A Multi-Camera Television Studio Directly On Apple Devices

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We have all seen iPads becoming the new recording studio, but are we now seeing the shift for television broadcast studios as well? Switcher Studio, a venture in digital video, introduces itself as a mobile video app that allows for syncing up to four iPhone and iPad devices in recording and streaming video directly to online platforms such as YouTube, UStream, and Cleeng. Although designed for integration specifically with Final Cut Pro X, this program also captures recorded quality video content for editing directly in your favorite editing software for production of on-demand video content.

With digital television studios such as RMC On Air and LA Talk Live arising amongst the ranks of traditional television stations and building global followings, we are seeing the need for more control of our digital options. We want to tell the whole story; we want options. Angles capture the full picture and keep things interesting. In this, Switcher Studio allows directors to record multi-broadcast video content, capturing those angles and broadcasting each angle as part of a streamlined television program.

Switcher Studio holds claim that there are television stations that are already using this technology for their on-air content. With the addition of “Director Mode” in its most recent release, users are “allowed to assign fixed frame rates [and] record 1080p HD broadcast quality video from multiple angles.” Simple tapping of “Rec + Broadcast” within the app will give access to full-quality video from each angle, and they will be able to select which angle(s) they actually want to broadcast while the recording is in progress.

In addition to quality video, Switcher Studio Pro also includes wireless Bluetooth audio support. This allows for a single audio recording per streaming video production. Because the built-in camera can be disabled on the primary “director” device, the host may actually become the director, right from the hot seat! This platform has the power to create an uptick in quality content from new self-made television hosts around the world.

Switcher Studio has truly thought of everything, as they allow Switcher Cast screen sharing through an additional app that allows users to sync a computer as a source of video content. Here, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations will allow for multi-view and picture-in-picture effects based on need and interest. Photo insertion and graphic overlays are possible, as this software allows for live broadcast directly in app. Branded content is continually made possible.

Just in time for the holidays, this would be the perfect gift for the upcoming video producer or broadcast enthusiast. What will this mean for the digital camera and standard video capture devices? Will we see a decline in manufacturers, or will they begin to see potential in adopting these ideals? Is this the new generation’s answer to full control of quality video broadcasting? All technology aside, it does lead us to the final, age-old question: “What will they think of next?”

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