ECX Tactical: Its Own Portable Mobile Network

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Quortus has released ECX Tactical, a field-deployable communications unit that facilitates communications between public service personnel, military professionals, and first responders. It works by employing private 4G networks to combine all benefits of LTP and all-IP cellular features.

Missions-critical communications can be carried out more effectively and under ideal security standards. Through high-mobility environments, users will be able to reach out to commanding officers and subordinates in a time of crisis when there is no other form of telecommunication available. It is also aligned with critical communications-oriented systems such as Tetra.

According to the Quortus website, they have “partnered closely with systems integrators, prime contractors and value-added resellers to create optimum cellular communications solutions for customers working in demanding scenarios.”

Andy Oder, CEO, recently spoke about multiple options for the ECX Tactical device and how they will support delivery of communications at all times, through one broadcast method or another. Quortus has partnered with Radisys to release this innovative communications platform to the world, meshing the best of technologies to complete such a game-changing product.

“Our ECX Tactical solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of military and public safety organizations, delivering the ability to support 4G, 3G and 2G networks either standalone or with core network reach-back — and with features required by critical communications networks, including high reliability voice, multicast/broadcast connectivity, in-session mobility, relay-station functionality and ad-hoc node meshing.” Oder continues, “This partnership with Radisys and Octasic furthers our ability to deliver a working network anywhere in the world, while driving down costs and integration complexity.”

Portable network-in-a-box devices include a highly reliable voice network, connectivity for multicast and broadcast technologies, in-session mobility, relay-station functionality,v and ad-hoc node meshing. These devices work seamlessly on both land and in air, which is why ECX Tactical serves those in static deployment spaces.

With a mission or deployment, there is always a chance connectivity to the outer world will be lost. ECX Tactical was strategically designed technology to meet this challenge in open space.

Allowing up to 32 users on one network at a time, “bubbles,” as Quortus calls it provides 4G coverage through multiple vehicles that are in motion and can create even larger vehicles of data. The system can function on its own or through a central network via roaming possibilities. It’s through this functionality that defense personnel and public service organizations will continue to thrive, save lives, and live to tell the story.

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