LinkedIn, CareerBuilder and Indeed Amongst Many Making Big Data Changes to the Job Search Industry for 2016

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LinkedIn (News – Alert), like so many other job search companies, are reworking their madness to compete against big data analytics. According to TechCrunch reports, LinkedIn will slowly be rolling out changes in the way LinkedIn looks and is currently being used. Actually, only 10% of LinkedIn’s 400 million-member database will get first glance of this platform before the official rollout, which is set for early next year.

As for LinkedIn’s main focus for the upcoming New Year, job listings will become more informative and more social, allowing users to compare themselves against previous applicants and employees at the company. More information about the company will be given, too.

It’s not quite clear how much more information will be given, but competing against Glassdoor will be a challenge for 2016. On Glassdoor, users are gathering in mass to tell their horror stories and testimonies at previous jobs, as well as salary, job descriptions and even searching out new jobs while on the same visit.

Keeping pricing the same it has always been for recruiters and hiring managers using LinkedIn to find new talents, the social network is including upgrades to recruitment products and a broader reach of potential new hires. They are even offering many users a free 30-day trial to use this service.

LinkedIn, amongst a class action lawsuit, is working real hard to make LinkedIn the go-to for job search, talent acquisition and professional development. They are revamping many of the tools we have grown to love, including our ranking amongst others at our company, seeing who has viewed our page and much more!

LinkedIn, however, isn’t the only job search company making big changes as of late. Both Indeed and CareerBuilder have set forth big change in this recent year. Not only are all three companies spewing out tons of content on how to market yourself as a professional, which jobs are on the rise and where people should start when looking for a job, they are breaking down very insightful data into industries that we never really paid much mind.

Much research and emphasis has been put on the self-employed and freelancer, as they compete with sites like FlexJobs and UpWork, who are constantly connecting the self-employed with clients and companies looking for freelancers.

In October, CareerBuilder and Broadbean came together to unveil a new solution challenging human resources and claiming to “remodel recruitment.” They are connecting people through the same single sign-on that so many of our social networking favorites, like LinkedIn, have been doing for year. They are using this to allow CareerBuilder to search across internal applicant tracking software (ATS), external job boards and professional networking sites. This saves sourcing costs and finds fresh talent that meets their exact needs.

Professional Resume Writing Companies stand to gain new customers from this new system, because it isn’t easy to get through tracking systems. There is truly a science in “breaking the code” for getting through these systems, placing yourself ahead of other qualified professionals in your industry. For CareerBuilder, the TalentStream Sourcing Platform is only one of many initiatives by CareerBuilder this year.

Also in October, the company started a new website offshoot, Find Your Calling, that has been connecting entry-level grads with their dream job, based on interests and personalities. This service is actually a result from meeting at the White House, proposing ways to help the youth find successful career placement, after coming to the realization that student loan debt is hindering the potential of our growing millennial generation.

And, most recently, Indeed decides to launch a new product designed to discover top tech talent, Indeed Prime. This produce is set to match engineers, designers and product managers with employment, based on specializations, coding skills, education and work experience.

Additional credentialing comes from a host of coding competitions open to anyone in the US in helping to discover “hidden talent.” This is a sigh of relief for those natural talents that did not attend a top university. Winners of these challenges are paired with access to opportunities at Fortune 500 companies, a $5K sign on bonus and a talent coach to support their hiring process.

In 2016, it seems that our favorite job sites have our back in digging us out of the unemployment crisis. As markets are increasing and demand for quality professionals is growing even greater, employers and employees will see a big change in an upcoming year. There are many who have shunned globalization in the past. Those are the same people that will be amazed in seeing what the new markets will bring.

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