Show of Hands: Have You Heard of Google Classrooms?

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Of course, Google created an app for teachers. Who would have “thunk” it? Of all the great things Google has given us to explore, many of us were unaware that Google even had a mobile app for educators, allowing them to “create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently and easily communicate with their classes,” as Google so seamlessly puts it.

For some of us, Google Classroom has been invisible, although it was actually launched last year. Teachers use Google Classrooms to host live discussions and classroom sessions. Classroom calendars remind students of important events and due dates.

Google Documents and Forms are highly integratable, allowing assignments to be created and turned in directly through Google, eliminating the need for printing, or even a printer terminal, as Google Classroom is available only on mobile. Google has been listening to audiences and gaining feedback for evolving the Google Classroom’s abilities and third-party integrations.

In fact, it wasn’t until yesterday, September 16, 2015, that many of us first heard of Google Classroom. Yesterday, Nearpod announced its official integration with Google Classroom. Until recently, it appears Google Classroom was designed more as a forum-based classroom. If the teacher posted something, you’d get it once you logged into the app and checked what was new, but you might lose your teacher’s posts “in the mix” or fall behind because you were unaware that the classroom had new materials for you to study. Nearpod has changed this.

Nearpod describes this integration as allowing teachers to “instantly assign and share classroom interaction through Nearpod lesson for students using Google Classroom.“ They are able to assign specific classroom assignments to specific class groups, simultaneously and in a push format. All students will be made aware of new materials immediately.

An official Google Classroom Partner for Education, Zach Yeskel, Product Manager for Google Classroom, states, “We’re excited to have Nearpod as an official Google for Education Partner and share their integration with the Classroom share button-making it even easier for teachers to use Nearpod and Classroom together.”

During the month of September, Nearpod also announced that it would be offering a special promotion for al new schools and districts to get Nearpod for free for one year of service with a two-year agreement. Sorry, people; this is not a completely free add-on, but the possibilities for online education are becoming more and more endless! Educators, you are our future! Google, thanks for making education…digital.

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