Saloote creates new mobile app to encourage social music collaboration

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Long distance collaboration has never been made easier, especially for friends and family who miss creating music together! Yesterday, November 21, 2014, a new app was launched to Apple devices on behalf of Saloote, “a fun way to perform.”

In a recent press release, Saloote detailed how their new app will revive a social network that dedicated itself to music, long before the days of MySpace. This time they are doing it differently, by giving users a “way to perform, record, mashup and share videos across social media.” The app is free, generating much anticipated “buzz” and “re-inventing the social music experience.” As a matter of fact, well known music is available through the app, under the stipulation that one must record the cover with 1-3 other people for a total of four possible collaboratory artists on one track.

Through a video depiction associated with this press release, the app was demonstrated to audiences for furthered excitement. This app, allows users to record a performance using their own talent,­­ whether it’s a guitar, drums, keyboard, dance, voice, etc. and mash it up with a four-way video screen. The screen may then zoom in and out of each userframe to create a music video, based on original performance of these beloved cover song selections.

A company based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Saloote has recently been awarded one of the “Best New Startups” in 2014 by Venture in LA: Startup Trade Mission, shortly before the launch in Apple’s App Store.

Saloote is expected to participate in several music industry meetups in the South Florida area, with future plans to expand into Austin, New Orleans, and California. They are also planning to generate a large presence through a major attraction at the 2015 SXSW in hopes of further connecting music enthusiasts to one another!

“Music is one of the world’s most powerful, expressive mediums that directly affects people’s hearts. We want to revitalize the community built by the first MySpace, fill the gap that was left and ideally, become the Facebook of music,” said Danilo Pires, CMO of Saloote.

After three years of planning, strategizing and implementation, since its founding in 2011, Saloote is finally here to serve and engage the masses with social music creation. It is now available on all Apple iPad and iPhone devices. One thing to keep in mind per the recent press release from Saloote:

“Saloote is much more than an online recording tool; it enables music lovers and artists to collaborate in a virtual band, synchronizing and mashing up several individual performances into a single music video.”

To download this cool new app today and challenge friends to a sing-off, visit this link to be redirected to the current application download!

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