A Wearable for the Spine, ALEX Has Your Back

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As the healthcare market is exploding with new technologies centered around wearable technologies, ALEX enters the scene with one of the most genius wearables to date. In fact, this is probably one of the most beneficial wearables to date.

Over the years, there has been a ton of research put into the human spine and its effect on not just our physical health, but also our mental health. Our ancestors even depicted the spine as a portal into the universe. The caduceus is a representation of how the spine is representative of overall health.

Bad posture can contribute to pain, unnecessary health complications, and even obesity. It can cloud our judgment because we are unable to think clearly. It can lead to complications later in life and leave us unable to remain active in our elderly years. It can increase levels of cortisol in our bodies and decrease testosterone in men. This undeniably leads to stress and depression.

ALEX seeks to change all of that.

A wearable device that fits comfortably around the back of our neck and hangs firmly around our ears, ALEX becomes our posture coach and tracker, synchronizing with our mobile device and reminding us to sit straight in our seats.

In the days that we are huddled over portable devices and laptop computers, it’s getting harder to keep our posture — especially if we are too busy to exercise daily. As our spines begin to straighten, we will discover more energy and less pain in our day-to-day lifestyles.

ALEX discreetly reminds us to sit up, forcing our smartphones to vibrate. It also vibrates within itself. This could be extremely beneficial while in a boring board meeting.

ALEX accurately measures the angle of your neck and position of your head, customizing the experience for each user. Not only does this device detect bad posture, but it also tends to detect pain points that create soreness and stiffness on the human body. This aids the device in personalized tracking of your posture throughout the day and even year.

Because the device is trackable in real time, one can become more familiar with what proper posture actually feels like. This type of feature definitely helps women who have spent the last 9 months carrying a baby as their bodies return back to normal.

Operating under Bluetooth 4 technologies, this device is slow at killing your smartphone battery. Flash memory that temporarily stores information before periodically sending it to your mobile device also helps your battery to last longer.

With such an innovative and breakthrough device, many are excited to try it on for size. Expected to launch in May of 2016, the company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production, marketing, and upgrades. They have already surpassed their initial goal of $50K. As for the marketing, this product speaks for itself. This device is sure to go viral in 2016.

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