eBay Enterprises Simplifies Omnichannel Controls

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eBay (NewsAlert) Enterprises has begun optimizing omnichannel opportunities for a more innovative customer experience, which means so much for this online auction superstar. Leveraging OpenSpan, a pioneer and trusted brand in automation and intelligence solutions, eBay will drive improvements to both process and technology advancement in the enterprise environment.

Employee productivity and morale will increase, as transactions are streamlined to engage both employees and customers more efficiently. Intelligence data will allow eBay to understand these transactions and allow them to better educate retail clientele on buyer behavior and purchasing habits. Through this partnership, better service will be delivered to both buyers and sellers, while leaving no room for error, behind the scenes.

“Our goals are to empower our agents to work smarter, make servicing the customer easier and connect our systems and technologies to deliver world-class customer experience for each of our clients,” states Robin Gomez, Director of Operational Excellence for eBay Enterprise. She continues, “OpenSpan (NewsAlert) Automation enables us to quickly build connectivity across the disparate technologies we use and eliminate many time-consuming manual tasks.”

As a global omnichannel commerce provider, hundreds of retailers rely on eBay Enterprise for a competitive mix of commerce features and capabilities, allowing them to continuously sell to the masses. Delivering order management, store fulfillment, drop-shipping, payment platforms, risk management solutions and fraud protection, in addition to freight and customer care services, the new enterprise system has simplified commerce through this integration, connecting retailers with millions of potential customers on a daily basis.

“Our agents sometimes have to interact with up to fifteen different systems to perform their jobs,” commented Gomez. “To deliver the premier service our clients have come to expect from eBay Enterprise, we wanted to invest in technology that would improve the way agents interact with customers.”

Utilizing a “Universal Agent” model, contact center agents personally interact with customers, on behalf of multiple sellers. Previously, agents had to not only learn and utilize eBay Enterprise systems; they also had to learn client-specific applications. To save time and create better efficiencies, teaming up with OpenSpan was the perfect step toward eBay evolution.

eBay’s ability to seamlessly integrate with technologies, while focused on speed and agility, has increased profitability and customer loyalty. Their recent integration with the Innotrac Corporation has, according to eBay, “created one of the world’s leading independent omnichannel commerce providers.” As eBay Enterprises embarks in partnership with OpenSpan’s automation solutions, contact center agents will no longer have to access fifteen separate systems to conduct one customer service task.

After evaluating their core needs, they came to the conclusion that OpenSpan Automation can provide “core capabilities, extensibility, management deployment and ease of use,” as Gomez points out. “We needed a solution with flexibility and robust integration capabilities. OpenSpan was our technology partner of choice for this project.”

OpenSpan will de-stress the agent environment, and it doesn’t require extensive coding. Therefore, customized applications can be created and integrated into current systems to streamline day-to-day operations, on behalf of contact center managers and customer service agents. The applications can be adjusted to meet the growing needs of the company and all associated retailers. This will bring added value to the marketplace, guaranteeing eBay’s position at the top, as competition increases demand. 

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