Brand Competitively: New App Allows for Easy Social Competitions

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Perhaps branding socially just became more interactive for smaller, more innovative brands around the world. Today, WhozTop has officially launched as the answer to user-generated challenges and mobile contests. This is a godsend to brands that have had to fork out outrageous costs for hosting live voting events with very little turnout.

WhozTop is to be the destination for hands-on experiences in the digital world. Tapping the app portal will open a world of brand awareness campaigns for many merging and expanding businesses and will allow the everyday user to be equally as embraced!

Perfect for holiday contests and Facebook competitions, WhozTop encourages friends and families to download this app for either iOS or Android. Users can create, share, and take part in competitions that foster the imagination and encourage sociability. This app allows everyone to take part in the fun, leaving no user left to tally up the “likes” or sort and collect data. Basic rules are set, and competitions can begin cross-platform via text, email, Facebook, and Twitter. This means that no one is left out of the fun – or out of the loop!

Matt Foster, co-founder and CEO of WhozTop, says about this new platform:

Competitions are lots of fun; they take place everywhere all the time and can be really entertaining and motivating for everyone involved. The issue is that organizing competitions is a real pain. I encountered this problem firsthand. After researching the market and realizing there wasn’t a solution available, Scot Malloy, my co-founder, and I decided to do it ourselves.

We built the WhozTop app to make competitions easy, automated, and for WhozTop to be the go-to place for them…Our mission is to make it simple for everyone to compete or compare anything and have fun. Competitions can be motivating, entertaining and inspiring, we want to make them easy to run and fun to be in.

A free app, available to users on all devices and platforms, this is guaranteed to be the next craze in social. Whether for the short-term haul or a long-term solution, soon many will be downloading WhozTop on their mobile devices and encouraging others to do so as well.

Just in time for your next competitive endeavor, the only question will be “who’s top?!” Expect to see a new trend in voting socially in the very near future. This could just be what “social” has been waiting for. 

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