Gutta Slim: Bringing the Florida sound back to Hip Hop and still “2 G 4 TV”

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Scorpios are known for their transformation and ability to master just about anything they lay their hands on. For this reason, you tend to see them evolve and become truer to “self” the older and more established they become. In fact, Scorpios are known for putting all their heart, soul and passion into whatever they encounter on their journey to the top. The same is no different for George “Gutta Slim” Hannah, Jr. of West Palm Beach, Florida.

Today, AXS sat down with Gutta Slim to get a little more personal on his progress and journey as an independent artist.

As a youngster, born in the country town of Pahokee, Hannah lived, ate and breathed baseball. He was an All-Star since the age of 5, mastering his pitch and earning a plethora of MVP trophies, most of his world believed that he would one day go on to play in the majors. But into the excitement of all his wins, he totally lost interest and instead became dedicated to the trumpet, playing all through high school and in the marching band.

During his high school years, he became distracted and learned that his true passion was, in fact, the skill of lyricism. He realized that Hip Hop was flowing through his veins and breathing life into his system.

While he stayed involved in the high school band, his love and dedication switched to the Hip Hop scene, where found his talents to be strong. From the tenth grade, audiences crowded around to catch the now known, Gutta Slim, battling it out with other rappers during the lunch period at his school. There was always someone humming or beating on surfaces to accompany the developing style of such a young talent.

At this time, Gutta Slim was inspired to create a rap group, “Platinum Boyz,” that went on release three albums. But soon after, the group parted ways. Slim decided it was time to start a solo career… one in which he had more say in important matters, more hand in creative control and no bad recording contract to get in the way.

Striving hard to manifest his desires, he spent hours upon hours in the studio, recording a solo project – and setting the bar for the future of his music career. With a sound above industry standard, Gutta Slim decided that he only wanted the best for his debut project. And as complex as this Scorpio is, he wanted to show all sides of his personality, creating universal music by reinventing himself each time he stood behind the vocal booth window. He recorded at various studios around the city and hooked up with local producers that would shake up his career in a very profound way.

Hooking up with Ron Mentor and Izzy changed the game for Mr. Hannah, Gutta Slim. These two producers were responsible for the success of Lake Worth’s legendary rap group, Deathstruck.

Showing major promise, the production duo began to focus on this young solo artist. In fact, after a few years of working together, Gutta Slim was offered a deal with Atlantic Records. Refusing to leave the team that molded him into what he is today, he quickly turned down the deal. Scorpios are loyal until the end, and the end of Gutta Slim is nowhere in the focus.

Instead, he signed with Izzy as his new manager. Together they sold thousands of albums on the underground circuits, touring the Southeastern United States, including stops throughout Georgia, Florida and as far up as South Carolina. Gutta has also worked his way throughout the Deep South, blessing stages in states like Mississippi and Alabama, as he opened up for major recording talents, such as Ciara, Avant and Field Mob. The list does go on.

Harmonizing with the track or bringing out the grit, Gutta Slim tells his story to all that will listen. Growing up in a good home, he found himself in some very intense situations the older he got and the more independence he found.

Finding a family at 3rd World Music Media, he also found a big brother in mentor, producer and manager, Izzy. Under Izzy’s wing, he developed a versatile style that allows him to connect with a plethora of audiences.

“I’m not afraid to be different, “this artist proclaims. “My music is a bio of my life from perspective my own perspective. People can relate to it.” He goes on to speak about how he sticks to the theme of each track – a skill we see many artists struggling with in this day and age.

Slim writes all of his own music. And, while he hasn’t produced any of his own track, he has engineered quite a bit it from his home studio. Izzy and Hennessey, a “fye producer,” according to Slim produces all of his beats and produces his music.

To be noted, Slim recorded over fifty different tracks for his “2 G 4 TV” mixtape project, selecting only 26 for release – a mixtape hosted by Raylo of Dem Damn Dawgs.

The “2 G 4 TV” mixtape has earned him heavy rotation on Dem Damn Dawgs’ radio show on WJFP FM with his track “Gutta Go Live.” He is also receiving heavy airplay on WJFP’s Playas Mob Radio for this hot single. Radio stations around the country are quickly catching on with fans reaching out from as far as Alaska and even Australia!

Gutta Slim likes to “find old records and bring them back to life,” adding his own sound and style. He may be inspired by others. But, he is definitely his own soul. That’s the stuff true Hip Hop is made of. And with a Florida sound, he definitely brings back the meaning of “Hip Hop” back to the South.

Humble and in the end-game to better the world, Gutta Slim plans on starting a non-profit in the near future that will allow him to give back to the community – helping the less fortunate. “Whatever it takes,” he says, “to make a difference in someone’s life. That’s what it’s all about. What’s the point of having all the money in the world, but you have people who need help?”

This same selfless nature shines through him when he speaks about his daughter, “She’s the only person that pushes me to go harder when I feel like giving up. She ain’t ask to be here. So, I can’t be selfish and not give her something that I had. That’s a providing father. My goal is to be the best artist that I can be and use my music to help people in different times and situations.”

This attitude, ladies and gentlemen, is just why “Gutta go live, Gutta go live, Gutta go live…”

Make sure to check him out on Soundcloud:

Download the “2 G 4 TV” Mixtape on DatPiff:

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Futuristic Retrospective | Crissanji: Your newest favorite artist?

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Vibrant, ambitious… exciting, Aries individuals are natural born leaders; they groove to a vibe all of their own. They don’t just love music because it has a nice beat; they live by the music that pulses throughout their body, originating from their soul. They love the high pitches and the low bellows, the gritty and grunge, the strings. Today, August 7, 2015, AXS sits down for an exclusive interview.

An Aries gentleman with a groove all of his own, Crissanji continues to be one of Florida’s most underrated R&B singers of quite-possibly-ever. Releasing his “Futuristic Retrospects” exactly a year ago, the world is slowly getting to know this independent artist and choreographer. Crissanji has already begun taking over audiences in the South and including the Caribbean, easily becoming an International success with time and effort.

As he is joined by his group, Crossovah, Crissanji has been known to perform and awe audiences with unique style and sound that continues to have fans waiting for an encore. With a fusion of Pop, 90s R&B, Reggae, Soca and Dancehall, fans almost feel ripped off when the party is over. They just can’t get enough.

Crissanji is joined by Ricardo, Kupid and J-Rah with the ongoing sentiment that “Extraordinary people make history and leave a legacy for the world to enjoy.” This legacy didn’t just begin; it has been a movement in the making.

The group started as just a couple of talented friends, who were passionate about their craft. They have grown in becoming an eclectic entertainment company, showcasing each artist as a solo act and thriving on the demand that their audiences have placed upon them. Each act reflects raw talent, untouched by mainstream influence and what could quite possibly save the music industry as we know it.

Born in New York, raised briefly in Port Royal, Jamaica, and growing up from age six in Orlando, Florida, it is no wonder that Hip Hop flows through his veins, Reggae influences his range and his style is ready for Top 40. As an 80s baby, growing up in the 90s, R&B has become his lifestyle, his love and his forte. He is a fresh breath of air to radio and has made us fall again in love with R&B music.

Winning an IMC, Indie Music Channel, Award this past Spring for “Best Male Pop Artist in 2015,” Crissanji has gained more global exposure than he accounted for. IMC is a community and network for independent musicians all over the world, with a radio station, TV network and website; and it was founded by Emmy Award-winning TV host, actor and model, Christopher Ewing.

This is not the first time, however, that he has won an award for his abilities and most certainly won’t be the last. As a matter of fact, it’s not even the first time he won an IMC award. In 2013, he also won “Best Male Pop Artist” for his earlier releases with Crossovah Ent.
Crissanji’s love for music was influenced by the love his mother had for it, as he was growing up. He grew up listening to classic oldies and old school love songs, ballads, and the radio, which was so different then than it is today. At one point, Crissanji claims, “There was a time when we were staying with a family friend, and all we had to watch was this video filled with R&B music. So that’s what I did, watched it all day long.” He began learning what he heard. He even picked up the skill of dancing along the way.

It is rumored that his dancing started when he began to walk, because he was always doing the latest dance and even creating his own choreography in elementary school. This is when he began performing. He and his cousin would enter talent shows and perform in front of their teachers and student body. They loved him, so naturally he built confidence in himself; and his appearance began to transform.

If you haven’t noticed by now, Crissanji has a unique style of his own. He isn’t just aligned with current trends and fashions. As an Aries, he naturally carried by his own wind. He is deeply influenced by edgy appearances and fashion statements. He’s “not scared to go all the way.” Crissanji likes to “look different.” “I like to look and feel good,” he says, “If I want a certain style, I go all in.” And, his personal style is what makes him a star. As an Aries, he’s a leader. He’s a trendsetter. He likes to see people smile. His showmanship is what it is all about.

Writing his own music, for the most part, he gets inspiration listening to others and living his own experiences in someone else’s eyes. He likes to keep a variety of emotions on the table and doesn’t like to be monotonous. He’s worked with a variety of producers that have naturally pulled this out of him, including O’ace Kid, ThaiTan (pronounced “Titan”) and DJ Victorious. Extra talented, he has even produced some of his music himself. As for mentorship, he has been influenced highly by an artist named Red Rat, an artist known for his up-beat, comical style and signature catchphrase “Oh, No!”

With a new project underway, Crissanji has been working hard with O’ace Kid, ThaiTan and as an individual to bring together a project even better than the last. With “Futuristic Retrospects” available on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Youtube and elsewhere, there is no reason not to sample this man’s hard work and to fall in love with it. Musicians come a dime a dozen, but this one is kind of special. After all, he might just be your next favorite artist!

Click here to check out his music on SoundCloud.

Like Crissanji on Facebook.

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Playas Mob Radio: Excellent platform for Independents to shine alongside Majors

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Independent music artists are constantly looking for an avenue to be heard by potential fans and to be discovered by the music industry’s top movers and shakers. The problem, however, is that there are multiple avenues for them to do so. And still, their objective is not being achieved due to barriers of entry and/or lack of mixed audience participation.

Independent artists are faced with paying high fees without the promise that they will be heard and accepted with open arms by those that can make their dreams a reality. Often times, they pay high fees, and there is no audience at all. Other times, platforms for distribution and promotion are so saturated that no one is listening, either! Most of the time, options are limited and opportunities to excel are non existent.

Enter Playas Mob Radio. AXS sat down with them today to find out more about what they do, who they are and what keeps them going!

According to the description given on their official website:

“The Playas Mob Radio Show acts as a platform to showcase Independent Acts and give a platform to current top talents and veteran stars to use for PR …They’re listening!”

Playas Mob Radio has found a way to bring audiences together. They also do it cross-platform. Each and every Saturday night, Playas Mob Radio, a radio show based out of Fort Pierce, Florida, dedicates their programming to undiscovered talents, allowing them to shine around the Globe. With live and simultaneous broadcasts through six FM stations around the State of Florida, Playas Mob Radio captures audiences at home and via their car stereo systems on the traditional radio dial. To listeners out of the broadcast areas, the show has been made available at, and through Tunein Radio’s web and mobile apps. Once aired, the show is then archived to Soundcloud and other sites around the net.

The great thing about Playas Mob Radio is, again, the dedication to the independent artist. The show allows unknown artists to be placed into weekly rotation, yes; but it does so much more! Because Playas Mob Radio invites major acts onto the show on a weekly basis, it is guaranteed that new potential fans will be tuned in from all over the World. It also means that when these fans share the archived show, independent artists have just now become viral! It also means that Playas Mob Radio has been introduced to the masses. The artists have now been introduced to the producers, managers, promoters, record labels, etc. of the major label act who appears on the show. These people stay tuned in on a regular basis, thereafter because they see the platform being delivered and may be able to benefit from it. Talent scouts have now latched on to Playas Mob Radio, and artists are being discovered!

Playas Mob Radio puts emphasis on giving the independent artist a way to shine. Not only will they achieve this through radio play and interviews, but Playas Mob has also implemented a personal experience that will stick to listeners for years to come! Audiences are able to call in and ask these talents and executives questions based on their history, challenges and strategies associated with their careers. These are topics that are already hit on during the interview process with the acts and yet elaborated on through the listener. The talent is also encouraged to give tips and motivation to the listeners and how they are able to connect with them directly for networking purposes.

Not only does Playas Mob Radio shed light with their weekly radio show, but a magazine, social network and internet television channel is in the works. Playas Mob Radio is also responsible for weekly events in Orlando and Fort Pierce. They also travel out of the state for events in Pennsylvania and Georgia, further allowing independent artists and DJs to shine!

To find out more about Playas Mob Radio, visit the official website and see for yourself what the fuss is about!

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Playas Mob Radio: Breaking independents via Online and traditional platforms

Playas Mob Radio | Be Heard.


Today, November 12, 2014, Examiner sat down with Playas Mob Radio of WJFP-FM and discussed how they are combining traditional, Online and modernized marketing efforts in “breaking independent artists, brands and causes, Worldwide.” And, while there are many Online radio stations and shows saturating the World of Streaming Radio Broadcasting, Playas Mob Radio is doing “it” a bit differently.

Playas Mob Radio is a radio show dedicated to independent artists, brands and causes looking to expand audiences, create awareness and be heard by those who matter — often times that A&R, who is scouting out new talents. Other times, it is the potentially shareable fanbase of the featured guests to the show that week.

Guests in the past have included Industry Professionals, both behind the scenes and in the forefront of the industry, such as Kevin Shine of the F.I.R.M., Willie “Bum Bum” Baker, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Sanchez Holmes, OMG Girls, Rico Wade and Sleepy Brown of Organized Noize, Big Boi of Outkast and many more!

While the show is made available, Online, through Tune-in Radio’s Web & Mobile App Platforms and, “the coolest radio show in the World” is actually available live on the FM dial! Playas Mob Radio is broadcasted on six FM-station buffers reaching out to Central and South Floridians within the broadcast area.

Playas Mob Radio was commenced in 2010 after Ron “Good” Hogan, James “Bootmayne” Minus and Jarvis “Money J” Anthony decided it would be an excellent means of showcasing music created by Playas Mob Entertainment, an entertainment company founded by Mr. Hogan and Mr. Minus in 1999. Since then, they have been “…dedicated to breaking Independent Artists, Businesses and Labels, while providing a platform of PR to those who have already established themselves within the entertainment industry and veterans who may provide entertainment to listeners, Worldwide.

Playas Mob Radio is currently in the works of creating and releasing an Online presence similar to Facebook and Linkedin that “encourages cross-promotion, collaboration, artist development and unity within its pages,” according to their Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Jessica N. Abraham, who has only been with the show since this past summer.

She continues, “We are also working on releasing a physical magazine at the beginning of the year that introduces new artists, businesses and movements to a minimum of 10,000 new audience members a month, as well as through Online and Mobile editions of our future editorial, which is aimed at being interactive in order for important persons of interest to connect directly with acts and brands within our articles.”

In addition to a magazine, the Playas Mob version of a social network will also include discussions on business, economy, sponsorships, the entertainment business and more. There will be a chat room, “tons of videos,” music, archives of past shows and even a live broadcast link to listeners outside the FM reach. Here, fans may also connect directly with their favorite On-Air Personalities, including “Mr. Good,” “Bootmayne,” “Money J,” Tracy “East Coast T-Mac” Morgan, “Mz Shorty P” and the new personality, Jesse “Boss J” Anthony.

Fans within the physical listening areas are able to go to the site for more information on Playas Mob events in nearby cities, including weekly events in Orlando, FL, and to be redirected to purchase “beats,” or Hip Hop instrumentals, by Bootmayne, who is also a Producer for Playas Mob Entertainment.

Connecting with direct audiences in both Online and Offline realms, Playas Mob Radio has created a culture within their own niche. Listeners are “always connected” through mobile, portable and desktop devices, and taking advantage of Online Promotion ensures that they will become part of that culture.

Active on Social Media, Playas Mob Radio draws in and interacts with listeners on official accounts, as well as on those of individual personalities. With additional platforms preparing to launch, there is much potential in connecting audiences with unsigned, upcoming talents, their favorite celebrities and legends, new ideas and products and, of course, the inspiration to follow their own dreams while educating themselves on strategies to do so.

Brands, both corporate and local, have much to gain through advertising on these channels. Advertising has not died yet, and Playas Mob Radio has implemented ways to not only advertise trusted brands to their audiences but how to allow them to experience these brands first-hand in encouraging Brand Awareness and Loyalty.

Because Playas Mob has set up this “Conspiracy 2015,” it has led to many listeners to adopting advertised brands, as trendsetters and early adopters, as well as in spreading the word on these products and Playas Mob Radio, itself!

This year alone, Playas Mob Radio has expanded its listening bases greatly! Where it was once listened to by audiences around the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, audiences in Australia began tuning in at great numbers. More recently Ghana, Germany and Morocco have been, as well!

While listeners are tuned in multiple countries all over the map, these particular countries have been gaining numbers very rapidly, which only goes to show that Playas Mob Radio IS “the coolest radio show in the World!” That’s not that bad for a radio show started by three young men in Fort Pierce, Florida, who sought to have their music heard, now is it?

Check out Playas Mob Radio on Saturdays from 8:00 PM Est until 9:00 PM Est on WJFP-FM. You can listen in LIVE via, or through TuneIn Radio’s Web & Mobile App platforms.

If you are in Florida, try one of these six FM stations below, and don’t forget to call in:

  • 91.1 FM Fort Pierce
  • 88.5 FM Clewiston
  • 93.9 FM Cocoa Beach
  • 94.3 FM Melbourne
  • 107.1 FM West Palm Beach
  • 90.7 FM Vero Beach

*For coverage maps, please see

Archives of previous shows can be found on SoundCloud.

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Will “Beamz by Flo Rida” be music to our ears?

Will "Beamz by Flo Rida" be music to our ears?


Beamz Interactive has just announced a “Milestone Endorsement” and Licensing Deal with Rapper, Flo Rida, and this could be music to our ears and a very cool new experience for event goers and music enthusiasts everywhere — not just in Hip Hop and Rap Music!

Beamz Interactive, Inc. is an emerging, yet state-of-the-art company with something unique to offer those who love new ways of creating and presenting music to audiences on a regular basis. Beamz, specialized laser-controlled music technology, works in the fashion of traditional MIDI… only more advanced!

This machine is used by triggering specific commands with actual laser beams. As a matter of fact, technology by Beamz may very well replace modern DJ equipment and even instruments used by bands, especially during performance periods. The cool thing is that music can simply be played for enjoyment purposes, although the device is configured to allow for Advanced and Interactive Music Creation techniques.

Separate from “old school” MIDI technology, Beamz is Interactive. More on the product capabilities will be demonstrated through product release and performance of the new consumer product line, “Beamz by Flo Rida.” Beamz is known for prosumer editions of previous technologies, similar but unlike this new product line.

In a recent press release by Beamz and D3M Licensing Group, a Global Licensing Agent for Flo Rida, Flo Rida made a statement on the new product line: “With Beamz, everyone will be able to create and play music, not just listen to it. It’s hard to describe the feeling of making music on-the-fly with Beamz for the first time. It’s easy enough for anyone to play within minutes, yet sophisticated enough for artists and DJs to use on stage. I’ve been a follower of the Beamz product ever since I first got my hands on it, and I’m looking forward to working with Beamz to develop the ‘Beamz by Flo Rida’ product line.”

It’s easy enough for anyone to play within minutes, yet sophisticated enough for artists and DJs to use on stage. I’ve been a follower of the Beamz product ever since I first got my hands on it, and I’m looking forward to working with Beamz to develop the ‘Beamz by Flo Rida’ product line.”

In the meantime, Beamz is preparing for a massive takeover through this deal and ready to take force, especially through Digital Marketing means! To reach and encourage a “new generation of music enthusiasts and Flo Rida fans,” everything must be customized to fit their needs.

Beamz will work closely with Flo Rida to develop the new product line. From there, a series of commercials will be filmed and distributed via television and Social Media outlets. It is expected that viral distribution of these commercials would attract the attention of much of his fanbase and those interested in the product’s capabilities.

In the matters of Mobile Distribution, Flo Rida is set to be featured in the software application of Beamz technology for iPhone, iPad and Windows 8 devices. This software will include a library of Flo Rida’s very own music catalog and be converted into an Interactive format. Through Word of Mouth means and sharing capabilities, THIS is expected to attract users based on the usage of specific mobile devices and viral measures. Flo Rida fans may be further attracted to the signatured “Special Limited Edition Chrome” version of this product.

Due for furthered announcement in the second half of the 2013-year, in-depth details on the product will be released prior to final launch dates for the Beamz by Flo Rida devices and software.

Teasers are expected to hint to users via Social Media on the upcoming product in planting suspense and anticipation for the product’s commencement into markets all over! Currently, commercials are being slated to begin airing as of the third quarter in 2013 on select Television and Internet Distribution Channels.

On a personal note: I am excited about this new product and release. I can only imagine how live shows and performances will begin to evolve with the addition of this product into markets on a Global level. Aside from the Emulator, a see-through touchscreen “DJ Glass,” I would think this would bring a difference to the World of Electronic Music and anyone that uses a DJ that no longer has a traditional turntable setup.

It will bring art and performance back into the craft of DJing. I recently attended an event that a well-known-rapper-turned-DJ performed at and was very disappointed by witnessing two guys simply sitting on stage, at a desk, playing music for us. The crowd of many became a crowd of almost no one, quickly!

If Beamz were to have Flo Rida implement usage of their new product into his shows and live events prior to any media presentation, wonders could be worked for the brand. The element of curiosity will take over, and the “ohhhhhhh” factor will become even more sufficient upon media release.

Additionally, the feeling of personalization and privilege will lead to Brand Loyalty and Word of Mouth Marketing successes through allowing potential consumers to tell the Brand Story to their immediate friends and family via cell phone photo and video contributions to Social Media and Networks.

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