Nanaya App Predicting Love Based on NASA Science

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So very often, science and math prove to us what our ancestors already knew — that is, the sacred geometry that many have both wished existed today and have warded off as taboo. Many marriages and business decisions have been made under this universal algorithm, and they continue to prosper for those who will listen to it.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, former NASA Jet Propulsion Lab systems engineer and astrophysics PhD student Rashied Amini has released the Nanaya app, said to accurately predict your love life. Amini claims that this app is based on the same methods used in designing future space missions. We know NASA does not play!

This app bases results on the users social life, friend networks, personality, and all the fun details we often scoff at in disbelief. It breaks down love in six sections, highlighting the user’s chances for finding true love — and how many times it will happen. This app is also location-based and can predict the best location for you to be living and the career you should be involved in. It predicts the best setting for you to be around… hmmmm. That solves the age-old question, “Where do I meet the good girls?”

So many people end up in dead-end relationships or in relationships with a fatal attraction that can be more of a headache to get rid of than to just keep. There are others who find themselves desirable when dating, but they just can’t find the one who will even take a chance with them in a relationship — and they are the ideal partner. There are so many reasons certain people should not be in a relationship and others should, as well as many reasons why some should wait. There are even reasons why people should wait to get married.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and everything was perfect? Even your “signs” on the novelty level lined up, and you could match your names with numbers to find that you would just break up in a few months time? Well, some of what you were doing was just that —novelty — but there are real elements that can decide whether a couple is to be together or not.

First, consider this: When you were born through to when your brain was “wiring,” you were under the influence of magnetic charges and worldwide energies. These didn’t fully make you, but just as the lunar (moon) cycle contributes to menses and childbirth, it did contribute. It added to how “heavy” or “light” you would feel, which correlates with how happy or depressed you would be.

Further, your experiences based on entry into the world would be adjusted for. Where you were born and where you live also contribute, as altitude and the endorphins from the sun can play a major role in one’s heath, both mental and physical. This plays a role into our interaction with others. Some people aren’t meant to marry. Others are only meant to marry a certain person on a certain date.

Nanaya predicts love and compatibility, addressing whether people should stay together or break up. It’s said to bring “new levels of accuracy and specificity” compare with other methods of compatibility calculation. It is also to be noted, Nanaya is not an online dating or matchmaking platform. It is a tool for use before and after that stage in understanding not just your relationship but also yourself when in that relationship.

After all, you can be a different person based on the person you are with. It carefully designs charts and graphs through scientific data and data mining of over 1,000 dimensions in finding your odds for love.

Users are asked to complete a five- to ten-minute questionnaire in formulating their profile, which generates a code based on the person’s personal makeup. It then takes this code and creates a unique four-page report that breaks down the odds of finding love, where and when it will best happen, the best time to get hitched, and even if you need to leave your current relationship immediately!

On Valentine’s Day, take a moment for yourself. The one you’re with can wait. If it is he or she you are to be with, you can say “yes” at tonight’s dinner. I’m sure they will appreciate it. If it isn’t, why spend such a romantic evening with someone you are just not compatible with?

The reason to download it right away is that it will be free for a limited time. As the program increases in accuracy and adoption, new features will be added and a fee will be attached. The company is already setting that fee at around $5 a download.

Pretty cool, huh? Whether accurate or not, it sounds interesting! After all, grandma’s remedies are always the best…So, why not in love as well?

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