Successful Coaches Know How to Hire

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Many coaches who feel confident providing business expertise in sales, strategic planning, and growth but are reluctant to venture into hiring, despite the impact hiring can make in each of these areas. Could DISC for Hiring be the missing piece of your puzzle for success? Effective hiring strategies can have an immediate and long-lasting impact on growth and productivity. Many DISC Certified Behavioral Consultants are tasked to manage the hiring process of their clients, or at least provide advice for the best fit (especially for top management positions). As you are probably quite aware by now, and from your training with PeopleKeys, DISC system is one of the most effective ways to gage human behavior and develop improved communications amongst teams. It’s effective for operations and sales, and it’s definitely effective in predictive hiring processes.

While DISC has been around for a very long time, not every business knows about it. Therefore, not every business knows how to implement DISC and this can be one of your major tasks as a business coach. Having extensive knowledge in DISC for hiring could be a major advantage to those who decide to employ it.

Let’s take a quick look at the four main personality types and realize how these particular drivers can be implemented in better creating, developing, and positioning teams for success. Mind you, both 4D and DISC-based assessments can also be conducted on your overall team, where we will gain much deeper insight as to:

  • Who your employees are.
  • How your employees think.
  • What your employees value.
  • What hidden passions your employees have.

You can gain the same insights for your potential hires too.

Read more of this article on DISCInsight by PeopleKeys, as we delve into the positioning of personality traits. Consider positioning the following types, based on their individual behaviors in any given environment.

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