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Jessica N. Abraham provides both short and long-form writing services based on each client’s specific needs. 

She is a storyteller. Each piece is created with the purpose to inform, inspire and educate the audience – many times calling them to a specific action. 

Services include writing projects, such as articles, blogs, web copy, ebooks, press releases, newsletters and whitepapers. They also include editing, rewriting and ghostwriting should the task require such. 

While she specializes in topics related to business, technology, finance and the jobs industry, Ms. Abraham is an experienced writer and researcher, highly capable of writing about several issues outside of this subject matter. 

Regardless of experience and expertise, Ms. Abraham studies and researches a topic in-depth before creating each new piece and presenting it as fact. Key information is collected during the client briefing and information gathering sessions. Research commences from this point on. 

When information is then explored on a deeper level, it is done so with full relevancy to the client project, announcement and/or brand. The data is then condensed and implemented to provide further evidence and credibility to the topic at hand. 

All information will provide a citation in the form of a link for reference and SEO-related purposes. Linking to sites of authority provides additional credibility to the written work. Linking to these sites also adds to the page rank and authority for the final written project within search engines. Keywords and phrases will be explored during writing and strategy sessions so that each work will further be presented to and seen by those who matter the most. 

In a similar fashion, all works created for online platforms, press release distribution and news syndication shall all include stock tickers for the relevant mention of publicly-traded companies. Ticker tagging allows particular articles to be discovered on certain platforms should a specific company be mentioned within its contents. 

While these will be provided, they aren’t required in the final copy – although, depending on the platform, the client stands to benefit from their usage. 


All written works will be discussed on a per-project or per-package basis. Content strategy sessions will further be held to decide and disclose the contents of each project. All payments and deliverables must be received at the start of each project. A timeline will be developed based on this. 

While most projects will be completed within 48 to 72 hours, depending on the existing queue, level of research required, and the type of project at hand, some projects could take from 2 to 3 weeks to complete. Expedited packages are available for an additional fee for projects requiring turnaround in a shorter amount of time (fees will vary depending on the length, project types and platform for publication for each pending assignment).

As for the cost of each project, clients shall be charged on a per-word basis unless they so-decide to purchase a package of 5 or more projects at a time. Ms. Abraham will not charge on an hourly basis . 

The time required for all research and material development will vary for each project, and it would not make sense otherwise.

Clients are charged a flat rate for projects of up to 2200 words regardless of time and/or length when purchasing a package. Because some projects will be shorter and others longer, this policy was developed because they would likely average out over time.

Ms. Abraham finds that there is less pressure put on the time and length of each piece – and more value can be placed on the quality of the project at hand. Shorter pieces can actually take more time to write than long-form projects – and wouldn’t necessarily allow for the details necessary to move audiences to action – the ultimate reason for each piece.

DISCLOSURE: While Ms. Abraham is able to assist in the placement of such written work, these assignments do not include the placement of work, thereof. All interviews and information gathering sessions will be recorded and transcribed for accuracy purposes. The writer also finds that it allows for less note-taking during the call and more focus on the conversation at hand.

Jessica N. Abraham | (407) 536-6603 | contact@jessicanabraham.com

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