MetTel Meeting Communications Needs Worldwide

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Provider of customized, integrated and managed communications solutions, MetTel announces a global expansion project that will cater to enterprise businesses in over 170 countries, worldwide. Through this expansion, enterprise companies will have their needs met by “a true, global solutions provider.”

MetTel facilitates the deployment and management of technology-driven voice, data, wireless and cloud solutions that easily integrate with cloud-based software. Key markets were identified and have become the result of the expansion initiatives. China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia and Brazil were of these regions expanded into.

“The continuity challenges that global organizations typically face are staggering,” points out Andoni Economou, COO of MetTel. “While optimized coverage and cost reduction are key advantages for MetTel customers, our streamlined solutions and hands-on approach are invaluable for organizations that seek to eliminate scattered resources. Now our customers can appreciate the same visibility that MetTel delivers into all of their operations, assets and spend on a global scale with the ability to procure and troubleshoot through a single source. They can literally have the world at their fingertips.”

As enterprise businesses grow outside traditional boundaries and enter into global markets, they will need fast, reliable and secure connections to their wireline services and satellite connections. They may also require monitoring tools to be put in place.

MetTel not only provides them with the hardware to carry out these growing needs, but businesses are also provided with the power to put them to good use. MetTel is scaling services of a growing national and international demand to fulfill universal business needs, while reducing costs to the communications budget and simplifying operations.

With an award-winning customer service team, relationships are being cultivated for long-term commitment between the service provider and global clientele.  Project management professionals are on hand for transitioning and integrations of newly implement communications solutions, leveraging the ability to boost productivity throughout the organization.

As proprietary software, MetTel Portal continues this through cloud-based integrations, allowing customers to manage inventory, resource utilization, expenditure accounts and repairs from a single, user-friendly interface. As demand for integrated communications solutions increases, MetTel will continue expansions, opening doors for secure connections and collaboration no matter where they go. 

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