Building resilient teams with DISC

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Is your team better at dealing with stressful situations as they are taking place? Or, they are better at “getting over it” once they’ve had time to “cool down?” Psychological resilience is one of the key strengths we should all learn during our lifetime. Let’s take a closer look at how stress affects a team’s resilience and ability to overcome obstacles. A candidate’s resilience strengths should be taken into consideration during any hiring process, especially when positioning new hires into immediate areas of concern and/or high-stressor environments. Team resilience development can also be applied when optimizing the existing workforce, replicating top performers and developing new leaders from within.

How to assess stress within your team

The Holmes Scale for Stress is an excellent tool to measure the stress level of your team, which you can download here. Stress can be caused from a variety of reasons, including holidays, leaving for or returning from vacation, a change in responsibilities or deadlines at work, and inevitable life events.

Our ability – or lack, thereof – to adapt in the face of adversity can lead to more serious problems with our health, careers, families, and ongoing living conditions. Our strengths develop from our resilience to negative situations, and reviewing each team member’s DISC graph results will reveal their level of resilience and DISC Personality Style.

Find out both the stressors and reactions of each personality and ways that you can help your team cope with the stress. Read the full article on DiscInsights by PeopleKeys.

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