2016 Predictions in Mobile Trending by Appery.io

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Who better to make predictions about top trends in mobile app development for 2016 than the development platform Appery themselves? Appery.io has been widely received amongst small to enterprise businesses, with over 300,000 developers and counting. Encouraging productivity in the workspace by facilitating collaboration, communication, and cross-platform connectivity, Appery gives well-educated insight into what we can expect to see in the upcoming year. This comes with the estimation that by 2020, we will also see over 26 billion IoT devices connecting professionals across enterprises all over the world.

1. “Hybrid HTML5 development will gain enterprise momentum.”

Appery points out that native apps are much more constricted and hinder evolution more than hybrid HTML5 apps. They consider this especially true for the enterprise infrastructure and see many more organizations adopting a total HTML5 or hybrid approach. Appery points out that, economically speaking, HTML5 and all hybrids are more favorable while cutting back time-to-marketing and improving the user experience.

According to Appery, “In 2015 there were significant advances in JavaScript frameworks, which enabled platforms such as Appery to close the user experience gap that existed between hybrid HTML5 apps and native apps. As a result, apps built with these frameworks now look and perform like native apps, while still enjoying significantly better economics.

“Because of these advancements made in 2015, hybrid HTML5 will become the most obvious choice for most enterprise use cases in 2016. Only specialized apps that can justify very large budgets and slow times-to-market will be built as native.”

2. “Enterprise mobility will become more widely adopted. We will see more mobility and digitalization projects.”

With a huge revolution in 2015’s mobility scope, more and more enterprises are expected to adopt mobile technologies and use them to simplify their current business models. Allowing users to collaborate and communicate while outside of the office has proved very effective in the previous year.

While many businesses have only “tested the waters” in one or two departments within the organization, they are learning that productivity has been enhanced and employees are more motivated than before. Appery expects to see expansions in enterprise mobile infrastructure. We will see more advances in mobile payments, healthcare, automotive, and energy.

3. “A fragmented industry will continue to consolidate into fewer, better platforms.”

Especially towards the end of the year, we have seen a huge movement in the strategic pairing of mobile app providers, teaming up for cross-platform integration and allowing businesses to operate on a global scale while scattered across the planet.

Integrations have been huge, because we are now seeing international conference calling platforms, like UberConference, teaming up with businesses like Slack and HipChat, encouraging the collaboration while in conference with company decision makers. This will keep people connected at the same time and allow multitasking to take place more effectively in one centralized location.

With strategic pairing, we will see many hybrid mergers coming to life, allowing businesses to focus on one thing while giving life to a whole business package for the on-the-go professional. Think of this as a Power Ranger. Different elements come together to create one massive fighting machine. They can be used separately, but they were meant to work as a monster of a product, with each company bringing specialization to the forefront of the user experience.

Appery expects many products to go out of business if they do not team up with other powerhouses. With developers lining up to create the next best solution for business, many organizations are catching on that they will need to take advantage of the ability to create all-in-one technologies, customized through integration, with appeal and aesthetic.

On the go, customers are looking for speed, reliability, and control. They want to be able to do what they want to do when they want to do it. Partnering will allow brands to provide a resource that will allow quick, seamless connection at any given time — and without the need for sending any apps to the background to do it.

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