MA Labs Announces Maintenance Assistant

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What if everything you needed to know about a job site literally appeared right in front of you? Ask yourself this question: How much time would you save, daily, by having information appear in the “blink of an eye?” Last week, MA Labs announced a beta release for Google Goggles that will change the face of Warehousing, Inventory Audience, and Shipping…forever.

A disruptive technology and one that will allow us to continue being hands-free in our day-to-day routines, MA Labs has announced the release of an open-source project, Maintenance Assistant — a way to “walk through [the] factory, scan equipment and instantly check on the status of equipment — including current meter readings, outstanding work orders and scheduled maintenance items.” This is all done through the standard commands of voice commands to Google Glass.

This software platform also allows employees to have constant access to this information, as if they were in front of a desk and not in the field. That means increasing productivity and providing more accuracy in the supply chain with the end result of happy customers and clientele. This also means that all information will be centrally stored in a cloud and everyone within the facilities will be immediately updated, as opposed to waiting for handscanners to be updated at the end of the day.

“In an industry that’s typically a late adopter of technology and plagued by bloated, outdated software, we believe in the importance of challenging the status quo and building software that’s more forward thinking. We wanted to demonstrate the power of our modern cloud platform by allowing Glass to access our maintenance software, and decided to make it a reality this summer,” said Marc Castel, CEO.

So why now? “The integration of Glass with Maintenance Assistant is just one of many progressive beta projects we’ve been working on at MA Labs using our API,” said Daryl Sedgman, CTO. “From the beginning, Maintenance Assistant has aimed to disrupt the maintenance industry by providing it with the cutting-edge technology it deserves. Integrating with Google Glass demonstrates another step in that direction alongside our other recent integrations with Arduino and Raspberry Pi mini-computers.”

Maintenance Assistant is available on the MA Labs website with “CMMS software pricing plans build for any maintenance team.”

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