World’s First Smartgloves Make All Other Gloves Obsolete

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Ever wanted to have the world at the tips of your fingers or in the palm of your hand? Soon you will be able to. Well — your world, at least!

At a time when technology pretty much runs our lives, we’ve found out what works and what doesn’t — quickly. Just like when it is freezing cold outside and you’re stuck shoveling snow, but you’re waiting for a very important phone call. It always happens to be on those days that we have the most important calls, doesn’t it?

So, you’re outside shoveling snow. Your car needs to be unburied before you can do anything and, just then, your phone rings! Oh, silly you! You forgot; touch screens and cold do not mix. You can’t even feel your own fingers; how could your S6?

Today, we have duraTOUCH shaking things up a bit. They’ve created touch and sensors that allow you to withstand any type of environment. Yes, this includes rain, dirt, oil, heat, cold…you name it! As of last month, we even had BEAUTY by Elliptic Labs contributing to resolving this problem by eliminating the touch sensors on our devices and using sound proximity instead.

The problem is, unless you are literally connected, you might not get to experience this technology for a while. What do you do in the meantime? Well, since you’re waiting, you might want to check out BearTek Gloves on Indiegogo. They’ve launched a campaign that would bring the World’s Smartest Gloves to life!

Expanding their world to include wearable technologies, BearTek seeks to interrupt the way we encounter cold technologies. Just a week ago, BearTek launched a campaign to raise $40K to meet their production and development costs. With 34 days left in the campaign, they have already exceeded this amount.

As of this moment, BearTek has actually raised $54K. They did this by asking $99 a person in pre-sales until they have reached their goal. Contributors scored a developer’s kit to input BearTek Gen II technologies into their already-favorite gloves. But now that their goal has freezing cold, they are asking $155 a pair — 30 percent off retail price. These gloves won’t be ready until November 2016, so you should probably act now before next year’s winter storm.

BearTek seeks to make “every other glove obsolete.”

BearTek actually existed before this day. If you are a fan of Shark Tank, you saw BearTek’s first-generation gloves on the show. With gloves that are actually attractive and very warm, BearTek won the hearts of the Tank and in 2013 released their first generation to the public. Gen II just so happens to be an even better version with even more options. They have even become “social!”

These gloves allow users to control their music without pushing or swiping a thing. Pairable with any Bluetooth-capable device, BearTek also allows users to make phone calls and control their GoPro devices.

This version also allows users to toggle between apps, including the phone and camera function. Tapping your fingers together will allow users to snap a picture, zoom in and out, and never miss a moment — while keeping warm!

“By touching the touchpads users can play or pause music, skip forward/back, fast forward/rewind and accept or reject incoming phone calls and so much more when controlling the GoPro® camera.”

These gloves are a life changer for those bikers who would like to answer their phones but can’t risk being put in a difficult situation without stopping. When on the bus or in the subway, not pulling out your newest-to-market smartphone to make calls or change your music may also result on it not being stolen.

Gen II includes a liner option that will allow users to wear more than one pair of gloves for warmth — or just to coordinate their attire. With the new generation, users will be able to access a mobile app that allows them to customize functionality based on frequent activity and actual need.

“We have listened to our customers the past three years and constantly upgraded our glove capabilities to evolve with their lifestyles and outdoor activities,” said Tarik Rodgers, CEO of Blue Infusion Technologies. “We made a bold statement when we launched BearTek in 2013 that ‘Every Other Glove is Obsolete.’ We’ve taken that to heart so much that we are always trying to improve our own product, and that is why we are launching BearTek Generation II.”

These gloves are low-energy, which means they won’t need to be recharged often and they won’t kill your smartphone as fast. In fact, the battery life is said to be about 80 hours on the Gen I; the expected life for the Gen II is said to stretch beyond a year! While not waterproof altogether, they are extremely resistant to water under minimal conditions.

Call me Jessica Glover, because I think I am in love with the glove! November can’t get here any sooner! What do you think?

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Five Necessary Elements for Effective Mobile App Downloads & Development

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It’s okay if your company still has no mobile presence. What’s more important is that you are ready to redeem yourself now. It’s better late than never. And as late bloomers are beginning to understand the importance of branding in mobile, especially in 2016, joining the ranks of millions of businesses taking advantage of the mobile economy is probably one of the smartest things you can do.

Snapp, an app development platform for mobile presences, recently highlighted five tips to build a successful app for your small to medium business. We at Digital Pivot elaborated on each item. We found them to be very beneficial to your upcoming mobile presence and wanted to share!

Please keep in mind; engagement and interaction will always be the bottom line when it comes to branding in the digital space — or any space, for that matter. In the mobile marketplace, however, it is especially important, because we are battling apps from various other industries in claiming that precious device space.

If your app isn’t used regularly, it might just find itself uninstalled, defeating its purpose altogether.

Increasing productivity for your end-user and catering to consumer needs and interests while keeping them entertained are probably some of the most important elements to implement into your mobile marketing and branding strategies. Keep their attention while on the go. Keep your app in their smartphone. Influence sharing amongst their circle of trusted friends.

These five tips should have you off to a good start.

Tip #1 | Provide consumers with exclusive offers and incentives for using the app

Everyone loves to get something for nothing. In a world of rising costs, it not only feels good to be rewarded by the brands we support, but it feels good to hold on to a few bucks now and then. In fact, we are most likely to share our awesome rewards with friends and family.

By providing exclusive offers and incentives to your already-supportive customer base, you are basically showing them that you value them as customers, while showing that your brand isn’t as greedy as many of your competitors. A “this drink’s on me” attitude almost establishes a bond and friendship between your customer and your brand. These are the beginnings of loyalty that often become viral and word-of-mouth topics for the day.

While you may be giving away free product — or even paying vendors to make provisions on your behalf — you are actually saving valuable marketing dollars. Think of how many marketing dollars go down the drain with no return on investment. Now, think of how many people are telling others about your product, simply because you gave them a “free” sample. Think of how many people are returning because you once gave them something — and it was something they liked.

The incentive keeps them coming back for more.

Tip #2 | Share the app every and anywhere.

Create awareness that your app even exists. Sharing your app on social media, and even attaching incentive to the download, will encourage sharing. Not only should your brand provide a reason for download, it should convey a clear message that can be understood. Providing elements that educate, entertain, or provide incentive will lead to social sharing by outside influences. Fans will share your message on the merit of interest alone. Downloading the app itself will be a whole different “ball game.”

Tip # 3 | Make sure to take advantage of push notifications.

Don’t underestimate the power of a push notification. Whether serving as a reminder for your weekly television show, an exclusive offer, or breaking news impacting the end-user, push notifications can keep consumers engaged and regularly returning to your app — for whatever reason — until the process becomes self-initiated!

As manipulative as this sounds, you can create a habit for your consumers through continuous and non-invasive engagement. Keeping your user engaged will keep them antsy as they continually refresh the app for updated information. As with any habit, good or bad, it takes repetition to form naturally. Repetition is key, alongside content and consistency, in making your brand work for you in digital territory.

Tip #4 | Be as personal as you can be.

One reason the mobile jungle is one of the most powerful tools to digitally brand yourself today is personalization. I am sure that you have heard that more people are willing to share their toothbrush than to share their mobile device. Such is true.

People keep their secrets locked on their devices. They have very personal conversations archived. They have each and every moment of their lives scheduled in a calendar. They have thrown out their debit cards and now use their phone for mobile currency. You can take advantage of that!

Create direct-to-customer content. Allow them to select which type of content they see. Find ways to include their name into the mix. While a very basic trick that we have been doing since the days of mIRC and Yahoo! Messenger, allowing a user’s name to appear within the app someplace will make the connection to their brain that “this app is for me.” Egocentric as it is, it works!

Allow them to contact you directly. Invite them to your social media presence; give them one-touch clickability in connecting to your direct line of business. Allow them to chat with customer service — shoot, allow them to chat! Show them that they matter and that they have a voice when it comes to your brand.

Tip #5 | Know your niche, cater to them.

Find your niche. Learn your niche.

If you already know your niche, it might be easy to cater to them already. For those who are stumped on the content that they should be including in their apps, understand your niche and you will have your answer. Remember, content is king. A majority of our marketing is being done through content marketing, native marketing, and so on.

Feed them content that they will share. Feed them content that they will return to your app for. Partner with others within your niche if necessary. Seek sponsors within your niche if necessary.

Repetition and engagement. Repetition and engagement. Content gives you a reason to stay in contact. And it gives them a reason to keep your app!

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A Wearable for the Spine, ALEX Has Your Back

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As the healthcare market is exploding with new technologies centered around wearable technologies, ALEX enters the scene with one of the most genius wearables to date. In fact, this is probably one of the most beneficial wearables to date.

Over the years, there has been a ton of research put into the human spine and its effect on not just our physical health, but also our mental health. Our ancestors even depicted the spine as a portal into the universe. The caduceus is a representation of how the spine is representative of overall health.

Bad posture can contribute to pain, unnecessary health complications, and even obesity. It can cloud our judgment because we are unable to think clearly. It can lead to complications later in life and leave us unable to remain active in our elderly years. It can increase levels of cortisol in our bodies and decrease testosterone in men. This undeniably leads to stress and depression.

ALEX seeks to change all of that.

A wearable device that fits comfortably around the back of our neck and hangs firmly around our ears, ALEX becomes our posture coach and tracker, synchronizing with our mobile device and reminding us to sit straight in our seats.

In the days that we are huddled over portable devices and laptop computers, it’s getting harder to keep our posture — especially if we are too busy to exercise daily. As our spines begin to straighten, we will discover more energy and less pain in our day-to-day lifestyles.

ALEX discreetly reminds us to sit up, forcing our smartphones to vibrate. It also vibrates within itself. This could be extremely beneficial while in a boring board meeting.

ALEX accurately measures the angle of your neck and position of your head, customizing the experience for each user. Not only does this device detect bad posture, but it also tends to detect pain points that create soreness and stiffness on the human body. This aids the device in personalized tracking of your posture throughout the day and even year.

Because the device is trackable in real time, one can become more familiar with what proper posture actually feels like. This type of feature definitely helps women who have spent the last 9 months carrying a baby as their bodies return back to normal.

Operating under Bluetooth 4 technologies, this device is slow at killing your smartphone battery. Flash memory that temporarily stores information before periodically sending it to your mobile device also helps your battery to last longer.

With such an innovative and breakthrough device, many are excited to try it on for size. Expected to launch in May of 2016, the company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production, marketing, and upgrades. They have already surpassed their initial goal of $50K. As for the marketing, this product speaks for itself. This device is sure to go viral in 2016.

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Rapid Adoption of Wearables Reflects Personality, Loyalty, and Convenience

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In 2016, we will see a sharp influx in the production, delivery, and adoption of IoT technologies and wearables. Here, at Digital Pivot, we have disclosed quite a launches set for later this year. But just how rapidly are these technologies becoming part of our everyday lives?

The NPD Group broke down dollar and unit sales for 2015, analyzing details related to the wearables industry, and came up with some pretty cool insights.

In fact, it seems that we are starting to spend double that of the previous year just to have the top new wearables on the market. As wearables evolve, they are adopting the features we are disappointed our current version is missing. For this, we are okay with buying the product again — just because we need that upgrade. Spoiled, aren’t we? Not so much. It actually goes deeper than this.

As innovation continues to build upon itself, we, as advanced users, seek sophistication in products that we use every day. While we aren’t necessarily looking for complexity, we do like to have a product at our fingertips that brings us little need for outside device utilization. We master products that we love and simply seek more from that point of view.

Once upon a time, we could have a blood pressure cup, radio, camera, and house phone, put it in a bag…call it a day. This is no longer feasible. It is no longer convenient. In fact, when we have too many devices and too many objects, we tend to neglect them, getting less usage out of each on whole. We also tend to lose them more easily. We seek integration.

In 2015, connected activity trackers reflected a 110% increase from 2014, up from an 85% increase from the previous years. The average going price for many wearables has shot up from $96 to $109. We’re also fine with that.

Ben Arnold, Executive Director and Industry Analyst for The NPD Group, states that “This, combined with unit growth, shows that prices aren’t failing to drive demand. Demand is increasing along with rising prices.” As integrations continue and more features are added, it is also the small details that matter the most.

Faced with growing competitive markets, industry leaders are not losing footing as we show loyalty for premier product lines — quicker to adopt their latest model over full-featured entry-level competitors and happy to give up our wallets for a product that we know will meet our everyday needs. Anything else is just a gamble.

We can compare this to MP3 players in the early 2000s and the little impact they made on the iPod and iPad markets. As history repeats itself, loyalists will happily purchase a product based on little change whatsoever and will do this simply because of how the product personifies them.

An alteration in size and a new variety of color options will continue to contribute to our purchasing power. And, yet, we will rush to the store and camp out days prior to the release of a major upgrade. We do this willingly, because we are comfortable in our purchases of new product generations under beloved branding. This has certainly been the case for wearables and trackers that weren’t previously appealing to our senses.

Because personality yields conversation, the growing wearables market has boomed. Product designers are learning that colors are important to attracting potential customers almost as much as product features, shape, and size.

Arnold tells us about this mindset as related to fitness trackers on the current market.

“A confluence of factors has contributed to the growth of connected fitness trackers. Greater awareness of the products is leading to increased interest; new colors and designs have made trackers more appealing. There are more opportunities to buy the products due to increased distribution. The dedicated fitness tracker market will continue to thrive as products evolved to cover a wider range of users’ fitness needs.”

Fitness trackers are being included in the category of smart watches and other wearables. The numbers show that over 33M devices were purchased in the United States alone in 2015. Smart watches, however, have only shown a 13M ownership rate for this same year. This includes a variety of styles, both futuristic and traditional. Many of these purchases were made due to enamored users in need of integration. Many of these results were hindered due to awareness. Product availability was also a factor.

The Apple Watch was released in April of 2015. From there, many knock-off brands took form. Top manufactures such as Samsung then began creating their own versions for Android. Because Apple products are not compatible with Android, users had to wait until later in the year to purchase a smart watch to compliment their current devices.

Stoked that trackers were implemented into many of these smart watch devices and able to be synchronized with their favorite mobile apps, end-of-year results showed a rapid adoption rate of such devices. Purchases are set to soar in 2016. There are users that are loyal to previous devices and opt to use both, comparing results for more accuracy.

While some find no need to adopt such a device, intending only to use fitness trackers during exercise, the rest of the population seems to show interest in adopting smart watch technologies this year. Since the multiple smart watch releases, experts show that there has been an 83% growth amongst consumers in this category, as opposed to a 75% growth for standalone trackers. These numbers are also reflected within other categories of smart devices and wearables. It is expected that the United States will have ownership of over 30M smart watches by the end of 2017 — conservatively speaking.

For this, we wonder what the adoption rate of those smart shoes, aimed for release in September, will be. Those could be the smartest wearables of all time!

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Hey, Lazy! There’s a New App With Your Name on It!

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What a shame! No, really, what a shame!

Robots and Pencils just released a new app this morning for the iPhone and Apple Watch that gives us a whole new perspective to fitness, weight loss, and our overall health, period. And, it’s no cakewalk, either. Or, wait… maybe it is CAKEWALK.

With a growing market for health and mobile fitness, it was bound to happen. A mobile app with personality stepped onto the scene.

CAKEWALK is, according to the creator, Ben Myers, meant for “Anyone who needs added incentive to stay fit.” They can “download their own personal drill instructor to their phone — a sarcastic cake with legs character who is hard to please and eager to shame.”

The app was built on the ideal that some people need tough love in their workout regimen and daily routine. Because some people respond better to harsh criticism, CAKEWALK throws out all traditional models of positive reinforcement out the window, bringing “more sass than sugar” to get people into gear.

Public shame brings out the inner tiger in some, pushing them out of their complacent behaviors and into a healthier lifestyle. CAKEWALK isn’t just letting your friends know that you are a “fat, lazy pig,” the app connects directly to Twitter, calling out users on their slothfulness, shaming them in front of not just friends, but the world!

If users would rather avoid being called out, they will opt in to completed daily challenges, bringing the mobility back into mobile. The iPhone’s motion activity will clock user steps and movements throughout each day and throughout each challenge. Movement is then compared to those of previous activities, receiving accolades only where it is warranted and dishing out the insults when the user falls behind.

Users not taking part in daily challenges are required to pay a dollar each time they need to skip a challenge — or be barred from using its features. Encouraging friendly competition and a true fitness team spirit, leaderboards allow friends and followers to compete for the number one spot. This brings back personal responsibility and self-accountability to the mix.

While this may sound damaging to one’s psyche, there is a strong reinforcement of cause and effect. Those who tend to be more lax in their day-to-day activity should probably not download this app. But, for those who are looking for some true motivation, this app doesn’t just sound like a novelty. It sounds like fun!

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Study Shows Mobile Incentives & Convenience Influence Shopping Habits

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A recent Scanbuy Shopper Survey breaks down how mobile influences consumer shopping behaviors. In fact, numbers say that 89% of consumers actually use their mobile while shopping. A control group of 19K proved that incentives still rock the world of sales.

Consumers showed Scanbury that, as a majority, they prefer mobile couponing. They especially enjoy receiving coupons while on premises at their favorite stores. Receiving coupons upon entry entices the compulsive behavior of each customer and encourages more spending while in the store.

Many times, customers set a bar for how much they can or will spend upon visit. And, because deals aren’t always easy to come by, they end up spending more and going home satisfied through quantity and value. Only 45% of consumers show that they prefer in-store only couponing, as many of consumers shop online.

Because so many of our populations are compulsive shoppers, it isn’t too much of a shock that three out of four consumers who were surveyed actually shopped on their mobile device at least once a month. Fifty-four percent of all users will research a product via smartphone prior to purchase. Conveniently, this includes in-store purchase and mobile shopping alike. Participants were surveyed over a 30-day period.

Brands are benefiting from the obvious sales tactics surrounding these points. However, they are also receiving further insight based upon the personalization mobile shopping can provide. Demographics are clearer; and with over 43% of consumers willing to share their location to receive exclusive offers, they are learning even more from their most die-hard consumers.

“Consumers are using more and more their mobile devices to help them make better shopping decision,” states Maryann Moschides, CMO of Scanbuy. “Brands and retailers that engage with consumers through the mobile phones will best influence in-store purchases, and mobile coupons is the preferred and most effective engagement method. At Scanbuy, we pride ourselves in helping our clients deliver persona, relevant mobile experiences that deliver these results.”

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Nanaya App Predicting Love Based on NASA Science

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So very often, science and math prove to us what our ancestors already knew — that is, the sacred geometry that many have both wished existed today and have warded off as taboo. Many marriages and business decisions have been made under this universal algorithm, and they continue to prosper for those who will listen to it.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, former NASA Jet Propulsion Lab systems engineer and astrophysics PhD student Rashied Amini has released the Nanaya app, said to accurately predict your love life. Amini claims that this app is based on the same methods used in designing future space missions. We know NASA does not play!

This app bases results on the users social life, friend networks, personality, and all the fun details we often scoff at in disbelief. It breaks down love in six sections, highlighting the user’s chances for finding true love — and how many times it will happen. This app is also location-based and can predict the best location for you to be living and the career you should be involved in. It predicts the best setting for you to be around… hmmmm. That solves the age-old question, “Where do I meet the good girls?”

So many people end up in dead-end relationships or in relationships with a fatal attraction that can be more of a headache to get rid of than to just keep. There are others who find themselves desirable when dating, but they just can’t find the one who will even take a chance with them in a relationship — and they are the ideal partner. There are so many reasons certain people should not be in a relationship and others should, as well as many reasons why some should wait. There are even reasons why people should wait to get married.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and everything was perfect? Even your “signs” on the novelty level lined up, and you could match your names with numbers to find that you would just break up in a few months time? Well, some of what you were doing was just that —novelty — but there are real elements that can decide whether a couple is to be together or not.

First, consider this: When you were born through to when your brain was “wiring,” you were under the influence of magnetic charges and worldwide energies. These didn’t fully make you, but just as the lunar (moon) cycle contributes to menses and childbirth, it did contribute. It added to how “heavy” or “light” you would feel, which correlates with how happy or depressed you would be.

Further, your experiences based on entry into the world would be adjusted for. Where you were born and where you live also contribute, as altitude and the endorphins from the sun can play a major role in one’s heath, both mental and physical. This plays a role into our interaction with others. Some people aren’t meant to marry. Others are only meant to marry a certain person on a certain date.

Nanaya predicts love and compatibility, addressing whether people should stay together or break up. It’s said to bring “new levels of accuracy and specificity” compare with other methods of compatibility calculation. It is also to be noted, Nanaya is not an online dating or matchmaking platform. It is a tool for use before and after that stage in understanding not just your relationship but also yourself when in that relationship.

After all, you can be a different person based on the person you are with. It carefully designs charts and graphs through scientific data and data mining of over 1,000 dimensions in finding your odds for love.

Users are asked to complete a five- to ten-minute questionnaire in formulating their profile, which generates a code based on the person’s personal makeup. It then takes this code and creates a unique four-page report that breaks down the odds of finding love, where and when it will best happen, the best time to get hitched, and even if you need to leave your current relationship immediately!

On Valentine’s Day, take a moment for yourself. The one you’re with can wait. If it is he or she you are to be with, you can say “yes” at tonight’s dinner. I’m sure they will appreciate it. If it isn’t, why spend such a romantic evening with someone you are just not compatible with?

The reason to download it right away is that it will be free for a limited time. As the program increases in accuracy and adoption, new features will be added and a fee will be attached. The company is already setting that fee at around $5 a download.

Pretty cool, huh? Whether accurate or not, it sounds interesting! After all, grandma’s remedies are always the best…So, why not in love as well?

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eMindful, Muse, and Goldie Hawn Team Up to Promote Meditation for Brain Health

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“I understand that maybe you can’t dedicate an hour a day to meditation. But if you can’t even take 20 minutes for yourself to meditate, you’re just letting your ego get in the way.” –Sabir Bey, Host of The Sabir Bey Show.

Most people don’t understand the importance of meditation, especially its importance for clarity, rest, and keeping the mind agile. But meditation is extremely important, especially at a time when we overload our minds with digital insight and allow that same digital platform to continue “thinking” on our behalf. For this, two leaders in meditation technology have teamed up to launch “a national challenge to ease people into mindful living.”

The companies also partnered with the Goldie Hawn Foundation to promote “mindful thinking” to children and educators. A headband created by Muse sets out to motivate people into adopting a better understanding of their minds during meditation.

At the onset of 2016, millions of people have publicly set resolutions to lead healthier lifestyles, and a sound mind is one of the most important elements of the “get healthy” process.

This nationwide initiative is leading a “1% Challenge that encourages people to dedicate at least 1% of their day to improving personal well-being” through mindful meditation. The challenge only takes up 14 minutes of a person’s day and can impact years of their life. This particular program is made up of expert-led “mindfulness sessions,” guiding habits and behavioral changes through sensor-monitoring technology.

Small changes to a person’s behavior have been proven to be more impactful than if a huge change was made at once. For this, many innovators in the tech world have been devising strategies that help bring about good habits and positive change to our populations. This particular movement is aimed at making mindful change through meditation. Meditation is essential to living and highly beneficial to one’s health.

The 1% Challenge has aimed at further impacting the lives of our children by teaming up with the Goldie Hawn Foundation, “an evidence-based curriculum and training program for educators and children” that was founded by the actress in conjunction with researchers, psychologists, and educators in growing a foundation for our future leaders. Together, Muse and eMindful are contributing to MindUp, the foundation’s program, based on participant activity in this program. Not only are participants helping themselves, but they are also helping our youth.

“Massive, redirectional changes are hard to sustain,” said Kelley McCabe, eMindful chief executive officer. “Our 1% Challenge starts with the premise that anyone can improve by taking small steps and building upon them. Over the course of one’s life, that can be transformational.”

Leading and guiding our youth to healthier transformation at a time that their brains are most elastic has the ability to create a more informed, more educated, and more intelligent generation than we have yet to produce in our lifetime. Many of our children have been left behind, but we are seeing the chance to turn around their futures and create a better tomorrow on their behalf.

This headband by Muse monitors brain activity through sensors that have been providing participants with real-time feedback through InteraXon Brain Computer Interface (BCI) technologies. Meshed with eMindful’s suite of evidence-based mindfulness programs, games, and exercises, people are able to improve and shape their health, wellbeing, control of chronic pain, and weight, many of which are all triggered through stress. The program also provides solutions to handling and maintaining stress, which in turn controls other elements taking place within the human body.

This tag team exercises the most important muscle in our body while allowing it to relax. The control we are then given over our minds, bodies, and souls is unprecedented and can save lives.

“For us at Muse we felt that a partnership with eMindful under the context of boosting awareness for meditation and healthy minds made a great deal of sense,” said Derek Luke, Chief Executive Officer of InteraXon, the company that develops Muse.

These technologies have been adopted by employers and health insurers all over the country, as well as by researchers and clinicians at over 100 top hospitals and universities. This speaks volumes for what this technology is doing for meditation and healing. Likewise, it’s something to keep in the back of your mind while shopping for resources in brain health and productivity. Your insurance company might just have your back on this one!

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IK Multimedia Brings Phantom Power to Mobile Video Broadcasts

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Late last week, IK Multimedia premiered the iKlip A/V. The problem is, you might not have heard of it with all the excitement of CES 2016. That’s quite all right. Just know that we’re not going to let that fly! You will thank us for it later.

Shifting to mobile for on-the-field recording and broadcasting, filmmakers and television producers are adopting integrated technologies that allow them to do more than ever before — and more conveniently.

You never know when that next news story will break. You never know when some amazing footage will appear before your eyes. Cameras are clearer than ever and mobile technologies have evolved. We will get some good footage for sure, but we are still missing just one thing…What about the audio?!

After all, isn’t it the audio that builds the suspense? Builds the emotion?

IK Multimedia, the powerhouse known for their innovative plugins and sound modules, will release yet another game-changing product sure to drive broadcasters and filmmakers crazy! Especially when they find out that they must wait until April to get it.

Said to be the first smartphone broadcast mount for professional mobile audio and video, iKlip A/V allows broadcast-quality video production to be paired with high-quality professional audio through an integrated XLR Preamp, wireless receiver support, steady hand grip, and secure holder — right then and there!

Because the difference between quality audio is most often a condenser microphone that best fits our mic’ing needs, we have really been held back in the potential we can achieve through mobile broadcast and filming.

With the newfound ability to capture and monitor pro audio on the go, the iKlip A/V integrates a high-quality XLR preamp, phantom power, and a built-in wireless receiver support. Developed in Italy, the microphone preamp powers on to the standard 48V with help from just two AA batteries. Microphones may be plugged in directly or sent via wireless signal through a wireless microphone receiver.

The iKlip A/V brings the audio expeirence full circle with onboard gain control, headphone monitoring, and 1/8” TRRS audio output “to ensure a great signal no matter what microphone or device is used!”

Nothing can ruin the perfect video like an unsteady shot. This product was designed to not only enhance the professional audio experience, but to take advantage of its design elements in creating a steady shot. Designed for comfort, this bracket allows devices to be held securely within the bracket itself. The bracket can then be carried by grip or alternatively anchored onto a monopod or a tripod stand.

With controls and buttons enabling audio transmission and trigger, the iKlip A/V was designed for integration with today’s most favorite and industry-standard apps. If it’s popular, chances are, it’s compatible.

IK Multimedia never ceases to amaze. Last year, they released a plethora of innovative tools and applications. Perhaps one of our favorites was personalized mobile guitar lessons. The app analyzes your personal music library and creates lessons based on the music you know…music you like.

Most recently, they released a basic Bluetooth-enabled switch that allows live musicians to turn the page on their music sheets while in session. Using your feet to control the environment is something artists have been doing for centuries, but now IK Multimedia has made it a top priority in the digital world, allowing the music to continue without interruption. For musicians storing music on iPads and tablets, that is the solution they have been looking for.

And for professional broadcasters and filmmakers: This is the solution that you have been praying for.

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Pet Care Moves Into the Cloud with PetPace’s Wearables

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Taking pet care to a whole new level, PetPace has released a new mobile app aimed at bringing the cloud to pet care monitoring. A healthcare tool for our furbabies, veterinarians are able to analyze pet health data on-the-go and make sure that critically ill animals are still being cared for around the clock.

Animal care professionals have the power to access an app that stores pet health charts and provides them with ongoing monitoring of temperature and vital signs, allowing real-time communications that include respiration, pulse, activity, positions, pain, calories, and more.

Wearable technologies allow synchronization via pet collars, servicing both dogs and cats as little as eight pounds in size. Furparents can monitor their babies from home or work, providing them just a little additional support and keeping clinics free of unnecessary calls to check up on a pet repeatedly. In fact, there is a much more thorough flow of communication in this manner, which allows clinics to be more productive.

Available on both Android and iOS, this app takes pride in expanding trends in mobile healthcare and wearables to the pet care industry, saving lives as a result.

Real-time alerts will now keep pets even more looked after than ever before. Pet owners will also receive live updates and reports on their pet’s health status. This means that you may actually know more about your own pet — and earlier — than if you were standing in the clinic yourself! There is also a deeper sense of accountability through this monitoring process.

“The Mobile Health revolution, already making great strides in people medicine, is expanding into the veterinary world,” said Dr. Asaf Dagan, DVM, DABVP, and Chief Veterinarian for PetPace. “Veterinarians and caregivers can now be constantly connected to their patients. This not only brings pet healthcare to a whole new level, but also measurably strengthens the bond between veterinarians and their clients,” he concluded.

At high-traffic and short-handed clinics, pet care can become a very difficult task. Vets also have lives outside of the clinic that include necessary sleeping, eating, and showering. Already putting their own lives on “paws” to make sure our babies are healthy and full of life, our favorite vets will now be more productive outside the office and are able remain on-call while spending just a little bit more time with their own families. Thanks, PetPace! That’s definitely something we can shake on!

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