Playas Mob Radio: Excellent platform for independents to shine alongside majors

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Independent music artists are constantly looking for an avenue to be heard by potential fans and to be discovered by the music industry’s top movers and shakers. The problem, however, is that there are multiple avenues for them to do so. And still, their objective is not being achieved due to barriers of entry and/or lack of mixed audience participation.

Independent artists are faced with paying high fees without the promise that they will be heard and accepted with open arms by those that can make their dreams a reality. Often times, they pay high fees, and there is no audience at all. Other times, platforms for distribution and promotion are so saturated that no one is listening, either! Most of the time, options are limited and opportunities to excel are non existent.

Enter Playas Mob Radio. AXS sat down with them today to find out more about what they do, who they are and what keeps them going!

According to the description given on their official website:

“The Playas Mob Radio Show acts as a platform to showcase Independent Acts and give a platform to current top talents and veteran stars to use for PR …They’re listening!”

Playas Mob Radio has found a way to bring audiences together. They also do it cross-platform. Each and every Saturday night, Playas Mob Radio, a radio show based out of Fort Pierce, Florida, dedicates their programming to undiscovered talents, allowing them to shine around the Globe. With live and simultaneous broadcasts through six FM stations around the State of Florida, Playas Mob Radio captures audiences at home and via their car stereo systems on the traditional radio dial. To listeners out of the broadcast areas, the show has been made available at, and through Tunein Radio’s web and mobile apps. Once aired, the show is then archived to Soundcloud and other sites around the net.

The great thing about Playas Mob Radio is, again, the dedication to the independent artist. The show allows unknown artists to be placed into weekly rotation, yes; but it does so much more! Because Playas Mob Radio invites major acts onto the show on a weekly basis, it is guaranteed that new potential fans will be tuned in from all over the World. It also means that when these fans share the archived show, independent artists have just now become viral! It also means that Playas Mob Radio has been introduced to the masses. The artists have now been introduced to the producers, managers, promoters, record labels, etc. of the major label act who appears on the show. These people stay tuned in on a regular basis, thereafter because they see the platform being delivered and may be able to benefit from it. Talent scouts have now latched on to Playas Mob Radio, and artists are being discovered!

Playas Mob Radio puts emphasis on giving the independent artist a way to shine. Not only will they achieve this through radio play and interviews, but Playas Mob has also implemented a personal experience that will stick to listeners for years to come! Audiences are able to call in and ask these talents and executives questions based on their history, challenges and strategies associated with their careers. These are topics that are already hit on during the interview process with the acts and yet elaborated on through the listener. The talent is also encouraged to give tips and motivation to the listeners and how they are able to connect with them directly for networking purposes.

Not only does Playas Mob Radio shed light with their weekly radio show, but a magazine, social network and internet television channel is in the works. Playas Mob Radio is also responsible for weekly events in Orlando and Fort Pierce. They also travel out of the state for events in Pennsylvania and Georgia, further allowing independent artists and DJs to shine!

To find out more about Playas Mob Radio, visit the official website and see for yourself what the fuss is about!

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