HIPPA-Compliant ensa: A New Accessory for Your Health

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If you could access your health records at any time, anywhere, would you do it? Ensa.com, Inc. will release the world’s first mobile solution for accessing electronic health records at the 2015 Dublin Web Summit on November 4.

Five years in the making, ensa will enable users to access their entire health record and clinical data around the clock and receive ongoing, personalized health and wellness advice in real time. In fact, users can opt to receive feedback and wellness alerts via smartwatch configurations while working to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle.

Ensa.com is a healthcare technology company with offices in both Connecticut and New York City. Its flagship mobile solution, “ensa,” is the answer to mobile access of medical information during an emergency situation and in administrative need. This will provide instant access to medical information without he inconvenience of contacting health care teams during open office hours or traveling to pick up supporting documents.

Focused on security breaches and privacy laws, Ensa has worked intricately within their systems to meet HIPPA compliances and security standards through “use of advanced Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).”

This healthcare solution delivers recommendations to patients in regular language and laymen’s terms, meaning that all advice will provide feedback specific to medical conditions and help to provide solutions to minimize concern while focusing on improving the lifestyle of each and every patient user. Much of this is done via artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, based on readings from smartwatch sensory data and in correlation with best health practices from popular medical sources.

“ensa is the result of a unique confluence of events: the consumerization of healthcare, the ability for patients to access their electronic health records, the growing adoption of biometric devices that connect people to the Internet 24/7, and Big Data,” states Ensa.com, Inc.’s founder Mike Gerstenfeld, MD, who completed his medical residency at Danbury Hospital – Yale School of Medicine. “Like a personal clinician on call every day, ensa’s powerful recommendation engine goes with people everywhere to help them stay on the path to wellness — instead of heading to the doctor’s office, healthcare facility or emergency room.”

Even more uniquely, ensa provides users with exclusive discounts related to their special health needs. They will receive manufacturer details and information. For users around the world, this can be extremely helpful, as medical costs are rapidly increasing and equipment costs are no different. Users often forget coupons and gift cards at home when redeeming would be most helpful. This keeps patients paying more than necessary and coupons at expiration.

Mobile solutions are allowing these rewards to be accessed at the register and users to benefit from use. Likewise, accessing health records on the go will allow users freedom to explore alternative health choices and to remain informed at all times, making ensa an accessory to your health.

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