Blue Jeans Network Leverages Feedback from Influential Client Base

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With a mission to “make video communications as easy and pervasive as audio communications are,” Blue Jeans Network continues its journey in “enabling more effective collaboration at work, at home and on the road” through its most recent release of Blue Jeans 3.0.

Blue Jeans Networks plans to deliver superior customer experiences, across platforms by streamlining interface integrations, which include Slack, WebRTC Support and Canvas. The goal here is to enrich real-time video experiences for the modern employee.

The Blue Jeans Network has estimated an annual consumption of over a billion minutes of face-to-face interaction through their server. It is interesting to note that Blue Jeans Network has only about 5,000 clients around the globe. This means that 5,000 people love the product and are influential in the growth and demand for Blue Jeans Network. According to the company, this was actually “the driving force behind the scope and nature of this release.”

While the enterprise has only about 5,000 clients, they service over 25 million consumers a year through the Blue Jeans video conferencing service and live events platform. 

“As we grow and penetrate new lines of business, we want to ensure that we not only meet the administrative needs of the IT organization, but that we delight the end-user with ease of use, functionality and high quality video,” states Stu Aaron, Chief Commercial Officer of Blue Jeans Network. “To that end, we have tuned up our interface with a sleek, modern design, enhanced the service with new features, and added integrations to optimize the user experience.”

The ability to leverage customer and end-user feedback in this venture proved to be a real resource in providing those features that meet and exceed consumer standards for engagement. This key information has also led to significant upgrades in current platform accessibility, while adding new integrations and centralized control of ROI and management tools.

New integrations with Slack and Canvas compliment Salesforce Chatter, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar Extensions, while simplifying the meeting space. Some brands that love and have adopted Blue Jeans Network servicing include innovative organizations and institutions, such as Facebook, GoPro, Pandora and Stanford University. 

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