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A newer, more creative way to learn Online, StudyTriangle by StudyMantra Technologies, announced its official launch a half an hour before midnight on June 29, 2014.

The company, based in India, announces a brand new mobile app available for download on Android devices via the Google Play app store. The freshly-released app comes just two weeks after the launch of the official Study Triangle website, both powered by BizCloud and DigiGrapes technology, and allowing for Agile-based innovation in the educational arena, as an “Online educational marketplace.”

For on-the-go students, whether in a large, chaotic city or the undereducated rural communities of India, StudyTriangle’s web and mobile tools provide executive-like assistance that provides time management, daily scheduling and reminders. The site also provides a way to connect with study groups, class instructors and service requests, simplifying the day-to-day process of everyone utilizing StudyTriangle’s current platforms.

StudyTriangle provides an interactive educational experience to students on a global scale, equipping platforms with instructors who are also from all over the World and who are specializing in subjects surrounding K-12, Professional and Vocational studies and training.

While StudyTriangle’s initial launch instigates formal talent recruitment for an upcoming school year, a solid educational structure is set in-line, including live video conferencing from web and/or mobile device and mobile on-demand training. Certificate and enrichment programs are available through the StudyTriangle platform, but focus on full-fledged curriculums and degree programs are of the utmost importance to StudyTriangle.

With $250K in seed funding from both BizCloud Tech and DigiGrapes, StudyMantra Technologies has been working overtime to deliver an efficient and very effective e-learning platform for completion by the upcoming school year. They are “planning for Series A funding to fuel its pan India growth and technology development.”

With a preliminary launch and evaluation period that commenced on June 12, they have attracted and acclimated over 1000 educational providers within just a 10-day period!

“We are thankful to our end users for a huge response to our limited capability launch on June 12, 2015. We reached a milestone of 1000 registered providers within first 10 days of the launch and kicked in the revenue with our first “Tuition On Demand” session executed successfully on June 27, 2015”, said Mr. Mukesh Goswami, CEO of StudyMantra Technologies. Further elaborating that unique concepts like “Video Tuition on-demand ,” “Online Group Studies,” “Pay Per Session Tuition,” and “My Recorded Sessions,” a replay feature of live-streaming classes, are going to unlock the vast potential in Tier 2-3 cities and rural areas of India, in addition to the global NRI population and the rest of the World.

In their latest press release, the company announced executive heads and expansion plans, in which they will expand slowly-yet-aggressively. Starting out smaller, they seek to connect with the top 20 cities in India, as well as rural surrounding areas. From there, they will continue expansion at a more effective rate.

Per this press release, StudyTriangle is developed for learners who are interested in:

  • On Demand, face-to-face interaction with live experts and tutors anywhere!
  • Joining live real-time video classes, which can help in cutting travel and logistics.
  • Managing study schedules, reminders etc. using an online timetable.
  • Managing academic records in keeping track of all past academic reports, notes and study material.
  • Keeping track of past academic events, laurels and accomplishments.
  • Creating a socially agreeable environment, developing study circles and sharing their accomplishments.
  • Engaging with the best and verified tutors via live video sessions and through recorded sessions.

While there is no certain expectancy for launch, class is sure to be “in session” for the fall, as more professional board onto the company’s mission. Currently, there are many positions available as seen on’s career and job board. They are also seeking tutors to meet with students for additional lessons and understanding. Information on upcoming course studies is available on the site and very desirable in today’s tech world.

While technology is important, education is equally important. StudyTriangle, while many do not realize it, gives hope to rural communities in countries like India. There are many rural areas that have no schooling past the 5th grade. Traveling in these areas are simply not an option, whether financially, through distance or because it is very dangerous to do so. Hence, many problems that circle the uneducated population will be lessened throughout time.

Because many villages cannot afford computers and/or web access, mobile access makes it a whole lot simpler. Those living in the city find it more convenient to whip out a mobile device, as opposed to whipping out a very bulky laptop.

As StudyTriangle continues to grow, we have an instance of a company, StudyMantra Technologies, who has created a platform that will literally change the Worlds of Education and our everyday society. Check out how you can become part of the initial awakening of true education.

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