MeetingMogul Releases Enterprise App Targeting Traveling Professionals

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Enhancing productivity through more efficient communications in the mobilized workforce model, an enterprise version of MeetingMogul adds features that also enrich the mobile conference experience. Folio3 Software, Inc., creator of MeetingMogul, has implemented new features specifically designed to cater to the needs of the traveling business professional and remote access teams that rely heavily on centralized mobile applications that allow for on-the-go collaboration and communication, across multidisciplinary units within the organization.

Allowing enterprise executives to take control of conference calls and influentially lead teams into successful business execution, MeetingMogul gives remote teams the ability to remain unified in the workforce and flexible to work from a virtual office of their choosing. This app provides leverage in connecting large teams from all over the world and is especially suitable for multinational corporations doing business in a global economy.

 “Today, businesses of all size are living in a mobile-first world and it’s imperative that they enable their far-flung employees, customers, contractors and suppliers to connect with each other by conference calls for optimal effectiveness,” Adnan Lawai, CEO and Founder of Folio3, states.  “We have used our own frustrating experiences on such calls to develop MeetingMogul as an app that makes the whole process far easier, from sharing agendas to one-touch dial-in and follow up on action items discussed on calls.”

Providing businesses with a more economical approach to conference calling while on the go, professionals can meet with a client in Australia during a business seminar in China. This allows an organization’s top professionals be in more than one place at a time. After all, being unavailable can mean a potential loss of business opportunity.

MeetingMogul allows users to call in through location-based dialing, lowering the cost of utilization by providing local dial-in numbers, worldwide. This app also features push notifications, automatically published to employees for one-touch dialing and meeting reminders, preconfigured through assignment of bridges that route directly to specific teams, through integration with corporate telecom and IT systems. MeetingMogul also facilitates high-quality VoIP sessions, connecting users to conference calls at a fraction of the cost and providing businesses with major savings to communications budgets.

In a competitive market, performing against apps that allow complete control of financial expenditure by cutting costs altogether through Wi-Fi calling capabilities, MeetingMogul provides detailed insight into participant utilization trends. This app also allows users to set up departmental teams, add and invite other users, manage user access and calling privileges and the addition of regional corporate numbers, updated in real time. This allows users to be blocked from service once their affiliation with the company has been terminated, the suspension of users who are abusing the system and limited access to clients to scheduled project team meetings.

MeetingMogul, available through annual subscription at a per-user fee, “boosts the effectiveness of company meetings through collaborative agenda, planning and sharing meeting action,” while keeping contact and calendar data private – unless published directly to the app. This enterprise application integrates directly into existing telecommunications infrastructures, including physical, mobile and desktop systems, such as NetSuite (NewsAlert) and Salesforce CRM systems, allowing users to “update leads and opportunities from wherever they may be.”

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