Yurb’s Definition of Grown | A positive movement towards standards and morale

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Honorable and with a style centered around the grown and sexy, Yurb, an emerging artist from Fort Pierce, Fla., is adamant about his contributions to a higher standard of living and the overall morale of society. As he provides the World with his new single, “Slyde,” from his debut album, Grown Folks Music Volume 1, Terrance “Yurb” Yearby is a mirror image of what a true Leo is destined to be. Yurb is a warm-spirited, fierce and confident soul full of ambition and loyalty. His loyalty is to an old way of living, where people actually dated and where courtship and romance are king. Not just a romantic, his dominant inner-Leo shines through aggressively, dominantly and proving his loyalty to the betterment of his kingdom.

He met with AXS April 7, to give a little more detail into who he is and where his is going.

Growing up in Fort Pierce, he was faced with the challenges of the inner city, as well as the lack of opportunity that comes with living in a country town. Yurb has been a witness to much adversity and a disheartened society, leading him to become a great survivor in this world and to continue at striving to make a difference. As a man of faith, he has become a strong man, who is able to stand up to whatever God has placed in his path. And as a lion, he will conquer any challenge that is set in that path.

Introduced to his life-long passion for singing and performance, Yurb commenced his journey as a young child at Bass Temple Cogic (Church of God in Christ), a church that he calls home to this day. Starting in the children’s choir, he progressed into the adult choir upon election as Lead for a majority of songs performed in the church. It is also where he learned to play the drums.

His involvement at Bass Temple Cogic transitioned into his secular life at Port St. Lucie High, as he joined forces with a group of friends, including brother, James, and childhood friends, Otis and Isaiah. The four-part quartet, “Gospel Boys,” also included his cousin, Mike, at one point. Mike left the group when his family moved away from the area. The group performed around the city, as well as in front of the church congregation. His journey with the group has led him to several major cities in the Southeast Region of the United States. And while he loved what he encountered, nothing compared to the city that Fort Pierce had been to his upbringing.

Writing all of his own material and even singing all of his own background vocals, he realized that he wanted to show audiences what being “grown” is all about – that being “grown” is simply a matured state of mind. It is also reflective of how your heart is toward others, which translates to the standards and morals of a society and the loving appreciation for God’s grace. ”God is Great!” exclaims Yearby.

Working with many musicians in the entertainment industry, Yurb began to develop his undeniable abilities in the live music arena. He mastered the drums and began to really show his talent with the bass guitar. This has led him to work and collaborate with a plethora of producers, such as Vybe, Mig-L, Ric & Thaddeus, J’Von and Lo. Because of his appearance, morals and love for God, his style really began to stand out and take form. And like many others before him, his faith has led him to his ultimate destination.

Prepared to release his Grown Folks Music Volume 2 album, due for release August 2015, Yurb demonstrates his ability to stay true to his roots, while creating secular music for all to enjoy. With his focus on radio, colleges and clubs, targeting the grown and sexy crowds, he releases music that celebrates his inner world… his inner desire… his inner peace. And, while secular in nature, there is no escaping his Gospel origins. That “church boy” singing ability is too powerful to be concealed; and as a Leo, he can’t help but release his roar!

This artist, signed to Fort Pierce’s BFE, Big Fish Entertainment, is ready for what the road brings. He is eager to gain a deepened success in order to help others. His end goal, believe it or not, is to actually change the industry. And while many misuse this phrase due to conceited connotation, Yurb wants to literally change it by providing an alternative route for those entering the entertainment business.

He would like to use his resources, including plans for a future studio and record label, to open doors to those independent artists and businesses, who are less known and may not have the resources to get where they need to be. He wants to provide direction, development and quality to these artists, becoming a role model and mentor for those up and coming. He wants to give the tools and avenues for promotion to to those who have an internal hunger to be something more, while providing positive influence to society.

To his fans, followers and fellow acts, Yurb left us with this statement: “You don’t have to sell out. You dont have to be like anyone else… be yourself. Your fans are going to come to you. You will have your own style and your own fans. Always trust in God and never give up!” Be on the look out for Grown Folks Music Volume 2 in upcoming months! And, don’t forget to stay grown, sexy and positive!

Visit YurbMusic.com for more information on Yurb and to witness his journey to success!

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