Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with the Good Habit App

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With New Year’s on the way, everyone is making resolutions to stop procrastinating or to stop biting their nails or to quit smoking. Truthfully, everyone is making some type of resolution, but not many will actually keep them. There are a few reasons for this.

One reason may be that they didn’t practice before the New Year — when they knew they would backslide, giving up once the year begins due to discouragement. Another reason may be that they actually couldn’t handle the pressure. But, for the most part, people just plain forget. Habits come to us as second nature, so there is no way to get around them most of time — or even realize we’re doing them.

Yesterday, health-technology company ORCAS released “The Good Habit App,” MindSet, to assist users in adopting new, healthy lifestyle habits without forgetting to implement them into their daily lives. Over time, good habits are embedded into our subconscious, helping us to quit our bad habits by simply adopting good ones. ORCAS’ portfolio of self-management and self-development apps just got more personal. With an executive team of professionals with 20 years or more of experience in behavioral health, this was bound to happen.

A “scientifically validated” mobile app, users are educated on how their bad habits are affecting disease and health conditions in their day-to-day routine. Issues like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, stress, and depression are tackled in getting users onto the right path to healthy living. They are slowly introduced to improved habits, allowing gradual management into a “move toward the bigger target.” Some of these habit-adoption plans include exercise and physical activity, improved sleep and better eating patterns, and positive emotions, attitudes, and social support.

“We have advanced mobile self-management not only by recommending healthy behaviors but also by activating new habits using current behavior science,” states Michael Mulvihill, ORCAS CEO. “For the first time, in one mobile app, we address critical behaviors that are associated with major chronic diseases, which are a prime driver of healthcare costs.”

With a mobile platform engineered by actual professionals in behavioral and clinical health, this app is sure to  make positive changes in the lives of its users. Developing good habits, as opposed to clinging on to old, worn-out habits that are killing us, is a good way to literally “ring” in the New Year. Because this app won’t let us forget our resolution, it is most likely that we will keep those resolutions on into our old age.

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