The World’s First Music-Activated Run to Debut at CES 2016

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Technogym, an innovator in the World of Health and Fitness, is releasing a product that will literally have fitness junkies running to get it. A company that has prided itself on technology and design-driven product lines, Technogym now gives you “happy feet” for yet another fabulous reason — the “World’s First Music Interactive Treadmill!” Well, duh! It’s about time! We have been waiting for one of these babies!

Companies like Samsung and Creative Technologies have been “auralating” for years, analyzing us and selecting music based on our current mood. So why hasn’t anyone put this technology into a treadmill? Probably liability concerns. The good news is that one brave soul has finally created the coolest invention in home-gym technology that we have seen since the ability to calculate your heart rate during a heavy run!

Since tech companies have been finding ways to integrate cloud technologies into our gadgets, Technogym has been finding ways to connect users with their personal wellness experiences anywhere, which is amazing news to those that like to go outside and get some fresh air once in a while.

As the trophy piece to any gym, this super-charged treadmill detects individual running rhythms, developing unique music soundtracks to empower your stride and give you motivation to keep on pushing to your next milestone. Playing music from the runner’s own music library, this interactive music soundtrack will seem more like a dance party than a run, encouraging runners to run faster and longer and barely even notice.

For that eclectic bunch of Millennials, “Running Music” will allow you to select your favorite genre with this smart treadmill automatically selecting and streaming the most suitable music based on the number of steps taken per minute.

As part of the MyWellness Cloud, Running Music connects to user devices through a mobile app, which then connects directly to an Android-based system called UNITY. This console displays across a wide range of Technogym cardio training equipment and allows users to access their personal accounts and training programs. This program will now be able to track music choices and ensure that each experience will bring you a “fresh” run!

MyRunning Logbook, another cool innovation by Technogym, is one we have seen before — well, kinda. This “exclusive” UNITY app will allow users to replicate their favorite outdoor runs, challenging past performances through monitoring on a map. Basically, outdoor runs can be simulated by indoor runs on the treadmill.

People have been doing this for years without all the bells and whistles, and even now there are many apps with this same capability. On the contrary, the new smart technology being integrated into the treadmill makes it a perfect companion, as this technology is also integrated into the treadmill’s UNITY console, making it very unique.

Running Music will be unleashed tomorrow at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its only competitor is another treadmill that allows users to run through Google Maps’ Street View while exploring the area around them. Both treadmills are obviously pretty cool. Now, if only they joined forces, the world would be at their beck and call!

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