IK Multimedia Brings Phantom Power to Mobile Video Broadcasts

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Late last week, IK Multimedia premiered the iKlip A/V. The problem is, you might not have heard of it with all the excitement of CES 2016. That’s quite all right. Just know that we’re not going to let that fly! You will thank us for it later.

Shifting to mobile for on-the-field recording and broadcasting, filmmakers and television producers are adopting integrated technologies that allow them to do more than ever before — and more conveniently.

You never know when that next news story will break. You never know when some amazing footage will appear before your eyes. Cameras are clearer than ever and mobile technologies have evolved. We will get some good footage for sure, but we are still missing just one thing…What about the audio?!

After all, isn’t it the audio that builds the suspense? Builds the emotion?

IK Multimedia, the powerhouse known for their innovative plugins and sound modules, will release yet another game-changing product sure to drive broadcasters and filmmakers crazy! Especially when they find out that they must wait until April to get it.

Said to be the first smartphone broadcast mount for professional mobile audio and video, iKlip A/V allows broadcast-quality video production to be paired with high-quality professional audio through an integrated XLR Preamp, wireless receiver support, steady hand grip, and secure holder — right then and there!

Because the difference between quality audio is most often a condenser microphone that best fits our mic’ing needs, we have really been held back in the potential we can achieve through mobile broadcast and filming.

With the newfound ability to capture and monitor pro audio on the go, the iKlip A/V integrates a high-quality XLR preamp, phantom power, and a built-in wireless receiver support. Developed in Italy, the microphone preamp powers on to the standard 48V with help from just two AA batteries. Microphones may be plugged in directly or sent via wireless signal through a wireless microphone receiver.

The iKlip A/V brings the audio expeirence full circle with onboard gain control, headphone monitoring, and 1/8” TRRS audio output “to ensure a great signal no matter what microphone or device is used!”

Nothing can ruin the perfect video like an unsteady shot. This product was designed to not only enhance the professional audio experience, but to take advantage of its design elements in creating a steady shot. Designed for comfort, this bracket allows devices to be held securely within the bracket itself. The bracket can then be carried by grip or alternatively anchored onto a monopod or a tripod stand.

With controls and buttons enabling audio transmission and trigger, the iKlip A/V was designed for integration with today’s most favorite and industry-standard apps. If it’s popular, chances are, it’s compatible.

IK Multimedia never ceases to amaze. Last year, they released a plethora of innovative tools and applications. Perhaps one of our favorites was personalized mobile guitar lessons. The app analyzes your personal music library and creates lessons based on the music you know…music you like.

Most recently, they released a basic Bluetooth-enabled switch that allows live musicians to turn the page on their music sheets while in session. Using your feet to control the environment is something artists have been doing for centuries, but now IK Multimedia has made it a top priority in the digital world, allowing the music to continue without interruption. For musicians storing music on iPads and tablets, that is the solution they have been looking for.

And for professional broadcasters and filmmakers: This is the solution that you have been praying for.

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