Tech Trine, Radisys, Octasic and Quortus Partner to Save Lives Through Innovative Communications

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The services acceleration company, Radisys Corporation, joins forces with Octasic, Inc. and Quortus to make a difference in Defense and Public Safety operations. Announced earlier this week, this tech trine is releasing a complete 4G/3G/2G secure network that will encourage and facilitate better communications amongst Military personnel and disaster relief organizations. The Multi-Radio Network-in-a-Box system comes equipped with a private end-to-end LTE network, protected by a compact and ruggedize form factor.

“This integrated multi-standard base station, available for all OCTASIC’s BTS platforms, provides unique efficiency and portability, meeting our customers’ demands for flexible, lightweight complete cellular solutions,” states Michel Laurence, Executive Chairman of Ostic. He continues, “Radisys’ award-winning small cell software combined with Quortus’ best-of-breed core network technology and Octasic’s miniaturized SDR base stations provide our customers with access to turnkey small cell solutions enabling coverage, worldwide flexibility and capacity that meet their needs.”

This ultra-secure mobile telecommunications station enables users to rapidly deploy a complete portable network from anywhere. At times when disaster strikes, communications are the first thing to go. Depending on location, there isn’t always a tower to continue mobile reception at the direst time of need. This network-in-a-box system allows a network to be deployed with support for 4G/LTE, 3G and 2G technologies. Communications networks of up to 32 active users are supported, whereas any standard handset can be used in the field.  

According to Andy Oder, CEO of Quortus, multiple options will support delivery of communications at all times, through one broadcast method or another. “Our ECX Tactical solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of military and public safety organizations, delivering the ability to support 4G, 3G and 2G networks either standalone or with core network reach-back – and with features required by critical communications networks, including high reliability voice, multicast/broadcast connectivity, in-session mobility, relay-station functionality and ad-hoc node meshing. This partnership with Radisys and Octasic furthers our ability to deliver a working network anywhere in the world, while driving down costs and integration complexity.”

Militaries around the world depend on communications technologies to ensure success in strategic action, allowing for quick reactions per protocol and necessity. The same goes for public safety personnel, who are in need of safe and reliable communications while in the field, saving lives and protecting the citizens of the land. Communications are essential when communicating strategy, verifying orders, advising subordinates and in search and rescue efforts. Security within communication will ensure that lines are not cross or hi-jacked and that all confidential information remains confidential by the intended parties only.

“As the leaders in small cell software with more than 80 deployments worldwide, we’re skilled at working with any organization that needs reliable, secure and portable communications technology,” discusses Tom McQuade, General Manager of CellEngine and Trillium Software at Radisys. “We’re excited about this new Multi-Radio Network-in-a-Box that encompasses Octasic’s value proposition to deliver base stations that meet the military’s strict size, weight and power requirements and adds Quortus’ virtualized core for a complete end-to-end LTE network solution.”


The Multi-Radio Network-in-a-Box system includes a Radisys field-hardened CellEngine TOTALeNobeE LTE small cell software and Femtotality 3G small cell software with Octasic’s OCTBTS base station platforms and Quoturs ECX Tactical virtualized EPC (Evolved Packed Core) solution, enclosing a private end-to-end LTE network, protected by a compact and ruggedize form factor.

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