Sorry, Eavesdroppers: BlackBerry SecuSUITE Delivers Government-level Security to Mobile

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As BlackBerry continues fulfilling pre-sales of a November 6 release of BlackBerry Priv, CrackBerry, the survivors’ guide to everything Blackberry, fills us in on BlackBerry’s SecuSUITE for Enterprise app. This app will be available later this week for BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS. This app is structured to allow VoIP technology to conduct secure, untapped conversations across the globe. This security is set at the maximum security level.

BlackBerry, still considered a leader in the Enterprise and business ecosystem, is moving just one step further in reviving a brand so harshly abused during the rise of iPhone and Android devices. In its plan for resurgence, BlackBerry continues its mission of making businesses more secure through the power of technology.

The new SecuSUITE will only work over Wi-Fi connections to avoid compromise. This app will also be able to deliver encrypted, 128-bit text messages of any size and length through the AES-standard. In fact, when the recipient is unavailable, the message will be stored until that receiver can access the message via his or her registered smartphone device only.

BlackBerry’s secure telecommunications platform will come with a low monthly fee, but many will choose to purchase it on an annual basis. This technology was originally developed for governments, who face the challenges of security that would otherwise put countries at danger.

Adapted for consumers, it now comes with a user-friendly, cloud-based portal to allow the enrollment or deactivation of users within an organization and to adjust settings, eliminating the need for additional infrastructures to be installed in current IT systems. More than 15 governments have adopted this Secusmart technology and have built great trust for the solutions made available to them via BlackBerry.

“With SecuSUITE for Enterprise, we are adding a user-friendly and completely independent solution to our portfolio,” stated Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, CEO of Secusmart. He continued, “Thanks to the globally secure BlackBerry infrastructure, governments – and now, companies – around the world can protect themselves from the threat of corporate espionage using flexible and extremely effective encryption technology ‘Made in Germany’.”

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