Cloud-based e-Discovery Creating Efficiencies for Law Firms

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Bloomberg (NewsAlert) and many other news outlets are questioning whether or not 2016 is the “year of cloud-based e-discovery.” This makes sense, given that 2015 was the year cloud-based innovations erupted into the mainstream. Experts are predicting that e-discovery will soon adopt and completely immerse itself into the cloud universe.

Law firms especially have taken to hosting secure servers externally, eliminating security concerns by hosting on internal servers or breach of privacy in confidential information through access by local IT professionals, who might be tempted to manipulate files and change details in local cases.

External cloud servers have become unbiased custodians for cases that may last several years on end. Concerned with the security related to accessing clouds through the Internet, there are some law firms that are quickly realizing that external sources are indeed more secure than hosting in-house, although completely against the move in previous months. External sources are becoming more secure as technology is being strengthened to meet the growing concerns for secure portals.

In meeting cost efficiencies, legal teams are also finding that hosting on external servers is cheaper to maintain than hosting internal machines and hiring the operators to engineer them.  Firms are aligning with their exact needs by finding providers that can meet those exact needs, thus eliminating the need to create these needs in-house. They are also learning that external sources allow for a more concrete “uptime” than they have experienced through proprietary servers.

Lack of resources and a full staff of necessary professionals to operate systems under a set budget is one thing that sets internal servers apart from external clouds. They are now able to integrate programming and the ability to provide access to attorneys while out of the office. With increased security and lower costs for e-discovery systems, clients will also save in service prices, ensuring long-term relationships with clientele.  

Cloud-based e-discovery solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all solutions to e-discovery tools for law firms, however. Some smaller law firms may realize that they don’t need such a complex server to meet their immediate needs. Likewise, larger firms, who have put a CISO, Chief Information Security Officer, in place to ensure security at all times, may also realize that they can efficiently do everything in-house, especially in the situation where their caseloads are enormous and that migrations would be extensive. This includes the need for large storage solutions.   They still face concern of internal data breach.

Larger firms, who may choose not to make e-discovery available through a cloud, may still institute a system that includes cloud technologies, whether through integration or through a separate system altogether. Because many enterprises are realizing the need for “always on” connectivity, remote access of the work environment continues to provide further documentation and control of cases from outside the office place. This benefits firms, whereas external contributors or remote personnel are associated with a specific case.

Through this they have systems in place to ensure proper communication, internal collaboration and – of course productivity… the ongoing theme of cloud innovations. 

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Knowledge, the fifth element: New app embraces hip hop and edu-tainment

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The Sabir Bey Show commences with a new home at RMC On Air, after three successful seasons on LA Talk Live, reaching audiences of over 8 million weekly viewers in over 180 countries around the World. It is anticipated that the show will take off to new heights with new platforms and a ton of new projects in the works. Producer of The Sabir Bey Show sat down with AXS on Sunday, September 27, to discuss what this sometimes controversial awakening has got in store for enthusiasts and students across the globe.

New Mobile Application
Toting a brand new mobile app, the show now airs live each and every Friday night at 7:30 PM Est (4:30 PM Pst). The app is very interactive, connecting the official social network of The Sabir Bey Show directly to the mobile app for “always on” access to knowledge… the fifth element of hip hop. Users can view case studies, e-books, dictionaries, DVDs, movies and much more! While this mobile app is only in beta, it is continually evolving to meet the needs of students and viewers around the country.

Out of Darkness Film, Lecture Tour & Screenings
Compared to many classic edu-series films, this film is the first of three, set for an October release and featuring many of the elders in the Moorish community, as well as those within the Pan Africanist movement, including Dr. Kaba Kamene and Professor James Small. A film by Building Seven Media, many are already calling this one of the best films ever to cover “so-called ‘black’” history.

Together, Amadeuz Christ and Sabir Bey have teamed up to collectively put together an “Out of Darkness” tour, where they are holding lectures and screenings of the “Out of Darkness” move before and after it is released.

New DVDs & Books
A Sabir Bey Production is always a thought provoking release. Adding to the collection of DVDs that Sabir Bey has already released, new DVDs are to be released via web and mobile app within the upcoming weeks. In addition to these releases, hard-to-find books will be made available through The Sabir Bey Show mobile store.

The Sabir Bey “Actuality” Show
A spin-off of the popular Sabir Bey Show, Sabir Bey and Amadeuz Christ have teamed up to put together The Sabir Bey “Actuality” Show, an unscripted behind-the-scenes documentary series, filmed as things actually happen on The Sabir Bey Show, at live events and on the road. With three episodes filmed already, viewers are able to catch the show on demand via and through the brand new mobile app. This show is filmed and edited with HD quality. This is not your average reality show.

With so much going on at The Sabir Bey Show, it is going to be hard to keep up. But with every popular series, there is definitely a culture. The Sabir Bey Show is often called controversial by the masses, yet it supports truth, freedom, justice, love and peace in efforts to “uplift fallen humanity” through its mission of uniting Moors across the globe and bringing peace amongst all communities. In continuing this mission, The Sabir Bey Show targets the Media in reminding those who have chosen a career in the media that there is a certain unalienable responsibility that goes with it.

Get the App!

The Sabir Bey Show can be found here in Google Play.

iPhone users can cheat for now by visiting this link and saving a bookmark to their mobile desktop. There will be missing features, but it will still be a good alternative.

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