3D Eye Solutions by 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc.: One company that gets it!

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A new venture emerges in the 3D Entertainment Marketplace with an “evolved” understanding of New World Marketing. 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: TDEY), is a Smart Technology, 3D Entertainment Distribution and Development Company, which is soon to be releasing products and services into mainstream media in the near future.

With the aid of Mobile 3D Devices, such as the HTC Evo 3D (a bit older version of 3D technology, but a definite innovator), and 3D Television Sets and Monitors, 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is focusing all business efforts on 2D and 3D Content Media Creation, distributing content through applications and smart devices.

Operating out of Southlake, Texas, this company seeks to join the few in the rapidly growing World of 3D Entertainment. As the expansion in sales of 3D TVs and 3D Mobile Devices increases and technologies evolve, 3D Entertainment Holdings envisions expansion and evolution within its own company that will eventually lead to innovation in the 3D Entertainment Industry.

Also evolved, they start with their marketing and business development plans, where they plan to take advantage of Internet Marketing, Social Branding and Mobile Marketing strategies — the perfect mix for any brand emerging in today’s “High Tech” Marketplace!

Through highly evolved internet marketing strategies, 3D Eye Solutions will introduce their products, services and innovative ideals to consumers and shareholders, while keeping their brand “Social” by “Branding Socially!” They also understand that they key to influence is through personal interaction with Social Media jump starting the conversation! This is also the first step in taking the company viral amongst “shares,” “recommendations,” and awareness.

3D Eye Solutions dedicates 90% of their marketing efforts to Social Branding, which is a mix of “Social,” “Mobile” and Internet Marketing. This will also bridge Press and Brand Awareness on an Online and an Offline basis through followers, media and a Word of Mouth presence.

Finally, Mobile Marketing will allow users to connect, subscribe and download applications directly to personal Mobile Devices and share their findings with friends in continuing the Viral Marketing process. Their Mobile Marketing strategy includes both Offline and Online initiatives, as consumers will be able to download mobile applications and content for free by scanning QR Codes with their Mobile Device. Direct download links will be shared on Social Networks via Online Platform and Mobile Application methods.

Over time, free delivery and downloads will evolve into paid, low-cost monthly subscriptions. All marketing initiatives will include 3D and 2D content to showcase the brand’s “monster” on a cross-platform basis.

Products and Services of 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. are set to include “full length movies, TV shows, Shorts, Dramas and original programming.” They will also provide subscribers with a 3D TV App. Television and movie studios will also be creating content for 3D television networks and technology which will be available for licensing to other Media Distribution Networks.

The key is relationships and personability. It appears 3D Entertainment Holdings has a firm initiative in taking 3D to the next level. Content by 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. will be delivered over Smart Applications available inside the perspective app store over mobile devices, Set Top Boxes, Television sets, Cable and Satellite systems, Worldwide, bridging the gap between Internet, Mobile and “Old School” Technologies.

3D Eye Solutions, Inc., the content-creating sub-brand of 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc., “produces and processes media content for corporate, venues, and trade show events. The Company also provides turnkey systems and converting existing media to enable end users to showcase properties in a multi-view format.”

Outside businesses taking advantage of this company’s technologies, distribution and marketing points stand to gain much success in this in-demand avenue of content consumption. 3D is always considered “innovative,” no matter how old the technology actually is. The reason is that it is always being implemented into new technologies and improved over time.

Consumers seek “realism” in fantasy and seek novelty in consumption. Where will our 3-Dimensional technology take us next? “The possibilities are endless,” and 3D Entertainment Holdings, Inc. will lend a hand in taking us there!

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