New Smart Contract Technology, Takyon, Fuels EV and Energy Savings While Growing Clean Energy Infrastructure

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Previously published to NewsBreak. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell addressed disinflation during the February 1 FOMC Press Conference. This, coupled with a February Labor Market Report that shows 517,000 new jobs created and a 3.4% unemployment rate, led to an immediate rally in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. And although many felt the slight pullback over the weekend, many sources expect crypto to continue rallying — if not surge — into the new year. As such, new tokens will arise with 9,314 active cryptocurrencies on […]

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5 Coins on the Ethereum Blockchain to Watch During This Altcoin Cycle

These 5 altcoins should help everyone weather Crypto winter.

Previously Published to As Bitcoin continues to falter after rallying to new highs in the first half of 2021, many are turning to altcoins on the Ethereum blockchain as their crypto of choice. Here are 5 coins on the Ethereum blockchain to keep your eyes on (and your diamond hands at the ready) during the current altcoin cycle. What is the Ethereum Blockchain?Ethereum is a community-based, open-source platform with its own programming language. This makes it […]

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