How to Deliver Your Sales Message

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Have you ever noticed the difference in day-time advertising, as opposed to the advertising you see at night? Some commercials last longer at 1:00 PM than they do at 5:00 PM… and there are many variations depending on the channel. Well, there is actually a reason for that and it’s not as far-fetched as one might believe. This is part of behavioral selling, where the way you deliver your message can make the difference between attracting a new client or losing them before you even opened your mouth. This same model can be successfully applied to boost your own bottom line.

We can learn a lot from TV

There are people in charge of content development, while there are others are in charge of decision-making. Research suggests identifying the demographics, psychographics and brand loyalty of each viewing audience before crafting that content for airing around the globe. Because of this, we see content change based on the season, sporting event or even television programming that we are tuned into. Diehard fans of The Walking Dead might find advertising bombarding them with zombies or thoughts of the afterlife, while advertising for This is Us reflects everyday life, often depicting family, experiences and adventures that promise memories to last us a lifetime.

So, what can you learn from TV and how can you best deliver your sales message? Read the full article on DiscInsights by PeopleKeys

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