Startup Wants To Put A Stock Trader In Your Pocket, Aims To Become The Household Name For Algorithmic Trading

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DISCLAIMER: During the interview for this story, the creators of PeakBot graciously offered to provide a discount to NewsBreak readers for trying out their services. The author has not received compensation for this article. While a promo code is included at the end of this story, it should not be considered promotional content but rather for informational purposes only. Previously published to NewsBreak. Putting a stock trader in your pocket, one company aims to become […]

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Terravis and the New Power Generation — Can it Solve the Infrastructure Dilemma in EVs?

Worksport and Terravis introduce the world to solar and hydrogen options for off-grid, clean energy solutions.

Previously Published to Benzinga: The following post was written and/or published as a collaboration between Benzinga’s in-house sponsored content team and a financial partner of Benzinga. Committed to an all-green future and delivering power to places where it’s traditionally been out of reach, Worksport, Ltd (NASDAQ: WKSP) recently unveiled its top-secret plans to super-charge the future of electric vehicles (EVs), introducing the world to renewable and highly efficient hydrogen fuel-cell technologies through its upcoming EV fast-charging units […]

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Top Tech Startups San Fransciso

Previously Published to Benzinga When you hear “Silicon Valley,” you probably think “tech” and “startup.” San Francisco has always been the center of all things technology and home to thousands of successful startups over the years. Because there’s a fine line between when a company is still considered a startup and when it’s finally made its mark on the world, you may only know of startups who are now successful enterprises. DoorDash, Wish, Chime… these […]

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What is a UTV, and Why Might Investing in BAM be a Good Idea?

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Previously Published to Benzinga. Most people know what an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is, but not everyone has heard of a utility task vehicle (UTV). Some may even assume they are the same thing.  While most ATVs are banned from U.S. public roadways, 32 states welcome UTVs on their roads. Some of those states that do not approve of UTVs on the roadways do make exceptions for law enforcement professionals, disabled individuals and emergency travel, as […]

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Top Fintechs, Best Fintechs, Columbus Ohio,

Previously Published to Benzinga Money. As companies leave Silicon Valley during the Covid exodus, a new fintech base is establishing itself in Columbus, Ohio. Curious to know more about the best fintechs in Columbus? Ranking fintechs both old and new, we introduce you to the 10 best fintechs in Columbus, Ohio. What is Fintech? Fintech is short for financial technology.  A fintech is a company, service and/or solution that falls within both the finance and technology sectors. […]

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