5 ways to develop top talent with DISC

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According to Sandy Kulkin, CEO and Founder of PeopleKeys, “People are different, but they’re predictably different.” They’re different in the ways they carry themselves, the ways they are motivated, how they interact with others, how they deal with stress, and even how they seal the deal. But on the other end of the spectrum, the various personality types have been prewired in our systems from the time we were born through our years of “adulting.” The experiences we encountered in childhood tend to dictate how we deal with stress, and our trust in others will come from the adversity we have faced over our lifetime.

We can attribute our actions and reactions to our environment and the situations we face. Most people will adapt to the situation and take on a new persona in light of challenge or opportunity. It’s a performance mechanism. It’s a defense mechanism. It’s simply our way of taking charge, communicating, and handling things the way we feel most comfortable.

Through awareness and strategy, we can identify the traits of ourselves and others while directing such change towards our benefit and the benefit of our organization. While no two people will be exactly the same, using DISC we can scout out similar personality types, arm them with the right tools and circumstances, and position them for results in whichever capacity we desire. It is also to be noted that while certain personalities may seem similar, they may actually not be similar at all. But with the right motivators and values set into place, you would never know the difference.

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