See-Through Technology Features New Possibilities

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In the shade of misfortune, not many are able to take a sports injury and use it to influence the world of technology. Inspired by a tennis injury, our world has been given the gift of see-through technology. Handscape, a company passionate about innovation, has created a case for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. The world got a chance to see this technology live on The Sabir Bey Show, Friday, October 9, 2015.

We watched as Tong Luo, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Handscape, turned an ordinary iPad device into see-through technology. He demonstrated the uses of Handycase, playing a game, reading a book, and even showing us how each one of us could hold the whole world in our hands. He went on to explain his project and how it can bring change through innovation.

This is a case that will allow us to use more than one finger at a time. Handycase allows you to revolutionize your Apple device and use all ten fingers at once — from either side of the device! Using Handycase has alleviated the pain Luo has had to endure since his misfortune on the tennis court, and it will aid those with carpal tunnel and arthritis by allowing them to enjoy technology. He jokes about how clean his device is because he doesn’t have to touch his screen at all if he doesn’t want to.

While not on the market yet, pre-sales have been heating up. The device has already received over 125% of an original goal of $100K on Kickstarter. After just a week, the company had reached $75K in pre-sales and support. With only five proprietary apps, Handscape is working quickly to create a whole library of apps that will literally go “hand-in-hand” with each device, aimed for official release in April of 2016. There are currently 10 days left for Handscape’s Kickstarter campaign and for wise investors to get on board before the holidays.

For Handscape, it seems obvious that the long-term goal would be to partner with Apple, as Handscape’s ownership of patents would prevent this technology from being adopted by any other mobile device on the market. This allows them to say who and what may use their technology and allow them to be part of some more game-changing endeavors.

Apple would be smart to adopt this technology — like pronto! This product could very well be the predecessor of many evolved technologies over the years, similar to the way Danger HipTop Sidekick devices prepared us for the onset of the Android and iPhone. In an evolving world, we never know what comes next.

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