Using DISC for Building Global Markets, Part 1

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Tariffs aside, globalization is here to stay. With the evolution of technology, our world gets smaller and smaller. Likewise, even the smallest business is now able to reach territories further and further away. This means connecting with people and authorities of all cultures, some that you may not yet be familiar with. But how do you get along with people that can be so different? Here’s a simple answer – DISC has always been a tool to understand people and predict their behaviors. We can fairly state that DISC is the international language of human behavior and no matter of cultural differences, DISC personalities speak the same language.

As a business professional, you may have already encountered unsavory experiences due to culture clashes and differences within the corporate business structure. When understanding how globalization impacts business, we must first realize that ultimately, we are in the business of “people.” No matter what your product or service actually is, you are always listening to the needs of your customers and/or clientele. You are interacting with vendors and distributors across the globe. You are building teams, and you are targeting new audiences.

Read the full article on DISCINSIGHTS BY PEOPLEKEYS to learn why DISC theory is important to globalization and why you should already be heading towards international expansion.

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