GAWK, Inc. Acquires Connexum, Will Triple Annual Revenue

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GAWK, Inc. is essentially an advanced data center solution with efficient cloud-based servicing and a content delivery network. This week, GAWK announced its acquisition of Connexum. This deal is set to increase annual revenues for the company at an upwards of $6 million.

This acquisition will also include Connexum’s wholesale telecommunications carrier with associated product and service lines. All assets of Connexum will now belong to GAWK and will mark the third acquisition for the company in a strategy to grow cloud-based communications services.

GAWK grew interested in Connexum’s position within the VoIP sector, which spurred this acquistion. This merger will ripple current revenue streams by three times its current income and allow GAWK to continue growth and innovation, providing infrastructure as a service. “This merger amplifies the existing business model of both GAWK and Connexum, making the continuing operation a leader in cloud-based call center services,” Kris Droge, CTO of Connexum, commented.

GAWK has been most known for its cloud-based services, but the company seeks to innovate current technology platforms and establish a national chain of data centers and to expand its international presence over time. With a presence already in 21 countries around the world and locations in over 31 major cities, GAWK reports that revenue has increase by 952 percent in this current quarter alone.

GAWK services small, medium and large-sized businesses and will now offer domestic and international voice services to communications carriers worldwide. With its acquisition of Connexum, it will now be servicing enterprise interests with innovative cloud-based call centers, who will most likely take advantage of the other services offered by the company.

Cloud service mergers are becoming the norm, as companies continue to combine proprietary technologies to combat the big players in the market.

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