LG Enhances the Home Environment: Another Shift in Smartviewing

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All major tech companies are predicting the shift toward all-in-one systems, centralizing productivity and integration for 2016. In short, consumers are getting tired of switching between devices, screens, and applications. Apparently, this is no different in their entertainment choices, as it is in their everyday work environment.

LG is getting ready to unveil the newest version of their popular webOS Smart TV System at the CES 2016 – the prestigious International Consumer Electronics Show. This Las Vas event takes place each January. So, this will unfortunately not end up under any Christmas trees this year.

The folks at “Life’s Good” have obviously been listening to their customers. They seem to have gotten it right and jam-packed everything our evolving needs seek into a television set. An updated version of an existing webOS model will feature enhanced mobile connectivity, remote features, and expanded content options. Far from the one-channel days of rabbit ears and aluminum foil, LG is, yet again, reinventing the wheel. In 2016, consumers will be introduced to LG’s webOS 3.0.

Electronics companies have always sought ways to eliminate wires and unnecessary devices as part of their duty to keep the home looking nice and remain accident-free. In 2016, LG’s loyal consumer base will now be able to ditch their Roku, as part of webOS’ new feature lineup — well, maybe not the Roku, But, users will find that streaming channels have been added to their smartTV platform.

In fact, LG has strategically partnered with Xumo to deliver Channel Plus features that provide tons of high-quality content at no additional charge. This includes content from big names, such as Bloomberg, TIME, and even The Wall Street Journal. New media companies, such as BuzzFeed and PopSugar, also appear on this lineup.

Not only will users be able to expand their horizons with an extended selection of streaming channels, they will continue to have access to live broadcast television and now wireless access to external media devices.

LG intends on – literally – bringing “magic” to the homes of millions with their new release. While there are no tricks and no gimmicks involved, LG has integrated three new smartTV features into their upgraded webOS 3 model: Magic Zoom, Magic Mobile connection, and an upgraded Magic Remote, which allows users to control most entertainment devices with a single remote.

Since the days of black and white, television manufacturers have been in the marketplace to compete in becoming known as the first to deliver cutting-edge clarity, vibrant color, and less pixilation than the previous release. LG’s Magic Zoom allows users to magnify their television set, zooming in and out of the screen to better view objects and letters without loss in picture quality. This includes the clarity in magnifying what is seen on their mobile device, as they project it directly to the big screen in front of themselves through LG’s Magic Mobile connection.

A proud accomplishment, LG has been crowned with the 2015 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award, which means that efficiencies in productivity will also be mirrored through efficiencies in energy conservation – and, in turn, your wallet! This new release may just be worth the investment.

Committed to improving the lives of their customers, LG will also update previous features that their loyal customers have grown to love.

  • The Channel Advisor delivers suggestions based on in-home audience viewing patterns and reminders of frequently watched programming.
  • Multi-View will continue to allow users to watch two channel sources at once, meaning that ladies can watch Lifetime while the big game is on – and still cuddle up with their significant other.
  • Music Player app will allow users to continue playing music through the webOS 3.0 speakers – even when the TV is off.
  • My Channels and Live Menus have sub-features that foster easy access to information on favorite programming without interfering with current viewing experiences.
  • An IoTV app that allows on-screen control of connected smart home appliances, acting as a control center for LG-affiliated product lines – in addition to a list of compatible iOTV manufacturers. 

While it seems that there isn’t a whole lot involved in this new release that we haven’t seen somewhere already, it is indeed a breakthrough product – combining everything we love in electronics into just one device.

Whether we are trying to show off our baby’s picture to our families during Christmastime or we forgot to turn on our security systems before bed, we will now be able to do so much more seamlessly – and with less cords in our way. Imagine a world where yours can be controlled with just one click. In that world, life is definitely good!

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