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As companies leave Silicon Valley during the Covid exodus, a new fintech base is establishing itself in Columbus, Ohio. Curious to know more about the best fintechs in Columbus?

Ranking fintechs both old and new, we introduce you to the 10 best fintechs in Columbus, Ohio.

What is Fintech?

Fintech is short for financial technology. 

A fintech is a company, service and/or solution that falls within both the finance and technology sectors. They generally support or enable trade, banking and financial services and have essentially become a crucial part of our lives. 

10 Best Fintechs in Columbus

Each fintech on this list serves a purpose. Some of them were selected, based on the unique services provided and niche that it falls within. We chose others based on their influence, contributions to society and/or reputation.

If any of these businesses move you, you may want to invest in fintech stocks.

1. Best Insurance Fintech: Beam Technologies, founded 2015

Beam is a dental insurance company that rewards you for brushing, flossing and cleaning your teeth. Beam Dental provides you with a cleaner smile and a smarter brush, combining the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and healthtech technologies to better understand and record your brushes. 

Partnering with more than 400,000 dental networks nationwide, Beam makes sure you’re getting the most benefits and the best price. Beam lowers the cost of preferred provider organizations (PPOs) by establishing regular preventative care, healthy dental practices and a much cleaner way of life.

2. Best Group Investing Fintech: TribeVest, founded 2016

Tribevest’s collaborative group investment platform enables friends and family to organize as an investor group, pool money and manage joint investments. 

Members can chat in real time, form a limited liability company, send secure files, plan an event and even manage voting in-app. A percentage of ownership is allocated to users, based on personal contributions to the group.  

3. Best Donation-Based Fintech: GiveGame, founded 2018

Giving has never been so fun. Schools, businesses and nonprofits are using GiveGame to create engaging polls, trivia and sports gaming events that, in turn, raise funds for a cause. 

GiveGame gamifies giving, by allowing you to play games and do good. The setup is simple. Users are prompted to choose a game and select their favorite nonprofit or cause. From there, a game will begin. 

4. Best Stock Market Fintech: MultiCharts, founded 2005

MultiCharts is an award-winning trading platform that provides trading apps with the ability to better serve investors. Traders are given automated trading capabilities, a number of onboard strategies and features, based on investment type and style. 

Built-in indicators help users to decide which move to make next. Other features include backtesting, brute-force and genetic optimization, automated execution and support for EasyLanguage scripts. 

5. Best Safe-Driving Fintech: Root, founded 2015

Root has the unique ability to charge for car insurance based on the driver’s driving performance. Connecting to the insurer’s smartphone or device, Root measures the driver’s habits and behavior, providing them with discounts on every inch of the highway. 

As you may have already guessed, this fintech doubles as an insurtech technology. It gathers and assesses data points based on smartphone sensors and location parameters. Drivers simply download the app to apply for insurance, and within a few weeks, a customized policy is built. 

Claims can be filed in as little as 3 minutes. Drivers earn free Lyft credits, and roadside assistance is included with every policy.

6. Best Rewards Fintech: Ryze Rewards, founded 2018

Ryze Rewards has positioned itself to provide rewards that  empower an entire generation to beat student debt while building wealth — 1 swipe at a time. 

The Ryze Rewards app is incredibly easy to use. Users register their credit or debit cards in the app and shop as usual. They’ll earn rewards and cash back, paid right to their lender. It’s worth noting how Ryze does it. 

Users earn top dollar, as Ryze negotiates fees with major brands, cutting out the marketing middleman to help consumers pay off student loans faster — and creating a rewards program that’s actually worth the download. 

7. Best Business Intelligence Fintech: Segmint, founded 2007

Segmint provides businesses with more than just the typical business intelligence. Sure, it identifies opportunities, highlights risks and provides transparency across the entire infrastructure. But, it also does so much more. 

Segmint follows the customer’s journey, telling the story of each customer by using critical data points in the financial record to explain the whens, hows and whys.

Businesses can create better strategies by implementing detailed competitive analysis, intuitive risk-management scenarios and personalized messaging at every facet of the customer experience. These same techniques can be applied in the development of innovative product lines and marketing campaigns, driving greater profitability for organizations and their investors. 

By showing just a little bit of empathy, Segmint empowers businesses to achieve greater measured results by leveraging data that will engage customers in more meaningful interactions as they build trustworthy relationships. 

8. Best Real Estate Fintech: SafeWire, founded 2016

Safewire estimates that more than $1 billion has been lost in real estate wire fraud since 2016. As a free software for real estate brokers and agents, this startup claims to be the solution, digitally authenticating buyers and sellers through a sophisticated multi authentication technology.

Safewire makes it hard to intercept and manipulate wire instructions, eliminating transactions taking place through unsecured emails and implementing the blockchain to protect all real estate transactions, identity and banking information. 

9. Best Pre-Seed Fintech: Wunderfund, founded 2017

Wunderfund vets local startups and allows you to invest as little as $20. If the startup succeeds, you do, too! Wunderfund is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to earn while supporting the brands and products you love. 

What makes this app different from Kickstarter or Indiegogo is the fact that it does, indeed, vet startups that are already in existence. There’s no investing in a product that you never will see come to life. 

Wunderfund helps startups tell stories through branded photos, videos and messaging. It also helps these brands make sure their numbers are right and prepare them for the road ahead.

10. Best Investment Fintech: Rhove, founded 2018

Rhove is on a mission “to turn everyone into an investor.” For so long, outsiders have been allowed to have first dibs on our communities, buying them out long before we knew there was an opportunity. 

Rhove allows us to take back the communities we grew up and went to school in, l where we laughed, cried and buried our loved ones. You’ll invest in individual and commercial real estate assets, funding projects you care about while reaping the benefits of equity ownership. 

Rhove accepts cryptocurrencies, and there are no income or long-term commitment requirements. You’ll connect with other investors and sponsors and be able to collaborate on community-based projects while building your portfolio with assets from your community.

Invest in the Best Fintechs in Columbus

Using our guide, you’re now ready to expand your portfolio and invest in the best fintechs in Columbus, Ohio. If you’d like to know more about fintech in general, check out these fintech courses.

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