Perry Ellis Digitally Reawakens Fashion with Disruptive Shopping Experience

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A reawakening of the Perry Ellis brand drives innovation into the future of fashion automation, personalizing new interactive experiences that engage clientele from all over the world. A step forward in disrupting the retail industry, Perry Ellis debuts the “Shop of The Future” at Macy’s Department Stores, starting with the flagship prototype in Manhattan’s Herald Square. Utilizing technology-driven brand awareness strategies, shoppers are captivated through the interactive environment and immersed in the brand’s story.

A brand, most amongst the Prepster Hip Hop audience of the 1990s, indeed has a story to tell. Internationally acclaimed, this now men’s clothing line reflects legacy and distinction amongst the middle-aged male, who has since reached maturity and has found success in his business endeavors. This company, which was founded in 1976, introduced the world to a woman’s collection, becoming an inspirational change within the fashion world by making it meaningful and fun. It is said that designer Perry Ellis “refined an industry by introducing it to much-needed wit.”

Today, the Perry Ellis brand continues to shift the world of fashion, as it introduces us to a new kind of shopping. The Perry Ellis Company partnered with The Science Project in co-developing digital and physical in-store concepts that “feature reactive retail technologies.” This will definitely impact the way we shop for fashion at big name retailers in the future.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Perry Ellis and unveil this Very Perry Macy’s experience,” said Jeremy Bergstein, CEO of The Science Project. “Perry Ellis sought a partner that could understand the playful, innovative legacy of the namesake designer and transform it into a new brand-driven shopping destination. We are excited to be the first digital agency to create this kind of retail innovation from concept, strategy and design all the away through to implementation.”

Together, they built an interactive three-panel display through responsive, floating mirrors and toting “embedded proximity sensors,” essential for a futuristic environment. Curved walls, accentuating a medium for a modernized storytelling experience, utilize customized LED hardware technologies as a platform for distribution of branded concepts and ideologies. Sawicki Tarella Architecture & Design, a design firm in New York City, is credited with the implementation of this retail store design concept. Phone-charging stations have been implemented to ensure a connection with the Perry Ellis brand.

Delivering branded content in creating a personalized experience, Perry Ellis aims at digitally converting passersby into long-term brand loyalists.

“When we were considering this new space, we wanted to create something that would draw in new customers and would continue to resonate with our core shopper,” said Oscar Feldenkreis, President and Chief Operating Officer of Perry Ellis. “Adding a tech component to the shopping experience was a natural way to accomplish that goal. Proximity sensors enable the space to feel futuristic but still very user-friendly, and the digital platform allows us to communicate with customers in a more contemporary voice.”

Imagine a date with Siri. Now imagine Siri helping you shop for that date. After all, Siri is always right. Sophistication at its finest, Perry Ellis now introduces the world to a new way to coordinate your collection.

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