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If you grew up watching Nick Jr., you already know how much of an impact interactive television shows, such as Blue’s Clues, can have on a young mind. Our children feel as if the characters on the show are actually their friends, and they quickly embrace the second-person experience, as a means for early-learning education. They become like sponges — easily engaged and encouraged by conversation. Intrigued by curiosity, they thirst for exploration. And while they quickly absorb the material and storylines presented before them, there is a huge divide between reality and storytelling that continues to leave a void out in the open.

Augmented reality is changing all of that, allowing our children to thrive at levels we have never seen before.Our children learn in different ways, and yet reading is a major part of who we become as students, educators, and professionals in our fields. We learn visually, we learn through auditorial experiences and we learn through pure immersion, completely saturated in the overall experience.

One company making a difference.

Within, a Los Angeles-based tech company, has been taking advantage of this ideal, creating exciting new platforms and highly interactive experiences in augmented, mixed and virtual reality since about 2014. Last year, they introduced a wide spectrum of learning tools that would bring interactive reading experiences into the forefront of early childhood development.

Yesterday, they announced an “Intergalactic, AR Reading Adventure Sends Kids into Space.

As it releases its fourth augmented reality storybook, Clio’s Cosmic Quest, Within continues to embrace augmented reality when telling “extraordinary stories” to an audience of young readers. In fact, the launch of the early-learning reading app, Wonderscope, has been nothing short of a welcoming experience, as these young readers are met with a lovable character, who stops at nothing to engage their young minds while leaving a lasting impression sure to last a lifetime.

Meet Clio.

Meet Clio — a tiny particle of purple stardust — as she literally enters into our world and immediately greets your child with meaningful dialogue and an overall sense of inclusion. She includes them into the narrative and invites them to join her on a mission through our solar system. They are, then, presented with a combination of “read-out-loud” experiences, that include interactive diagrams, maps and fun facts to help them through their journey.

Students can choose to interact one-on-one or they can bring their classmates along for the journey. As a team, they join Clio in challenging reading bullies, meeting the Sun and bringing an entire nebula back together — just in the nick of time!

Real-time lessons on life.

“We’ve written lines for kids that teach them how to handle bullies, stick up for what they believe in, and be there for those that need help,” states Within’s Director of Development, Jonny Ahdout, about this rewarding new game.

The story about Clio becomes just one more addition to Wonderscope’s growing library of augmented titles, including A Brief History of Stunts by Astounding People, Little Red the Inventor and Wonder’s Land Ringmaster Wanted — with even more stories and adventures to be released in upcoming months.

According to a recent press release, “Wonderscope’s voice recognition system is built to understand and nurture confidence in new readers at a wide range of levels, and with different dialects and accents. The app provides visual and aural feedback by highlighting words, and having characters make eye contact and react expressively back to the user.

Clio’s Cosmic Quest ends with a fully interactive bonus scene where users explore and learn more about space, planets and solar systems, developing a playful appreciation for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).”

Wonderscope is geared towards kids, aged 6 and older and currently holds a solid 4-star rating from Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization that provides education and advocacy to families, through the promotion of safe technologies and media for children.

The app is currently free and available on all AR-enabled iOS devices, although stories themselves can run as high as $4.99 a piece.

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Hey, Lazy! There’s a New App With Your Name on It!

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What a shame! No, really, what a shame!

Robots and Pencils just released a new app this morning for the iPhone and Apple Watch that gives us a whole new perspective to fitness, weight loss, and our overall health, period. And, it’s no cakewalk, either. Or, wait… maybe it is CAKEWALK.

With a growing market for health and mobile fitness, it was bound to happen. A mobile app with personality stepped onto the scene.

CAKEWALK is, according to the creator, Ben Myers, meant for “Anyone who needs added incentive to stay fit.” They can “download their own personal drill instructor to their phone — a sarcastic cake with legs character who is hard to please and eager to shame.”

The app was built on the ideal that some people need tough love in their workout regimen and daily routine. Because some people respond better to harsh criticism, CAKEWALK throws out all traditional models of positive reinforcement out the window, bringing “more sass than sugar” to get people into gear.

Public shame brings out the inner tiger in some, pushing them out of their complacent behaviors and into a healthier lifestyle. CAKEWALK isn’t just letting your friends know that you are a “fat, lazy pig,” the app connects directly to Twitter, calling out users on their slothfulness, shaming them in front of not just friends, but the world!

If users would rather avoid being called out, they will opt in to completed daily challenges, bringing the mobility back into mobile. The iPhone’s motion activity will clock user steps and movements throughout each day and throughout each challenge. Movement is then compared to those of previous activities, receiving accolades only where it is warranted and dishing out the insults when the user falls behind.

Users not taking part in daily challenges are required to pay a dollar each time they need to skip a challenge — or be barred from using its features. Encouraging friendly competition and a true fitness team spirit, leaderboards allow friends and followers to compete for the number one spot. This brings back personal responsibility and self-accountability to the mix.

While this may sound damaging to one’s psyche, there is a strong reinforcement of cause and effect. Those who tend to be more lax in their day-to-day activity should probably not download this app. But, for those who are looking for some true motivation, this app doesn’t just sound like a novelty. It sounds like fun!

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Now You Can Dream in the Cloud: DreamSphere Comes to Android

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Dreams are said to be a portal into the spiritual realm. Our ancestors are allowed to contact us and give us warning from the other side. They can provide us foresight that things are going to get better. They visit us in our sleep, providing us with symbolism and direct messages.

And even if you don’t believe any of that, science has proven time and time again that the dream realm is another dimension into our minds. We are able to relax just deeply enough to analyze our waking world. Our subconscious is providing us with solutions and warning us of potential issues that await us.

Whichever you believe — if you believe anything — dreams are meant to be broken down, piece by piece.

For years, people have been going to sites like or visiting their spirit coaches for advice. Breaking down dreams based on color, shape, words, and imagery has provided insight to many of our lives.

Today, DreamsCloud, an online dream resource, launches the DreamSphere app for Android. Already available for iPhone, now the rest of the world can share their dreams with others.

The DreamSphere app allows users to keep a dream journal next to their bed. This means that they can ditch the pen and pad, no longer squinting as they scribble down notes, trying not to awaken fully. The journal comes attached to a “Smart Alarm,” allowing users to wake periodically to record their dreams throughout the night. With a transcription option available, users don’t have to type in the journal. They can simply speak into their smartphone and have it typed out for them – across 40 different languages.

Through the Dream Journal, users can track the emotional intensity of their dreams. Using the calendar tool, they can search specific dreams and map out their dream intensity over time, “revealing overarching themes and the overall state of their subconscious.” They will even be able to reference those days they forgot to dream. It only takes 50 words of detail for the app to gain insight on dream patterns.

Using a massive Dream Dictionary, users can search key terms from their dreams, across cultures and across religions, to find the exact meaning of the symbol they encountered. And, if that fails, one of the cloud’s 1.9 million dreamers can give you insight into your dream, interpreting it on your behalf.

As for privacy, users can rest assured that dreams can be hidden and their dream won’t be made into the next blockbuster film. If they want to share it across social media, they can. But if they want to keep it private, it’s good to know that these dreams are extra secure and locked behind dual-identity protocol and 128-bit encryption.

“Understanding our dreams and what they are trying to tell us can have such a significant impact on our overall health and mental well-being,” states Jean-Marc Emden, CEO and co-founder of DreamsCloud. “With the launch of DreamSphere for Android, we wanted to tap into the endlessly fascinating world of dreams by creating an app that will provide users with a valuable on-the-go companion for daily wellness and self-reflection. By empowering people to log, discuss and discover their dreams, DreamSphere can help people achieve a better understanding of themselves.”

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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution with the ‘Good Habit App’

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With New Year’s on the way, everyone is making resolutions to stop procrastinating or to stop biting their nails or to quit smoking. Truthfully, everyone is making some type of resolution, but not many will actually keep them. There are a few reasons for this.

One reason may be that they didn’t practice before the New Year — when they knew they would backslide, giving up once the year begins due to discouragement. Another reason may be that they actually couldn’t handle the pressure. But, for the most part, people just plain forget. Habits come to us as second nature, so there is no way to get around them most of time — or even realize we’re doing them.

Yesterday, health-technology company ORCAS released “The Good Habit App,” MindSet, to assist users in adopting new, healthy lifestyle habits without forgetting to implement them into their daily lives. Over time, good habits are embedded into our subconscious, helping us to quit our bad habits by simply adopting good ones. ORCAS’ portfolio of self-management and self-development apps just got more personal. With an executive team of professionals with 20 years or more of experience in behavioral health, this was bound to happen.

A “scientifically validated” mobile app, users are educated on how their bad habits are affecting disease and health conditions in their day-to-day routine. Issues like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, stress, and depression are tackled in getting users onto the right path to healthy living. They are slowly introduced to improved habits, allowing gradual management into a “move toward the bigger target.” Some of these habit-adoption plans include exercise and physical activity, improved sleep and better eating patterns, and positive emotions, attitudes, and social support.

“We have advanced mobile self-management not only by recommending healthy behaviors but also by activating new habits using current behavior science,” states Michael Mulvihill, ORCAS CEO. “For the first time, in one mobile app, we address critical behaviors that are associated with major chronic diseases, which are a prime driver of healthcare costs.”

With a mobile platform engineered by actual professionals in behavioral and clinical health, this app is sure to  make positive changes in the lives of its users. Developing good habits, as opposed to clinging on to old, worn-out habits that are killing us, is a good way to literally “ring” in the New Year. Because this app won’t let us forget our resolution, it is most likely that we will keep those resolutions on into our old age.

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App Annie Announces Mobile App Intelligence Made Better

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Recently, App Annie announced new benefits to operators and OEMs everywhere.  As the largest mobile application intelligence platform, it has continuously delivered powerful market data and insights to users in the app economy.

App Annie has announced an expansion of its Usage Intelligence product that will continue to offer business intelligence data to telecommunications operators and OEM professionals—device manufacturers are also included in this community. The product will launch to mobile app operations in over 60 countries and support both Android and iOS operating systems.

Together, users will be able to better gage the strength of strategic partnerships and how they convert for each prospective partner. This will also lead to the identification of potential partners and forge stronger ties amongst partners. It is one thing knowing the company you keep, but what about the company of your partner? This new innovation will help users to better understand competitive landscapes and take advantage of opportunities within the market. Ultimately, this could potentially increase product and service lines, how content, products and services are consumed and diversify markets for an already established brand.

With over 500K mobile professions reported to rely on App Annie on a daily basis, it was imperative for App Annie to serve them better. The company identified the reasons for their current success, which is heavily influenced by the need of business professional in understanding the app market space in connection to their brand, their own personal reach and all available opportunities around them. For this, App Annie took to the drawing board to improve current services to these clients. They have improved existing products, while adding new features for immediate offering.

Mark Ungerer, General Manager for Paid Products of App Annie said, “We are excited to announce this offering for Operators and OEMs. We are constantly listening to our customers and the ecosystem and evolving our product to best suit their business needs. The expansion of our Usage Intelligence product equips telcos and device manufacturers with the right tools to optimize their pricing strategies and to recommend desirable devices to Operator partners.”

In this new release, a “host of different needs” will be met, as stated by App Annie in a previous statement. In the most recent announcement, App Annie’s new additions were broke down one by one. The newest feature rollouts will include:

  • Device-level metrics with segmentation by device type, data plan and more
  • Identification and tracking of device and network usage patterns (especially off-network trends with Wi-Fi)
  • Impact of mobile device usage and its effect on network profitability

These implementations to current products will keep App Annie ahead of the “data game,” ensuring mobile business intelligence data and support OEM users in the continual battle to rename number one. They will continue to influence innovation around the globe and set a bar for standard in the mobile intelligence industry. With so many brand imitators and less barriers of entry to our mobile world, it is almost essential that a product like this exist.

Diving deeper into App Annie’s most recent announcement, we learn the key usage metrics will include a breakdown of data consumption, based on originating location, device used to access the platform, mobile plan and operator, the user’s location of access and when they most frequently are being visited by specific individuals. They will also be able to get a deeper understanding as to who actually visits the site, if they visit more than once, what keeps them returning and how could they better be kept engaged. This data will continue to allow brands to evolve mobile and corporate infrastructure, as well as their pricing, as associated with a detailed core demographic.  

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HIPPA-Compliant ensa: A New Accessory for Your Health

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If you could access your health records at any time, anywhere, would you do it?, Inc. will release the world’s first mobile solution for accessing electronic health records at the 2015 Dublin Web Summit on November 4. Five years in the making, ensa will enable users to access their entire health record and clinical data around the clock and receive ongoing, personalized health and wellness advice in real time. In fact, users can opt to receive feedback and wellness alerts via smartwatch configurations while working to live a healthier, more productive lifestyle. is a healthcare technology company with offices in both Connecticut and New York City. Its flagship mobile solution, “ensa,” is the answer to mobile access of medical information during an emergency situation and in administrative need. This will provide instant access to medical information without the inconvenience of contacting health care teams during open office hours or traveling to pick up supporting documents.

Focused on security breaches and privacy laws, Ensa has worked intricately within their systems to meet HIPPA compliances and security standards through “use of advanced Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).” This healthcare solution delivers recommendations to patients in regular language and laymen’s terms, meaning that all advice will provide feedback specific to medical conditions and help to provide solutions to minimize concern while focusing on improving the lifestyle of each and every patient user. Much of this is done via artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, based on readings from smartwatch sensory data and in correlation with best health practices from popular medical sources.

“ensa is the result of a unique confluence of events: the consumerization of healthcare, the ability for patients to access their electronic health records, the growing adoption of biometric devices that connect people to the Internet 24/7, and Big Data,” states, Inc.’s founder Mike Gerstenfeld, MD, who completed his medical residency at Danbury Hospital – Yale School of Medicine. “Like a personal clinician on call every day, ensa’s powerful recommendation engine goes with people everywhere to help them stay on the path to wellness — instead of heading to the doctor’s office, healthcare facility or emergency room.”

Even more uniquely, ensa provides users with exclusive discounts related to their special health needs. They will receive manufacturer details and information. For users around the world, this can be extremely helpful, as medical costs are rapidly increasing and equipment costs are no different. Users often forget coupons and gift cards at home when redeeming would be most helpful. This keeps patients paying more than necessary and coupons at expiration. Mobile solutions are allowing these rewards to be accessed at the register and users to benefit from use. Likewise, accessing health records on the go will allow users freedom to explore alternative health choices and to remain informed at all times, making ensa an accessory to your health.

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Brand Competitively: New App Allows for Easy Social Competitions

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Perhaps branding socially just became more interactive for smaller, more innovative brands around the world. Today, WhozTop has officially launched as the answer to user-generated challenges and mobile contests. This is a godsend to brands that have had to fork out outrageous costs for hosting live voting events with very little turnout. WhozTop is to be the destination for hands-on experiences in the digital world. Tapping the app portal will open a world of brand awareness campaigns for many merging and expanding businesses and will allow the everyday user to be equally as embraced! 

Perfect for holiday contests and Facebook competitions, WhozTop encourages friends and families to download this app for either iOS or Android. Users can create, share, and take part in competitions that foster the imagination and encourage sociability. This app allows everyone to take part in the fun, leaving no user left to tally up the “likes” or sort and collect data. Basic rules are set, and competitions can begin cross-platform via text, email, Facebook, and Twitter. This means that no one is left out of the fun – or out of the loop!

Matt Foster, co-founder and CEO of WhozTop, says about this new platform:

Competitions are lots of fun; they take place everywhere all the time and can be really entertaining and motivating for everyone involved. The issue is that organizing competitions is a real pain. I encountered this problem firsthand. After researching the market and realizing there wasn’t a solution available, Scot Malloy, my co-founder, and I decided to do it ourselves.

We built the WhozTop app to make competitions easy, automated, and for WhozTop to be the go-to place for them…Our mission is to make it simple for everyone to compete or compare anything and have fun. Competitions can be motivating, entertaining and inspiring, we want to make them easy to run and fun to be in.

A free app, available to users on all devices and platforms, this is guaranteed to be the next craze in social. Whether for the short-term haul or a long-term solution, soon many will be downloading WhozTop on their mobile devices and encouraging others to do so as well. Just in time for your next competitive endeavor, the only question will be “who’s top?!” Expect to see a new trend in voting socially in the very near future. This could just be what “social” has been waiting for. 

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See-Through Technology Features New Possibilities

HandScape - See-through Technology for your iPad

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In the shade of misfortune, not many are able to take a sports injury and use it to influence the world of technology. Inspired by a tennis injury, our world has been given the gift of see-through technology. Handscape, a company passionate about innovation, has created a case for Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. The world got a chance to see this technology live on The Sabir Bey Show, Friday, October 9, 2015.

  We watched as Tong Luo, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Handscape, turned an ordinary iPad device into see-through technology. He demonstrated the uses of Handycase, playing a game, reading a book, and even showing us how each one of us could hold the whole world in our hands. He went on to explain his project and how it can bring change through innovation.

This is a case that will allow us to use more than one finger at a time. Handycase allows you to revolutionize your Apple device and use all ten fingers at once — from either side of the device! Using Handycase has alleviated the pain Luo has had to endure since his misfortune on the tennis court, and it will aid those with carpal tunnel and arthritis by allowing them to enjoy technology. He jokes about how clean his device is because he doesn’t have to touch his screen at all if he doesn’t want to.

While not on the market yet, presales have been heating up. The device has already received over 125% of an original goal of $100K on Kickstarter. After just a week, the company had reached $75K in presales and support. With only five proprietary apps, Handscape is working quickly to create a whole library of apps that will literally go “hand-in-hand” with each device, aimed for official release in April of 2016. There are currently 10 days left for Handscape’s Kickstarter campaign and for wise investors to get on board before the holidays.

For Handscape, it seems obvious that the long-term goal would be to partner with Apple, as Handscape’s ownership of patents would prevent this technology from being adopted by any other mobile device on the market. This allows them to say who and what may use their technology and allow them to be part of some more game-changing endeavors. Apple would be smart to adopt this technology — like pronto! This product could very well be the predecessor of many evolved technologies over the years, similar to the way Danger HipTop Sidekick devices prepared us for the onset of the Android and iPhone. In an evolving world, we never know what comes next.

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A Multi-Camera Television Studio Directly On Apple Devices

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We have all seen iPads becoming the new recording studio, but are we now seeing the shift for television broadcast studios as well? Switcher Studio, a venture in digital video, introduces itself as a mobile video app that allows for syncing up to four iPhone and iPad devices in recording and streaming video directly to online platforms such as YouTube, UStream, and Cleeng. Although designed for integration specifically with Final Cut Pro X, this program also captures recorded quality video content for editing directly in your favorite editing software for production of on-demand video content.

With digital television studios such as RMC On Air and LA Talk Live arising amongst the ranks of traditional television stations and building global followings, we are seeing the need for more control of our digital options. We want to tell the whole story; we want options. Angles capture the full picture and keep things interesting. In this, Switcher Studio allows directors to record multi-broadcast video content, capturing those angles and broadcasting each angle as part of a streamlined television program.

Switcher Studio holds claim that there are television stations that are already using this technology for their on-air content. With the addition of “Director Mode” in its most recent release, users are “allowed to assign fixed frame rates [and] record 1080p HD broadcast quality video from multiple angles.” Simple tapping of “Rec + Broadcast” within the app will give access to full-quality video from each angle, and they will be able to select which angle(s) they actually want to broadcast while the recording is in progress.

In addition to quality video, Switcher Studio Pro also includes wireless Bluetooth audio support. This allows for a single audio recording per streaming video production. Because the built-in camera can be disabled on the primary “director” device, the host may actually become the director, right from the hot seat! This platform has the power to create an uptick in quality content from new self-made television hosts around the world.

Switcher Studio has truly thought of everything, as they allow Switcher Cast screen sharing through an additional app that allows users to sync a computer as a source of video content. Here, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations will allow for multi-view and picture-in-picture effects based on need and interest. Photo insertion and graphic overlays are possible, as this software allows for live broadcast directly in app. Branded content is continually made possible.

Just in time for the holidays, this would be the perfect gift for the upcoming video producer or broadcast enthusiast. What will this mean for the digital camera and standard video capture devices? Will we see a decline in manufacturers, or will they begin to see potential in adopting these ideals? Is this the new generation’s answer to full control of quality video broadcasting? All technology aside, it does lead us to the final, age-old question: “What will they think of next?”

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Paws For a Minute: New App Makes Owning a Pet Just a Little Bit Simpler

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Proving there is an app for everything, a new pet-sitting and dog-walking app has launched in the greater Los Angeles area and is making life just a little bit easier for the average pet owner in the region. As Los Angeles continues to be one of the top cities to relocate to for career opportunities, there continue to be pet owners who are in need of a little help when work responsibilities overlap personal lives. Ensuring a quality life for our furry-footed loved ones could be not only beneficial to them but also guilt-free for us.

Walkio, a web-based mobile application and database, provides instant access to willing dog walkers and pet sitters. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, known as APPA, a leading not-for-profit trade association servicing the interests of pet product manufacturers and importers, recently released a survey stating that 65% of all Americans own a pet, yet between 6–8 million pets end up entering shelters on an annual basis. This happens because the lifestyle of the career professional and/or student often requires travel, working away from home, longer hours, and finding a affordable, dependable pet sitter, which can become a very difficult task.

In 2014, lightning struck as founder Hunter Reed and Cody Dysert, a software engineer, met at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and came up with the idea for Walkio. Cody had previously been running IT for his family business while building an app-based business solution for on-demand deliveries. Learning about each other’s interests, the two began conversing about the possibility of collaboration. Deciding to work together, they came up with the idea of Walkio and immediately formed a partnership. They have made it their goal “to ease the pains that pet owners face  [choosing between careers and their ‘family’]” with hopes of “making owning a pet easier and as a result reduce the number of pets in shelters.”

Utilizing web-based technologies, Walkio matches local pet sitters and dog walkers to compatible owners in need of ongoing care of their fur babies. Walkio also provides options for last-minute and emergency pet sitting, which can be a very difficult task without the use of such a powerful tool. Pet owners receive notifications upon arrival, departure, and interactions between pets and sitters through the system. Photos may also be provided to owners throughout the walk to eliminate worry during the sit.

Walkio directly handles all payments, acting as the liaison for safe communication and payment transaction, providing a platform that ensures ethical payment procedures and processing to continue delivering trustworthy service to all participants in the system. All sitters and walkers go through thorough application and on-boarding processes, as well as a standard background check, before accounts are activated. This also provides ease-of-mind to program adopters, knowing that pets, owners, and sitters are well-worthy of using such a life-changing solution. The app is now launched and is currently being adopted by users in LA, Nashville, TN, and Asheville, NC. 

Many career professionals choose not to have a pet in the home because they feel guilty for leaving their “babies” pinned up in the house all day while they are out. In the meantime, these same people are often lonely while millions of pets go homeless on a daily basis. This app could eliminate the euthanization of many innocent animals and greatly scale back depression for the human counterpart through its adoption and utilization. This app would also provide jobs to the many struggling to make it in such a major city. This would cut back on crime and homelessness in the area. Indirectly and not so far-fetched, this app could be one solution towards uplifting society!

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