App Annie Announces Mobile App Intelligence Made Better

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Recently, App Annie announced new benefits to operators and OEMs everywhere.  As the largest mobile application intelligence platform, it has continuously delivered powerful market data and insights to users in the app economy.

App Annie has announced an expansion of its Usage Intelligence product that will continue to offer business intelligence data to telecommunications operators and OEM professionals—device manufacturers are also included in this community. The product will launch to mobile app operations in over 60 countries and support both Android and iOS operating systems.

Together, users will be able to better gauge the strength of strategic partnerships and how they convert for each prospective partner. This will also lead to the identification of potential partners and forge stronger ties amongst partners. It is one thing knowing the company you keep, but what about the company of your partner? This new innovation will help users to better understand competitive landscapes and take advantage of opportunities within the market. Ultimately, this could potentially increase product and service lines, how content, products and services are consumed and diversify markets for an already established brand.

With over 500K mobile professions reported to rely on App Annie on a daily basis, it was imperative for App Annie to serve them better. The company identified the reasons for their current success, which is heavily influenced by the need of business professional in understanding the app market space in connection to their brand, their own personal reach and all available opportunities around them. For this, App Annie took to the drawing board to improve current services to these clients. They have improved existing products, while adding new features for immediate offering.

Mark Ungerer, General Manager for Paid Products of App Annie said, “We are excited to announce this offering for Operators and OEMs. We are constantly listening to our customers and the ecosystem and evolving our product to best suit their business needs. The expansion of our Usage Intelligence product equips telcos and device manufacturers with the right tools to optimize their pricing strategies and to recommend desirable devices to Operator partners.”

In this new release, a “host of different needs” will be met, as stated by App Annie in a previous statement. In the most recent announcement, App Annie’s new additions were broke down one by one. The newest feature rollouts will include:

  • Device-level metrics with segmentation by device type, data plan and more
  • Identification and tracking of device and network usage patterns (especially off-network trends with Wi-Fi)
  • Impact of mobile device usage and its effect on network profitability

These implementations to current products will keep App Annie ahead of the “data game,” ensuring mobile business intelligence data and support OEM users in the continual battle to rename number one. They will continue to influence innovation around the globe and set a bar for standard in the mobile intelligence industry. With so many brand imitators and less barriers of entry to our mobile world, it is almost essential that a product like this exist.

Diving deeper into App Annie’s most recent announcement, we learn the key usage metrics will include a breakdown of data consumption, based on originating location, device used to access the platform, mobile plan and operator, the user’s location of access and when they most frequently are being visited by specific individuals. They will also be able to get a deeper understanding as to who actually visits the site, if they visit more than once, what keeps them returning and how could they better be kept engaged. This data will continue to allow brands to evolve mobile and corporate infrastructure, as well as their pricing, as associated with a detailed core demographic.  

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