AI-Driven Platform Enhances Corporate Culture, Brief Teams and Upskills the Workforce

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The global online education market is expected to reach a total market size of $319 billion by 2025, up from $187.8 billion in 2019 as the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) reaches 9.23% in 2025.

The growth is the result of training, retraining and upskilling the professional workforce reentering the office in a post-COVID world. 

During the pandemic, the skills gap between individuals — both employed and unemployed — widened. While some were able to adopt new skills and master those they have already achieved, others gained a sense of professional insecurity as their skills began declining at a much faster pace. 

But There’s Good News! 

Edtech is changing the way we learn, and one platform is rapidly improving the way the world learns, explores and absorbs course materials — one lesson at a time. With more engaging, affordable and easier-to-use tools than other edtech platforms on the market, this technology is poised to set a new standard in collaborative education. 

Amesite (NASDAQ: AMST) is a unique edtech startup that uses big data and artificial intelligence (AI) to disrupt the way we study, collaborate and do business. It’s reinventing the learning process by creating captivating experiences and increasing the rate of retention across all types of learning programs. 

Returning to Work at a Different Pace

The Amesite platform integrates with external programs and learning management systems (LMS) to provide a well-rounded experience for its users, whether self-paced or instructor-led.

Amesite is not just an innovative startup, it is a SaaS model that uses cutting-edge technology to bring schools and businesses closer together. Its tools promote collaboration, efficiency and improved communication, creating customized solutions within a branded distance learning environment.

In fact, some businesses are using the platform for all of their learning needs. For them, it serves as a repository for information, allowing them to communicate, share files and be continuously updated on related news and data.  

Amesite is a whole enterprise solution for businesses that want to achieve scalability and complete digitalization. Companies can prioritize what’s most important to them, whether it’s an ongoing project or upskilling the workforce. It’s done away with stale and outdated interface designs and poor access to important data. 

Almost Like a Social Media Platform 

Content is well-organized, up-to-date and curated with a newslike appearance. It’s easy-to-navigate, aesthetic and multifunctional. Collaborators can upvote and endorse each other’s content. AI connects teams with current events related to their course materials and gamifies their entire experience. Notifications chime to alert users of any updates within the portal, remind them of critical due dates and let them know they have a new message within their workgroup.

What Makes this Platform Unique?

Amesite’s natural language processing (NPL) models use keywords from course content and subject matter and implement curated content to bring all learning, training and upskilling experiences to the next level. The modules determine the contextual meaning, user sentiment and behavior of users within the system so that nothing is lost in translation and no one is left behind.

The platform includes thousands of relevant articles from qualified sources. It introduces users to fresh content, current events and other related items, making it so much easier to foster high engagement while keeping users’ attention on a single platform. 

The solution, itself, can be learned within minutes. All information can be found in no more than 2 clicks and is easily shareable.  

Amesite’s disruptive learning platforms optimize mission briefing and distance learning for:

  • Enterprise businesses
  • Higher Education
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Government and workforce development organizations

Keeping Trainees from Losing Interest

The lack of real-time analytics and interactive features on other platforms can cause learners to lose interest, become disengaged and ultimately fall behind in their course materials. On the Amesite platform, leaders are regularly updated on student and collaborator progress, individual rates of participation and their most productive times on the platform. Outliers are easily identified. Instructors can see who’s falling behind and incentivize those who are further ahead. 

Analytics allow educators to customize existing course material by understanding where employees are getting lost in the learning process. Analytics provide businesses with the granularity they need to better mold their workforce at the enterprise, division, job class or employee level. It’s important to note that Amesite boasts a 98% retention rate, which is considered among the highest in the industry.

Focusing less on the Logistics, More on Learning

Courses can be automated, allowing much of the administrative journey to be cut in half while significantly increasing the actual time spent on teaching, creating assets, sharing current events and briefing their teams for better decision-making. 

Courses and Missions are Easy to Create 

Missions and courses can be created in just a few hours and launched the next day. External tools and programs can be integrated, and learners and instructors get a secure, private, ad-free experience.

With built-in video conferencing and messaging functions, instructors can lead live classes, and leaders can brief their teams. They also can broadcast important information on an as-needed basis. Groups can meet, and instructors can provide 1-on-1 coaching to those who need it most. 

Users can search conversations and take notes within the platform. They’ll receive weekly Logbook Assessments and a digital report card. In addition to graded assignments, an additional participation-based grading model encourages regular collaboration. 

What Does it Take to get Started? 

There’s no need to hire a dedicated staff to handle all of your affairs. Organizations report that an average of 10 different programs are created in less than 30 days, with outstanding substance and quality – Amesite makes launching learning systems completely turnkey, with content and delivery in a single purchase order (PO).

Clients seem to love the platform. “The results we’ve seen so far are unparalleled,” said Patricia Mooradian, president and CEO of The Henry Ford. “The technology has made the system scalable and easy to use. We can fully achieve our goals of inspiring that next generation of innovators and inventors.” 

Check out this case study on The Henry Ford and how Amesite’s digital learning solutions have helped the museum to improve the way it educates

For more about Amesite and its proprietary features, check out

The preceding post was written and/or published as a collaboration between Benzinga’s in-house sponsored content team and a financial partner of Benzinga. Although the piece is not and should not be construed as editorial content, the sponsored content team works to ensure that any and all information contained within is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge and research. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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