Digital Transformation Of Emerging Markets Could Mean Continued Opportunity For Newly NASDAQ Listed Japanese Company

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HeartCore Enterprises Inc. (NASDAQ: HTCR) is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions provider and leading development company in the enterprise business sector. In February, the company was uplisted to the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and rang the opening bell. 

Last June, Founder and CEO Sumitaka Kanno was honored with the Top 100 Tech Innovators & Influencers Award at InterCon Las Vegas for his significant and tangible contributions to the world of technology. HeartCore already held the largest market share in Japan for six straight years. 

It All Started With A Vision

Founded in 2009, HeartCore (formerly XyXon Inc.) entered the market with its cornerstone HeartCore CMS rich content management system solution. Kanno was convinced that CMS would be an essential tool for the future of enterprise and commerce, with companies spending tens-of-thousands of dollars for a decent platform just to blog and showcase their services. 

“I decided to sell CMS,” Kanno says on the company’s website, “because I felt a sense of crisis that Japanese companies would be left behind in the world if they did not aim to be able to manage their websites without making a huge investment.”

Since then, the company has expanded its digital experience platform (DXP), digital transformation products and database management-related services. 

The company now reportedly implements automated, next-generation tools, such as artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence and machine learning, into all of its products, promoting collaboration, optimization, efficiency and productivity across workforce environments.

A Look Inside The HeartCore Engine:

  • HeartCoreCXM (DXP) is equipped with AI capabilities, automatically determining which kind of creative assets are most effective for which type of users. It is meant to allow businesses to develop an advanced and highly personalized experience for their customers.
  • VR360 is a spatial imaging and distribution service, using virtual reality (VR) technologies to convert real-world space into a three-dimensional environment. Using special 3D cameras like those by Matterport Inc. (NASDAQ: MTTR), users experience the world as if they were really there. Each space can be customized with text, URL links, images, audio and video, with experiences similar to Microsoft Corp.’s (NASDAQ: MSFT) Altspace platform or Meta Platforms Inc.’s (NASDAQ: FB) Horizon Worlds – only to the scale and realism of places that already exist. 
  • MyInvenio and Apromore are process mining technologies that investigate large datasets within enterprise event logs for the discovery and presentation of end-to-end processes. Event logs store and organize this data, along with several variants, to suggest the optimization of automated processes and improvements to on-site experiences. 
  • Controlio task mining allows businesses to discover, understand and analyze employee-related activities by monitoring daily activities and capturing on-screen interactions with different applications, therein. Businesses uncover how tasks are completed and can take the necessary steps to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy using automation. 
  • HeartcoreRobo robotic process automation is a proprietary technology developed to automate defined task sets by emulating human-computer interactions and carrying out error-free tasks with high speed and volume. 
  • MariaDB and MySQL are open-source relational database administration systems used by many web platforms to collect, store and access critical user data. HeartCore is the leading partner of these products in Japan. While Oracle Corp. (NASDAQ: ORCL) has officially taken over MySQL as a leading sales partner, Heartcore offers a wide range of support services, such as MySQL licensing, installation and consulting. 

Versatile Products Meet the Needs of Clients All Across The World?

HeartCore Enterprises Inc. reports working with a wide array of clients across a variety of sectors, including government, education, aerospace, finance, commerce, entertainment and travel. The company continues to partner with companies such as Japan Airlines, Hitachi, Seibu Railway, Shinagawa-ku Co. Ltd., and the Suzuyo Shinwart Corp. 

Since HeartCore’s inception, more than 800 Japanese businesses have adopted its enterprise suite of services, including:

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Image via Investor Deck, HeartCore Enterprises, Inc.

What To Expect From The Markets?

The process mining markets are expected to reach $10.38 billion by 2028. The global web content-management services market will reach $14.3 billion by 2026. The global VR market will reach $26.86 billion by 2027. And global data mining and database automation markets combined will equate to an estimated $5.18 billion by 2026.

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