Facebook making changes, improving mobile profiles and design

What can we expect for Facebook in 2016? New design, celebrity live stream video.


With the claim that Facebook profiles are accessed over four billion times daily, they have decided “the best place for people to curate their Online identities and connect with others” is directly through their profiles. That said, today, Sept. 30, Facebook announced that within the near future they will be unveiling some “new, mobile-friendly features for Facebook profiles.” This will give users options in showing the world just who they are and what they are made of. This will also allow them to control what is highlighted on their profiles.

Soon, users will be able to display 7-second videos as their profile “photo.” They can even choose to not do so, and instead, include a temporary photo that will revert back to the original photo once a time delay has run out. This will allow users to celebrate moments in their life, show support for a particular event and even show their emotions from the time being.

In addition to changes to the profile photo and similar to the implementation of the cover photo, there will be a new space at the top of each Facebook profile, which is able to be fully customized and located front-row-and-center of each and every profile page, next to the new location for your profile video (which is also being made larger in lew of this change).

Similar to LinkedIn and the original MySpace, there will be a “one-line bio field” that tell who you are in just one sentence. And, like the original Facebook, you will be able to once again showcase five photos at the top of the page, while including “About,” “Education” and “Career” fields.

Introducing people the right way, they are implementing the “show friendship option” directly on each profile by presenting highlights of mutual friendships and including photos and stories that will help new friends make the connection. This could get a little crazy if ever a girlfriend or boyfriend discover previous lovers through the mutual friend tool. So, you can choose to hide this option from your page.

While these updates are coming soon to a Facebook page near you, Facebook is starting to test these features with a select few iPhone users in the United Kingdom and California. This, along with live stream celebrity chats, the new dislike button, monetized publishing tools and more are on their way soon. It is advised that marketing firms, brands and public figures get ready to embrace these new features and be amongst the first to adopt the new technologies.

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Stupid Cancer’s Instapeer App supports young adult cancer victims via “Social”

Stupid Cancer's Instapeer App supports young adult cancer victims via "Social"


Stupid Cancer. That’s what it is. We hate that it exists. An organization has created a name for itself based on this ideal. Stupid Cancer is a “dominant youth cancer non-profit in the US,” and they have recently created a product that will change the way we turn to others for support in the fight against cancer.

Stupid Cancer has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new mobile health app, “bringing one-on-one peer connection into the 21st century for 20 million Americans affected by young adult cancer.” This set-to-be awesome mobile app is calling itself Instapeer, and it’s free!

According to the Institute of Medicine, we have a lack of peer support when it comes to the long hard battle we are faced with once diagnosed with Cancer. The more you have to be positive about at this time, the more likely you will recover faster. The lack of support and a positive outlook on a personal level, can “be a barrier to better outcomes for cancer patients. Connecting with someone who has already walked in your shoes can be a bridge to positive thinking, community, resources and much-needed support.”

When one has Cancer, it isn’t always easy to speak to people about it. Some patients have a hard time speaking to their family without feeling patronized and “doom and gloomed” about their situation. Others notice a sense of hostility or nonchalance from peers that have never experienced Cancer first hand.

A mobile app like this is needed. As a matter of fact, Matthew Zachary, Stupid Cancer Founder and CEO and 18-year young adult cancer survivor, alerts us that “This platform stands to revolutionize cancer support for the next generation and usher in a new era of patient empowerment and advocacy.”

“Research has found most millennials are not availing themselves—and therefore not benefiting from—today’s peer matching solutions, which are outdated, call center-based and not in sync with the way this generation socially engages. Instapeer will meet the underserved needs of millennial patients, survivors and caregivers on their terms and their turf with technology they already use and understand.”

Sometimes just talking with someone who knows what you are going through, or even by venting, does a World of Difference for Cancer victims. With busy work schedules and class attendance, business hours aren’t always doable for outreach, especially when there is a ton of other “stuff” that needs to be attended to at this time. Some of this stuff may be Depression and Exhaustion due to their illness.

Stupid Cancer has partnered with WeDidIt, a crowdfunding platform allowing nonprofits to raise funds for their cause, and continues to raise funds and generate interest in Instapeer’s release. It is expected that Instapeer will gain a minimum of 500,000 registered users by 2016.

In the meantime, Stupid Cancer continues to use award-winning programs and services to “ensure that no one goes unaware of the age-appropriate support resources they are entitled to so they can get busy living.” Much applause goes to the 18-year old Matthew Zachary. This is a gentleman that doesn’t just speak. He does! “The Revolution will be texted!”

If you would like to be part of the cause, visit Instapeer.org today!

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