UberConference Integrates HipChat and Slack

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Globalization has brought nations together in business and commerce, creating a need for connectivity across partnerships and through client-vendor relations. Switch Communications recently announced how one of its proprietary ventures, UberConference, has added integrations to its already innovative Web conferencing platform.

Through this announcement, Switch discussed the ability for users to integrate HipChat and Slack, while hosting an online Web conference. UberConference gives users the ability to call into a session for free, no matter where in the world they are. However, full-feature functionality will be missed without logging directly into the platform. Through this partnership, additional features will lead to an enhanced conference-room experience in real time.

Through third-party plug-ins and functionality, HipChat integration only allows clients to see what you want them to see. HipChat networks are very secure internal systems, stored on a company’s own server. They allow custom feeds for screen sharing events, video calling, customer service chat rooms and email marketing platforms to be implemented into one entire session. While hosting a client session, immediate environments can be hidden, although the customer service experience could be demonstrated to assure their brand is in good hands. Therefore, separate instant messaging sessions with executive board members go unseen by your future client, as you strategize in real time how you will sync the deal. Companies like Expedia, Intuit, Salesforce and SquareSpace are already using HipChat, so simple integration with UberConference would give their future Web conferences life.

The addition of Slack to UberConference will allow for searchable conversations, facilitating quick and easy access to diameters for project scope and preparation. Remote Web conferencing with team members will be made more accessible, because materials will be stored onto specific channels, allowing subgroup accessibility. Integrating both programs into UberConference, no element associated with team activity will go overlooked. Easy access and productivity will be fostered. A drag and drop file method allows easy file sharing. Users receive notifications directly within the system, as well as through support requests, codes and error logs.

There are no PINs for login. Users are able to screen-share, and you will always know who is present and speaking. “UberConference continues to integrate seamlessly with the relevant tools that you already use in your workplace,” said Craig Walker, CEO of Switch Communications. “With these integrations, we extend the usefulness of HipChat and Slack by saving people the time and hassle of having to open up a second application to schedule a call. Instead, they can type ‘/uberconference’ and the call details will be added directly in the messaging window.”

In addition to these new integrations, UberConference has additionally announced integration with Salesforce, as it expands into the UberConference environment to record Salesforce information through UberConference communications. 

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