car wrecked 845143 1920 Don’t wait until you’re stranded to download a roadside assistance app. Be ready to save the day before your flat tire with our list of the best online roadside assistance platforms. 

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Don’t wait until you’re stranded to download a roadside assistance app. Be ready to save the day before your flat tire with our list of the best online roadside assistance platforms. 

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Best Roadside Assistance Apps

Before you sign up for a roadside assistance  app, check whether you’re already covered by your regular insurance policy. Roadside assistance is an added layer of security, but a comprehensive auto insurance policy may include roadside support. .

Just like your vehicle, roadside assistance should be tailored to your travel needs. Some questions you ask yourself before committing to a service include:

  • What’s my budget? 
  • Will I share this with my family, or do they need their own?
  • Are pets covered?
  • Is this my vehicle or am I renting it? 
  • Am I using my vehicle for business? 
  • Will I be covered in another car? 
  • Do I want to add to my existing premium? 

Spend the time to analyze the different travel scenarios you may encounter. This preparation will help you ensure you find a roadside assistance app that will meet your needs.

4 Best Roadside Assistance Apps

Breakdowns are inevitable, and you need a plan of action. That’s why signing up for the right roadside assistance platform is the smartest move you can make. 

Get started with our list of the best roadside-assistance apps on the market. Companies were selected based on price, service offerings, customer feedback and ratings within iOS and Android platforms.

Best Low Cost Roadside Assistance Platform: Honk

A great alternative to insurance, Honk’s insurtech-powered roadside assistance program allows you to ditch the annual membership fee and use its service only when needed. 

After you download Honk’s user-friendly app, you’ll be prompted to add your personal details. Your information will be saved into a secure storage space to allow service to be carried out quickly.

Once you actually need to use Honk’s services, open the app and enter details relating to your issue. Honk provides you with a quote for the exact cost of services and sends help immediately.

Services through Honk are affordable, prepaid and available around the clock. Honk connects to local, prescreened tow-truck drivers who will arrive within an average of 15 to 30 minutes. Honk provides you with details about your driver to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Best Roadside Assistance Platform for Member Perks: AAA

One of America’s oldest and most well-known road assistance programs is AAA. It sets the gold standard for roadside assistance.

AAA provides customers with 3 levels of service, and prices change depending on their region. 

Some perks you can expect include:

  • Free tire changes
  • Emergency fuel delivery and battery jumping
  • Lockout assistance and home locksmith features
  • A free day of emergency rental-car service
  • Coverage for motorcycles, RVs and attached trailers 

AAA’s mobile app features include real-time geo-locational tracking, self-service and roadside assistance tools, battery monitoring, hotel and savings locators. As a AAA member, you’ll receive discounts at various hotel chains and attractions, rental-car services and retail.

Best Roadside Assistance Platform for RV Drivers: Good Sam

Campers across America swear by Good Sam, the official roadside assistance of NASCAR. Good Sam is also among the best roadside assistance services for recreational vehicles. 

Recreational vehicles (RVs) and campers can be long and bulky, and not every tow service is willing or capable of towing a 5th wheel. 

Good Sam will tow your RV or camper to the nearest RV station or shop for repair. There are no distance limits, so you’re never too far from emergency roadside assistance.

Best Roadside Assistance Platform for Accident Detection: OnStar

For more than 25 years, OnStar has been synonymous with in-vehicle communications, live travel assistance and safety. Now, OnStar is mobile, and through the Guardian App, Safety & Security members can share service with up to 7 different users for just a small fee. 

The app was designed using simple smartphone sensors to detect crashes and alert emergency-certified advisers of potentially fatal accidents. Available 24/7, advisers will dial into your app and provide hands-free calling. After assessing the situation, first responders will be contacted on your behalf if necessary.

Best Roadside Assistance App for Seniors: AARP 

AARP, which has members ages 55 and older, was created for seniors, by seniors. For the last 30 years, AARP has paired with Allstate to provide roadside assistance with a few added perks. 

In September, users were notified that the AARP app would switch to Allstate’s roadside assistance. Once hailing a rating of 4.7 out of 5 , users will now use Allstate’s roadside assistance, while continuing to receiving exclusive benefits such as:

  • 24-hour emergency roadside service hotline
  • Plans with up to 100 miles of towing coverage
  • Flat-tire change and battery jumpstart

A separate app is available for membership perks, including discounted hotel booking, air travel, car rentals and more.

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is a monthly, annual or prepaid service plan. It provides drivers with additional services not generally provided through traditional insurance plans. 

These services can provide support to:

  • Change or replace a flat tire
  • Jump or replace your battery
  • Tow your vehicle
  • Delivergas, oil and other necessary fluids
  • Unlock your vehicle 

You need to contact a roadside assistance provider, whether through app or by phone, to initiate service. Once your membership is active, the provider can send support when you request roadside service. 

How Roadside Assistance Apps Work

Roadside assistance hasn’t changed much over the years, but the technology has. Most assistance programs still include some type of tire change and towing services, locksmith and battery charging features. 

But the technology makes it much easier to handle these stressful situations. Justenter your claim or reason for contacting roadside assistance, and the app will connect you to a service provider.

Most apps now store your data for convenience. This allows you access to memberships, insurance and registration information in 1 place. 

You can generally file a claim and request service on your own, receive alerts when help is dispatched and monitor locational services in real-time.

How Roadside Assistance Apps Use InsurTech

Roadside assistance apps are categorized as insurtech: a combination of insurance and technology services. There are 3sides to every roadside-assistance app : the customer, the provider and the servicer. 

You use your mobile devices to access the provider platform and request the services needed. The provider then taps into an ever-growing infrastructure of customers, servicers and vendors. It is the intermediary and central hub to the entire network.

Exclusive service providers connect directly to this network and accept requests for assistance on an incoming basis. Non-exclusive servicers aren’t likely to be attached to this network and  use 3rd-party tools to generate requests.Sometimes your provider will have to locate towing services directly. 

Companies like TowBook and Jobber have paved the way with their innovative towing management software. An all-in-1 solution, drivers can be dispatched and their location can be viewed with an interactive map. Providers can be billed, directly, within the platform, and data can be accessed to make future improvements to the system. 

Pros and Cons of Roadside Assistance Apps


  • Self-service features streamline communications and expedite service
  • Each request and action is recorded and tracked in-app


  • Your location may not be accurately communicated to the driver 
  • Some apps have been reported to provide inaccurate times for arrival 

Find the Best Digital Roadside Assistance Platform

Each digital roadside-assistance  app provides a unique spin on roadside service.  If your finances aren’t the greatest, pre-paid and flat-rate billing could be a major lifesaver. If you’re happy with your current insurance provider, why not add that additional service?

Don’t wait until you need your vehicle towed or tire changed. Find a digital roadside assistance platform from our list, and download the app today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does roadside assistance cost?

Several variables come into play when pricing out quality roadside assistance. What may be an added perk for some insurance plans will be an add-on service and additional charge for others. 

Q. Can I get free roadside assistance?

Yes! In fact, you might already have it. Some insurance companies include this as part of a premium membership or rewards program that encourages new members to sign up to claim these rewards.

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