Turn Around a Failing Team by Leading from Within

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When a client of ours, let’s call him Joseph, took over a company project, he knew it wouldn’t be easy to turn things around. The design team had fallen behind over the course of a year and a half. They were just six months away from the final delivery date originally committed and had blown through more than half-a-million dollars originally allocated to the entire project. Yet, there was still nothing ready to deliver to their client. There was a huge liability sitting on the table…one that would ruin the company entirely.

Joseph knew a special leadership skillset would be needed, the team needed to be realigned, and skills had to be developed. He put in a few extra hours each day, stayed on-call through the night, and worked through weekends. The team was able to secure additional funds from the client, and by reallocating budgets and resources had earned a few more months-worth of extensions. Joseph applied a DISC-based approach to his team-building and optimization strategy. He assessed each team member and paired them up to best complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. He cut costs by nearly a third by outsourcing offshore teams, and was able to bring the project back on-schedule. In the end, was able to finalize the project in less than five months retained a valued customer for life.

Without disclosing the company Joseph worked for, we are all happy to use the resulting product of this specific project today, thanks to the success of his ability to turn around a failing team and lead them all from within.

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