates along for the journey. As a team, they join Clio in challenging reading bullies, meeting the Sun and bringing an entire nebula back together — just in the nick of time!

Real-time lessons on life.

“We’ve written lines for kids that teach them how to handle bullies, stick up for what they believe in, and be there for those that need help,” states Within’s Director of Development, Jonny Ahdout, about this rewarding new game.

The story about Clio becomes just one more addition to Wonderscope’s growing library of augmented titles, including A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People, Little Red the Inventor and Wonder’s Land Ringmaster Wanted — with even more stories and adventures to be released in upcoming months.

According to a recent press release, “Wonderscope’s voice recognition system is built to understand and nurture confidence in new readers at a wide range of levels, and with different dialects and accents. The app provides visual and aural feedback by highlighting words, and having characters make eye contact and react expressively back to the user.

Clio’s Cosmic Quest ends with a fully interactive bonus scene where users explore and learn more about space, planets and solar systems, developing a playful appreciation for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).”

Wonderscope is geared towards kids, aged 6 and older and currently holds a solid 4-star rating from Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization that provides education and advocacy to families, through the promotion of safe technologies and media for children.

The app is currently free and available on all AR-enabled iOS devices, although stories themselves can run as high as $4.99 a piece.

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A Wearable for the Spine, ALEX Has Your Back

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As the healthcare market is exploding with new technologies centered around wearable technologies, ALEX enters the scene with one of the most genius wearables to date. In fact, this is probably one of the most beneficial wearables to date.

Over the years, there has been a ton of research put into the human spine and its effect on not just our physical health, but also our mental health. Our ancestors even depicted the spine as a portal into the universe. The caduceus is a representation of how the spine is representative of overall health.

Bad posture can contribute to pain, unnecessary health complications, and even obesity. It can cloud our judgment because we are unable to think clearly. It can lead to complications later in life and leave us unable to remain active in our elderly years. It can increase levels of cortisol in our bodies and decrease testosterone in men. This undeniably leads to stress and depression.

ALEX seeks to change all of that.

A wearable device that fits comfortably around the back of our neck and hangs firmly around our ears, ALEX becomes our posture coach and tracker, synchronizing with our mobile device and reminding us to sit straight in our seats.

In the days that we are huddled over portable devices and laptop computers, it’s getting harder to keep our posture — especially if we are too busy to exercise daily. As our spines begin to straighten, we will discover more energy and less pain in our day-to-day lifestyles.

ALEX discreetly reminds us to sit up, forcing our smartphones to vibrate. It also vibrates within itself. This could be extremely beneficial while in a boring board meeting.

ALEX accurately measures the angle of your neck and position of your head, customizing the experience for each user. Not only does this device detect bad posture, but it also tends to detect pain points that create soreness and stiffness on the human body. This aids the device in personalized tracking of your posture throughout the day and even year.

Because the device is trackable in real time, one can become more familiar with what proper posture actually feels like. This type of feature definitely helps women who have spent the last 9 months carrying a baby as their bodies return back to normal.

Operating under Bluetooth 4 technologies, this device is slow at killing your smartphone battery. Flash memory that temporarily stores information before periodically sending it to your mobile device also helps your battery to last longer.

With such an innovative and breakthrough device, many are excited to try it on for size. Expected to launch in May of 2016, the company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production, marketing, and upgrades. They have already surpassed their initial goal of $50K. As for the marketing, this product speaks for itself. This device is sure to go viral in 2016.

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Nanaya App Predicting Love Based on NASA Science

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So very often, science and math prove to us what our ancestors already knew — that is, the sacred geometry that many have both wished existed today and have warded off as taboo. Many marriages and business decisions have been made under this universal algorithm, and they continue to prosper for those who will listen to it.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, former NASA Jet Propulsion Lab systems engineer and astrophysics PhD student Rashied Amini has released the Nanaya app, said to accurately predict your love life. Amini claims that this app is based on the same methods used in designing future space missions. We know NASA does not play!

This app bases results on the users social life, friend networks, personality, and all the fun details we often scoff at in disbelief. It breaks down love in six sections, highlighting the user’s chances for finding true love — and how many times it will happen. This app is also location-based and can predict the best location for you to be living and the career you should be involved in. It predicts the best setting for you to be around… hmmmm. That solves the age-old question, “Where do I meet the good girls?”

So many people end up in dead-end relationships or in relationships with a fatal attraction that can be more of a headache to get rid of than to just keep. There are others who find themselves desirable when dating, but they just can’t find the one who will even take a chance with them in a relationship — and they are the ideal partner. There are so many reasons certain people should not be in a relationship and others should, as well as many reasons why some should wait. There are even reasons why people should wait to get married.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and everything was perfect? Even your “signs” on the novelty level lined up, and you could match your names with numbers to find that you would just break up in a few months time? Well, some of what you were doing was just that —novelty — but there are real elements that can decide whether a couple is to be together or not.

First, consider this: When you were born through to when your brain was “wiring,” you were under the influence of magnetic charges and worldwide energies. These didn’t fully make you, but just as the lunar (moon) cycle contributes to menses and childbirth, it did contribute. It added to how “heavy” or “light” you would feel, which correlates with how happy or depressed you would be.

Further, your experiences based on entry into the world would be adjusted for. Where you were born and where you live also contribute, as altitude and the endorphins from the sun can play a major role in one’s heath, both mental and physical. This plays a role into our interaction with others. Some people aren’t meant to marry. Others are only meant to marry a certain person on a certain date.

Nanaya predicts love and compatibility, addressing whether people should stay together or break up. It’s said to bring “new levels of accuracy and specificity” compare with other methods of compatibility calculation. It is also to be noted, Nanaya is not an online dating or matchmaking platform. It is a tool for use before and after that stage in understanding not just your relationship but also yourself when in that relationship.

After all, you can be a different person based on the person you are with. It carefully designs charts and graphs through scientific data and data mining of over 1,000 dimensions in finding your odds for love.

Users are asked to complete a five- to ten-minute questionnaire in formulating their profile, which generates a code based on the person’s personal makeup. It then takes this code and creates a unique four-page report that breaks down the odds of finding love, where and when it will best happen, the best time to get hitched, and even if you need to leave your current relationship immediately!

On Valentine’s Day, take a moment for yourself. The one you’re with can wait. If it is he or she you are to be with, you can say “yes” at tonight’s dinner. I’m sure they will appreciate it. If it isn’t, why spend such a romantic evening with someone you are just not compatible with?

The reason to download it right away is that it will be free for a limited time. As the program increases in accuracy and adoption, new features will be added and a fee will be attached. The company is already setting that fee at around $5 a download.

Pretty cool, huh? Whether accurate or not, it sounds interesting! After all, grandma’s remedies are always the best…So, why not in love as well?

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eMindful, Muse, and Goldie Hawn Team Up to Promote Meditation for Brain Health

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“I understand that maybe you can’t dedicate an hour a day to meditation. But if you can’t even take 20 minutes for yourself to meditate, you’re just letting your ego get in the way.” –Sabir Bey, Host of The Sabir Bey Show.

Most people don’t understand the importance of meditation, especially its importance for clarity, rest, and keeping the mind agile. But meditation is extremely important, especially at a time when we overload our minds with digital insight and allow that same digital platform to continue “thinking” on our behalf. For this, two leaders in meditation technology have teamed up to launch “a national challenge to ease people into mindful living.”

The companies also partnered with the Goldie Hawn Foundation to promote “mindful thinking” to children and educators. A headband created by Muse sets out to motivate people into adopting a better understanding of their minds during meditation.

At the onset of 2016, millions of people have publicly set resolutions to lead healthier lifestyles, and a sound mind is one of the most important elements of the “get healthy” process.

This nationwide initiative is leading a “1% Challenge that encourages people to dedicate at least 1% of their day to improving personal well-being” through mindful meditation. The challenge only takes up 14 minutes of a person’s day and can impact years of their life. This particular program is made up of expert-led “mindfulness sessions,” guiding habits and behavioral changes through sensor-monitoring technology.

Small changes to a person’s behavior have been proven to be more impactful than if a huge change was made at once. For this, many innovators in the tech world have been devising strategies that help bring about good habits and positive change to our populations. This particular movement is aimed at making mindful change through meditation. Meditation is essential to living and highly beneficial to one’s health.

The 1% Challenge has aimed at further impacting the lives of our children by teaming up with the Goldie Hawn Foundation, “an evidence-based curriculum and training program for educators and children” that was founded by the actress in conjunction with researchers, psychologists, and educators in growing a foundation for our future leaders. Together, Muse and eMindful are contributing to MindUp, the foundation’s program, based on participant activity in this program. Not only are participants helping themselves, but they are also helping our youth.

“Massive, redirectional changes are hard to sustain,” said Kelley McCabe, eMindful chief executive officer. “Our 1% Challenge starts with the premise that anyone can improve by taking small steps and building upon them. Over the course of one’s life, that can be transformational.”

Leading and guiding our youth to healthier transformation at a time that their brains are most elastic has the ability to create a more informed, more educated, and more intelligent generation than we have yet to produce in our lifetime. Many of our children have been left behind, but we are seeing the chance to turn around their futures and create a better tomorrow on their behalf.

This headband by Muse monitors brain activity through sensors that have been providing participants with real-time feedback through InteraXon Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technologies. Meshed with eMindful’s suite of evidence-based mindfulness programs, games, and exercises, people are able to improve and shape their health, wellbeing, control of chronic pain, and weight, many of which are all triggered through stress. The program also provides solutions to handling and maintaining stress, which in turn controls other elements taking place within the human body.

This tag team exercises the most important muscle in our body while allowing it to relax. The control we are then given over our minds, bodies, and souls is unprecedented and can save lives.

“For us at Muse we felt that a partnership with eMindful under the context of boosting awareness for meditation and healthy minds made a great deal of sense,” said Derek Luke, Chief Executive Officer of InteraXon, the company that develops Muse.

These technologies have been adopted by employers and health insurers all over the country, as well as by researchers and clinicians at over 100 top hospitals and universities. This speaks volumes for what this technology is doing for meditation and healing. Likewise, it’s something to keep in the back of your mind while shopping for resources in brain health and productivity. Your insurance company might just have your back on this one!

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IK Multimedia Brings Phantom Power to Mobile Video Broadcasts

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Late last week, IK Multimedia premiered the iKlip A/V. The problem is, you might not have heard of it with all the excitement of CES 2016. That’s quite all right. Just know that we’re not going to let that fly! You will thank us for it later.

Shifting to mobile for on-the-field recording and broadcasting, filmmakers and television producers are adopting integrated technologies that allow them to do more than ever before — and more conveniently.

You never know when that next news story will break. You never know when some amazing footage will appear before your eyes. Cameras are clearer than ever and mobile technologies have evolved. We will get some good footage for sure, but we are still missing just one thing…What about the audio?!

After all, isn’t it the audio that builds the suspense? Builds the emotion?

IK Multimedia, the powerhouse known for their innovative plugins and sound modules, will release yet another game-changing product sure to drive broadcasters and filmmakers crazy! Especially when they find out that they must wait until April to get it.

Said to be the first smartphone broadcast mount for professional mobile audio and video, iKlip A/V allows broadcast-quality video production to be paired with high-quality professional audio through an integrated XLR Preamp, wireless receiver support, steady hand grip, and secure holder — right then and there!

Because the difference between quality audio is most often a condenser microphone that best fits our mic’ing needs, we have really been held back in the potential we can achieve through mobile broadcast and filming.

With the newfound ability to capture and monitor pro audio on the go, the iKlip A/V integrates a high-quality XLR preamp, phantom power, and a built-in wireless receiver support. Developed in Italy, the microphone preamp powers on to the standard 48V with help from just two AA batteries. Microphones may be plugged in directly or sent via wireless signal through a wireless microphone receiver.

The iKlip A/V brings the audio expeirence full circle with onboard gain control, headphone monitoring, and 1/8” TRRS audio output “to ensure a great signal no matter what microphone or device is used!”

Nothing can ruin the perfect video like an unsteady shot. This product was designed to not only enhance the professional audio experience, but to take advantage of its design elements in creating a steady shot. Designed for comfort, this bracket allows devices to be held securely within the bracket itself. The bracket can then be carried by grip or alternatively anchored onto a monopod or a tripod stand.

With controls and buttons enabling audio transmission and trigger, the iKlip A/V was designed for integration with today’s most favorite and industry-standard apps. If it’s popular, chances are, it’s compatible.

IK Multimedia never ceases to amaze. Last year, they released a plethora of innovative tools and applications. Perhaps one of our favorites was personalized mobile guitar lessons. The app analyzes your personal music library and creates lessons based on the music you know…music you like.

Most recently, they released a basic Bluetooth-enabled switch that allows live musicians to turn the page on their music sheets while in session. Using your feet to control the environment is something artists have been doing for centuries, but now IK Multimedia has made it a top priority in the digital world, allowing the music to continue without interruption. For musicians storing music on iPads and tablets, that is the solution they have been looking for.

And for professional broadcasters and filmmakers: This is the solution that you have been praying for.

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Pet Care Moves Into the Cloud with PetPace’s Wearables

Digital Pivot, Digital Gadgetry, Pet Care, PetPace, Monitoring, Pet Health, Veterinarian, Talent Zoo, Connected Devices, Wearables, IoT, Technology, Technology News, Pet Health, Mobile App, Digital Collar, Alerts, Dogs, Cats


Taking pet care to a whole new level, PetPace has released a new mobile app aimed at bringing the cloud to pet care monitoring. A healthcare tool for our furbabies, veterinarians are able to analyze pet health data on-the-go and make sure that critically ill animals are still being cared for around the clock.

Animal care professionals have the power to access an app that stores pet health charts and provides them with ongoing monitoring of temperature and vital signs, allowing real-time communications that include respiration, pulse, activity, positions, pain, calories, and more.

Wearable technologies allow synchronization via pet collars, servicing both dogs and cats as little as eight pounds in size. Furparents can monitor their babies from home or work, providing them just a little additional support and keeping clinics free of unnecessary calls to check up on a pet repeatedly. In fact, there is a much more thorough flow of communication in this manner, which allows clinics to be more productive.

Available on both Android and iOS, this app takes pride in expanding trends in mobile healthcare and wearables to the pet care industry, saving lives as a result.

Real-time alerts will now keep pets even more looked after than ever before. Pet owners will also receive live updates and reports on their pet’s health status. This means that you may actually know more about your own pet — and earlier — than if you were standing in the clinic yourself! There is also a deeper sense of accountability through this monitoring process.

“The Mobile Health revolution, already making great strides in people medicine, is expanding into the veterinary world,” said Dr. Asaf Dagan, DVM, DABVP, and Chief Veterinarian for PetPace. “Veterinarians and caregivers can now be constantly connected to their patients. This not only brings pet healthcare to a whole new level, but also measurably strengthens the bond between veterinarians and their clients,” he concluded.

At high-traffic and short-handed clinics, pet care can become a very difficult task. Vets also have lives outside of the clinic that include necessary sleeping, eating, and showering. Already putting their own lives on “paws” to make sure our babies are healthy and full of life, our favorite vets will now be more productive outside the office and are able remain on-call while spending just a little bit more time with their own families. Thanks, PetPace! That’s definitely something we can shake on!

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ECX Tactical: Its Own Portable Mobile Network

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Quortus has released ECX Tactical, a field-deployable communications unit that facilitates communications between public service personnel, military professionals, and first responders. It works by employing private 4G networks to combine all benefits of LTP and all-IP cellular features. Missions-critical communications can be carried out more effectively and under ideal security standards. Through high-mobility environments, users will be able to reach out to commanding officers and subordinates in a time of crisis when there is no other form of telecommunication available. It is also aligned with critical communications-oriented systems such as Tetra.

According to the Quortus website, they have “partnered closely with systems integrators, prime contractors and value-added resellers to create optimum cellular communications solutions for customers working in demanding scenarios.” Andy Oder, CEO, recently spoke about multiple options for the ECX Tactical device and how they will support delivery of communications at all times, through one broadcast method or another. Quortus has partnered with Radisys to release this innovative communications platform to the world, meshing the best of technologies to complete such a game-changing product.

“Our ECX Tactical solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of military and public safety organizations, delivering the ability to support 4G, 3G and 2G networks either standalone or with core network reach-back — and with features required by critical communications networks, including high reliability voice, multicast/broadcast connectivity, in-session mobility, relay-station functionality and ad-hoc node meshing.” Oder continues, “This partnership with Radisys and Octasic furthers our ability to deliver a working network anywhere in the world, while driving down costs and integration complexity.”

Portable network-in-a-box devices include a highly reliable voice network, connectivity for multicast and broadcast technologies, in-session mobility, relay-station functionality,v and ad-hoc node meshing. These devices work seamlessly on both land and in air, which is why ECX Tactical serves those in static deployment spaces. With a mission or deployment, there is always a chance connectivity to the outer world will be lost. ECX Tactical was strategically designed technology to meet this challenge in open space.

Allowing up to 32 users on one network at a time, “bubbles,” as Quortus calls it provides 4G coverage through multiple vehicles that are in motion and can create even larger vehicles of data. The system can function on its own or through a central network via roaming possibilities. It’s through this functionality that defense personnel and public service organizations will continue to thrive, save lives, and live to tell the story.

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HeLi-on, The Goddess to Mobile Solar Technology

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We’ve all been there. We have a full day ahead of us, leading up to a night we have been looking forward to for a very long time. Some of us may even be on foot or taking public transportation. But by lunchtime, the worst possible thing that can happen happens.

The phone beeps. It’s at 5%, and one of those important tasks we had was a telephone conference with a very big client. On top of that, we needed to get a ride home tonight and be prepared for the big event. No one memorizes phone numbers anymore, and we don’t know how to get in contact with our friends. Wow! We don’t even have access to Facebook to message them!

Today, we rely on our phones for everything. We use it to bank and pay for items. We use it for transportation and planning. And, most importantly, we use it for security. We feel 10 times more comfortable going to places we have never been because we have a cell phone in our hand and GPS is enabled.

Kickstarter has introduced us to a new, more convenient way to charge our phones. Enter HeLi-on, “The World’s Most Compact Solar Charger.”

Created by infinityPV ApS, HeLi-on is a small, portable charger with a large, flexible solar panel that can be carried in your pocket. This lifesaving innovation comes with a very powerful battery, which means that not only will it produce battery-pumping energy, it will also store it, as well.

Can you imagine just how much energy will be stored while on the beach? You can continue taking those pictures if you want. In just 2–3 hours of charging, you’ve got battery! Think about it: You can actually enjoy your music on-the-go and not worry about killing your battery.

With an internal USB port, you can connect just about any device and receive a full charge. At only 11 centimeters long and 105 grams, you have just found your Thumbelina. She fits in a pocket and will become your best friend. Now we just need to wait until she goes into production.

One thing about HeLi-on is that she isn’t cheap. The presale asking, in order to raise production funds and International shipping, is set at $90 a piece. Like all  other Kickstarter items, this rate will surely go up once it hits the markets. Expensive, yet reasonable, something screams that we don’t mind paying this price for such convenience. Paying $90 for such a necessity is like buying an large insurance policy.

Now, we don’t have to worry about “getting caught with our pants down!” Even if we don’t forget the charger at home, we will have somewhere to charge our phones and other portable devices — without all the evil looks to “hurry up and buy.” After all, how dare we need to charge our phones in public?! That’s so rude. Let’s charge it on the beach instead! HeLi-on proves to us, yet once again, that good things really do come in small packages!

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Brand Competitively: New App Allows for Easy Social Competitions

Previously Published to TalentZoo’s Digital Pivot

Perhaps branding socially just became more interactive for smaller, more innovative brands around the world. Today, WhozTop has officially launched as the answer to user-generated challenges and mobile contests. This is a godsend to brands that have had to fork out outrageous costs for hosting live voting events with very little turnout. WhozTop is to be the destination for hands-on experiences in the digital world. Tapping the app portal will open a world of brand awareness campaigns for many merging and expanding businesses and will allow the everyday user to be equally as embraced! 

Perfect for holiday contests and Facebook competitions, WhozTop encourages friends and families to download this app for either iOS or Android. Users can create, share, and take part in competitions that foster the imagination and encourage sociability. This app allows everyone to take part in the fun, leaving no user left to tally up the “likes” or sort and collect data. Basic rules are set, and competitions can begin cross-platform via text, email, Facebook, and Twitter. This means that no one is left out of the fun – or out of the loop!

Matt Foster, co-founder and CEO of WhozTop, says about this new platform:

Competitions are lots of fun; they take place everywhere all the time and can be really entertaining and motivating for everyone involved. The issue is that organizing competitions is a real pain. I encountered this problem firsthand. After researching the market and realizing there wasn’t a solution available, Scot Malloy, my co-founder, and I decided to do it ourselves.

We built the WhozTop app to make competitions easy, automated, and for WhozTop to be the go-to place for them…Our mission is to make it simple for everyone to compete or compare anything and have fun. Competitions can be motivating, entertaining and inspiring, we want to make them easy to run and fun to be in.

A free app, available to users on all devices and platforms, this is guaranteed to be the next craze in social. Whether for the short-term haul or a long-term solution, soon many will be downloading WhozTop on their mobile devices and encouraging others to do so as well. Just in time for your next competitive endeavor, the only question will be “who’s top?!” Expect to see a new trend in voting socially in the very near future. This could just be what “social” has been waiting for. 

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