Photography Changed Forever: A Bandwagon Even Mr. Walt Disney Would Jump On!

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It seems that 2016 will be far from a boring year. With so many IoT devices hitting the markets, many of us just won’t know how to act. For the photographer still in love with film, this message is especially for you! Set for release in August, we won’t even be able to look at photographs the same again…literally!

Originally planning a 2015 release, LifePrint just didn’t “click” with audiences who didn’t quite “get” IoT technology and digital imagery – or what they could potentially bring. An August 2014 Kickstarter campaign proved unsuccessful. But, with the passion and persistence, LifePrint reemerges from the start-up lagoon with just two weeks left to a new campaign, sure to bring drastic change to our world immediately.

Already exceeding funding goals by over 500%, this is definitely happening. At this stage, 785 backers now connect with their vision…a vision that will bring out your inner Joey Lawrence with a big “whoa!”

Do you remember when you first heard about the 3D printer? Well, this is nothing like that. This is actually quite earth shattering because it will bring back the art of film and photography, shifting the plateau for audiences who have made it their mission to capture our world for future generations and for those who like to capture their own world for the reminiscence therein.

LifePrint brings back the art of photography with a new way to “photoprint.” Similar to printing a Polaroid, LifePrint combines a special ink and photo paper with the ability to capture video directly to a still photograph. With photos ranging from 40 to 50 cents each, enthusiasts will be able to send videos through the mail and yet have a quality print to store in their photo albums. This is more than just digitally embedding a video into our photography.

Combining the digital realm with the physical manifestation of our “augmented reality,” we can now literally print action in motion while on the go. A portable printer can accompany your journey, joining you at the size of a bulky smartphone and fitting into your back pocket. Boy, oh, boy! If only Mr. Walt Disney were here to see this! Yeah, he would definitely have a LifePrint!

What makes LifePrint so special is its ability to not only capture motion and allow you to share it across the world, but it also allows you to apply filters to your photos while in-app, edit your videos before printing, and print directly from your GoPro device! LifePrint has the ability to import our social streams to more easily benefit our photo and video-printing needs. Instagram and Vine will never be the same! With the ability to print GIFs directly to stock, this just might change the face of card-giving – forever!

“Rich colors… high gloss… warm tones… brighter whites… sharper detail…” This printer is the photographer’s dream, and many of us will be glued to our seats, peeing our pants awaiting it!

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